The Whole Dance
Transmission Skills Course

Can I transmit Human Design in my unique way?

Am I able to initiate another person fully into its Human Design chart?

How can I see all the details of Human Design basic information come together?

Human Design bodygraph is full of elements and details, some of us are taking complete official courses in order to learn the knowledge, some of us are in a self-study journey collecting information from random places, but what counts in the end is if you are able to transmit that knowledge uniquely to another person, if you’re able to dance with all the elements in your own particular way, and if the person in front of you is actually being initiated and stimulated to start practicing and walking the way of Human Design itself.

It is one thing to learn, study, and experiment with yourself Human Design but it’s something else to actually provide the tools, transmit the right explanations to another human being, to the person in front of you.

It is one thing to copy-paste what you read and listens to, but it’s a completely different thing to find your magic way to articulate the knowledge, to touch the heart of another human being, to hold space to their shadow, to acknowledge their light, and to stimulate senses of that person standing in front of you, the walk towards the sleeping entity that is looking to wake, right now right here, asking for your attention and presence.

The Whole Dance – Transmission Skills Course is providing you steps to practice your own way initiating the basics of the knowledge, to find and to define your path of giving another person the gift of Human Design. It is showing you different perspectives and encouraging you to walk your way, so eventually, you will feel comfortable, fluid, natural, and skilled when someone is asking you to talk and initiate them into their own design, looking at their chart.

It’s easy to just say what other people say, just to repeat other people way of explaining Human Design, but it is way more fun, challenging, enriching to actually develop your own way, because when you want other people to live their uniqueness, it needs to be felt, through a living example in the present, no by theory and many words, but by you actually living as yourself, vibrating your own frequency, and by transmitting the knowledge uniquely, as yourself every single moment.

It takes creativity, courage, practice, deep love, and engagement with Human Design knowledge. If you have these and more, if you feel ready to step out from the student role to that transmitter role, this course is for you.