My Vision​

I see my journey as a healing process on the road to coming into peace with myself. To love myself regardless of the circumstances with any other person.

I don’t see it as a stable state. I see it as a constant transformation.

I know it’s not an easy path to take, and I also know I have no choice because this path has chosen me. 

Human Design is one of the tools I’m using to clarify, to understand, to create order in my inner world, and to find forgiveness for myself as a human and to others.

I’m here to celebrate life,  and it doesn’t mean to be happy all the time. It means to live fully in any experience, in any form, shape, color, and sound. It means to fully embody what it means to live in a human body. Dying after I have lived this life with integrity, grace, and great excitement from the opportunity I was given. 

I know all of it will be over soon, and I will be melting into the dark space. So before this happens I ask myself, can I embrace this dark space, already, now?

Can I die every moment and be reborn time after time?

Can I take life less seriously and fully enjoy its drama?

For me, Human Design is a great practice. It’s an outstanding awareness tool that reveals that duality to me.

That makes me feel comfortable that I have no control whatsoever. It shows me that only through separation and division can I entirely embrace myself as a whole. By knowing and sensing the illusion that I’m a separate being.

In this part of my journey,  I don’t really care, I see the care of Bar. This beautiful creature, this young stupid wise lady. She does whatever she does. Crying,  laughing, falling in love, eating life, vomiting life, finding her way through. 

And I’m watching this little lady,  and I’m loving this little lady, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me forgive. 

I will miss you young lady, lovely form. As long as you are here,  I’ve watched you. 

I see you. Go on exactly as you are.