The pain of the Emotional Being

Today I would like to share about the pain of an Emotional Being according to my experience and according to other Emotional Beings I am in contact with, as we shared the same pain.
We know that the Solar Plexus is the center that is responsible for the chemistry of emotions in our body and it is deeply related to pain and pleasure. It operates in waves and is all about taking the time to feel all the emotional details from life and let contemplation be. It is about time, depth, waiting, and allowing oneself to be the ocean.
I would like to share with you three points that have created pain and suffering in my life until slowly I discovered how I can embrace them and heal them.
1) Superficiality: As an emotional being I had a huge problem being superficial myself and having superficial interactions. As I had a deep need for depth and a deep need to go deep into whatever it is.
The pain was there because I saw around me the fear to go down deep into the experience. I felt that I needed to copy that and that I also needed to be superficial and to be smiling all the time and to be light and showing I am “ok”.This was part of the pain I was carrying until I met Human Design,the world seemed to me so superficial and I didn’t know how I fit in. Through time, through my experience and Human Design experiment, it is more that I allowed myself to be emotional than I became at peace with sometimes life will be superficial. I don’t always have the possibility or the option to go deep and this is completely fine.
This healing process was possible only when I was surrendering to my own depths and to my own waiting that I could accept superficiality and see the beauty of lightness and fun and things that are not so deep that are going faster.

2 ) Pressure of time: I noticed that this world can be very fast. People want a fast response or life is demanding that I act fast. I constantly felt under pressure and for an Emotional Being this can create a lot of inner anxiety and a lot of feelings of hurrying one process which is very very painful. The pain that comes when the outer environment is pressuring for answer and action while the inner environment, my inner authority, was not giving a green light to it.
The healing process included being okay with my own rhythm and my own timing no matter what is happening outside. This healing process continues building up as I am passing another day, another week, another month into the experiment.
I feel more and more comfortable taking my time and if this situation can not wait for me or the person can not wait for me then this thing is not for me. I learned to respect it. Today it feels completely different to know that I have my own world, my own timing, and my own timeframe to decide. I am here to respect and honor it, as it is my gift too.

3) Emotional understanding: As an Emotional Being I experience life constantly from the realm of emotions so everything for me is an emotional encounter or activity or circumstance. Everything is under the umbrella of emotions. For many years I was lacking emotional understanding. The resonance to the abstract world that I live in, I felt like I needed someone that can understand that. I felt lonely when I saw people around me looking for logic and looking for linear ways of thinking and looking at reality in a certain way while inside I felt many things are so abstract and emotional.
This healing process became very evident for me as I was deepening my own experience, I learned how to give myself this emotional expression and I also met people who understand this emotional expression. Finally, I could bond through that realm. What I learned through my experience is that when I bring this kind of perspective people can understand it but I can not expect other people to bring it if it is not part of who they are. I felt a big relief to bring emotional understanding to myself and then also to see that people can relate to it.
As more self-love came and appreciation and the ability to understand and feel me then I could give more space to the abstraction to the way I lived and I also found allies and a way to communicate this emotional life that I live.
4) How to gather all the information: I feel so many things and I constantly live my life through emotions, my emotions, the emotions of others. I live in such an abstract world that is full of emotions and water sensations, images and colors, I didn’t know how to gather all of it together? I felt frustrated not being able to embrace all the details and the nuances that shape me. This was a very deep pain for me to feel that I don’t succeed to bring everything together that is complete and makes it possible for me to grasp.
Through my healing process, I became more relaxed within and I learned how to accumulate all the data from the physical realm, the mental realm, and the emotional realm, and through time I learned how to express all the details of it when the time comes.
I was practicing a lot on how I verbalize to myself my inner world and to other people what I perceive. Now I allow myself the time to accumulate and to accumulate and to accumulate the data that I have received and let it sink with patience.
I learned to trust that through time I will see the picture and it will make sense and that my body and life will show me the magic of the whole. I feel I have expanded and I have the ability to embrace, through waiting and through time, all the nuances and all the emotional realities that I live in.
I hope this was beneficial for people that are emotional to connect to your pain because we as emotional people can allow pain and it is not something that scares us. Allowing the pain of superficiality and allowing the pain of being under pressure and stress and allowing the pain of not being understood emotionally and allowing the pain of how all the details will be gathered. Just accepting and giving space to that pain and from there I believe there is always a healing process and deep beautiful completion. Once there is an acceptance of what is painful there is also a possibility for transformation.