The Root Center- Defined - Fuel for Life

When the root center is defined, it is responsible for the adrenaline and pressure in our physical body for us to move. It is like gasoline in the car, the car of existence.
The pain of having a defined Root center is to have this gasoline, but don’t know where to channel it. Imagine you have a car and you have a constant gasoline tank that never ends. But where should this car go to?The fact that you have energy, the fact that you have fuel to move, doesn’t mean that you have to move all the time, in all directions, to every invitation or offer from life.The pain of having a defined Root center is to be disconnected from a deeper aim, a deeper cause, and not knowing where to direct the fuel of the body. Following other people’s rhythms, and not following one’s own individual rhythm.
The pain is saying, “I know I have energy. I know I have the fuel and the adrenaline to move but I am not orientated well. I feel wasted, I feel that I’m not giving my energy properly and correctly according to my real capacity. That the adrenaline is just wasted, not directed to the cause which is my inner truth.”
The healing process of having a defined root center is to say, “I own the adrenaline, I own the pressure in my body and I move in my own specific timing. I move according to my inner truth. I know I can act, I know I have the adrenaline, I know I have the motivation. But I will direct it to what is really for me. I’m not gonna waste the energy to people or places that are not for me, not correct for my life journey”.
I’m gonna drive my car to see the views that are for me, to meet the people that are for me, to go to the activities that are specifically for me. I know and feel the pressure in my body, and I expand into that pressure, into that adrenaline. I’m not wasting it. I’m containing it and loving it well inside my body.
The potential of defined Root center after observing the pain of disorientation of a car that is driving all over the place without an aim, without a compass. And the process of containing that adrenaline and knowing how to direct the fuel to the right place, that is how an individual with a defined root heals.The potential is to show all of us that we need the right motivation, we need the right fuel for action. We need to know how to contain the basics of life, the pressure to move and expand and grow from it. It is here to bring the question: How can pressure become a correct movement in space? How pressure when it is well-channelled can last for long? How can we use pressure, adrenaline, the energy from within, this physical urge efficiently and effectively, and not throw it away all over the place just because we have it?
The potential of having a defined Root center is appreciating internal resources. And to navigate, each of them, to the correct cause. I have the fuel, I have the energy, I have the adrenaline and I’m able to contain it, and to use it to the right cause, to the right humans, to the right contexts and events.
May we all use our car only when it’s needed. May we all use the fuel of our body that is fueling us to move in space and live this life correctly. Not to be oppressed by the mind, not to move just because the mind is pushing us and there is stress in the body. To move because there is a joy because there is meaning because there is a direction because there is a deep intuition and drive, which is beyond perception, which is beyond written words.
-“Healing Me – Foundation Course”-
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