What is my place and role in the big picture? How does it feel to live it?

Let’s have a little moment to talk about the our role and the piece that we are in the big picture.
When I am true and loyal to the body, I can just see where I fit and what my role and job are in the big program.
Before I met Human Design, I felt that I hadn’t fit in. There was everything: the world, so many people, so many directions and things that could be done, so much to heal. I was wondering about my own role and place in that human roller coaster. After meeting Human Design, I started following my Inner Authority, I started respecting my aura, and step by step It felt like I was entering a ray of light that was dedicated only to me.

The beauty is that each person in this world has this ray of light that is capable of meeting people who need to encounter this light. Only the body knows that. The mind can not grasp my direction, who I need to meet and when I need to go, and why. The mind can not understand the timing of it. It’s too complex.

We have a magnetic monopole located in the G center and it just takes us in space. Each one of us can find their exact location and this is what we call “limitation”. It’s not about being everything, it’s not about being who we want to be – it’s about being exactly who we are meant to be. Then It feels effortless.

I must say that thanks to Human Design I felt like I could find my place. As an emotional Manifestor, I had always felt a bit alienated not knowing what to do with all the generators and projectors … I questioned where I belonged? and if I could even belong?

And my answer is yes, there is a space for everybody. But this space can be felt only when the red is in charge, only when I am in line with the form. And it takes a while like everything. It takes a while to enter this path. And the beauty is, again, that there’s a place for everybody.
People are saying that there is not enough money, not enough food, not enough this, not enough that. In my view, there is a place for everybody and enough for everybody. There is a place and energy that is sufficient for everybody.

We are a little piece in a big masterpiece. We can only perform our role. When we are in our role in accordance with our profile, channels, gates, and all the lines, it doesn’t take any effort. It’s just like a falling leaf, like a growing tree, like a blooming flower.