The non-sacral beings: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. How can we live on the mundane plane without being burnt out?

We live in a world of generators – the bubbling energy of the sacral. Naturally, a mental question arises: “How do I make money? How do I earn my living? If I don’t have the energy to work as a generator? Or I think I have it, but then I end up burnt out and exhausted, dead and sick.”

The answer is simple: we all have life force, we are all alive and we all have a body that takes us perfectly in space and takes care of us.

We all have a gift: the gift of a Projector of guidance through its channels profile and cross, the gift of a Manifestor of Impact through its channels, profile, and cross, the gift of a Reflector of reflection through its gates, profile and cross. And we are here to be aware of that gift and to use that gift efficiently.

Our energy and life force channels are our resources for income on the material plane. We are here to know what our gift is, how our channels operate, and to follow our Strategy and Authority instead of the mind!
By doing that, we receive feedback from life. However, what’s happening is that instead of using that gift efficiently, creating a business that is based on that gift, knowing where to invest the energy, how to be efficient, and not get burnt out, we just try to be like generators, BUT – Funny enough the energy does generate itself as it is for them!
And we end up – burning out everything all we have got.

Before I met Human Design, I certainly did try to be like a generator. I tried to work many hours and thought that only if I had worked hard and all day long, I would have achieved whatever and be okay on the material plane.
What happened was basically the opposite. I realised that as a Manifestor, I am here to initiate from emotional clarity using my channels and to understand that this is why people come to me – because they are asking for that specific frequency that is the quality of my channels, profile, and cross in their life.

Each one of you – Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors – have this unique gift in a different constellation. And people come to you because of this life force.

The joke is that it’s not an effort for you to be who you are. BUT It is an effort for you to be who you are not.

It is an effort for you to act as a generator. So my little advice is for you to get to know your channels, profile, and cross, understand how they work, and also understand who you are NOT.

By understanding that you will give more energy and more focus, more emphasis on who you are through Strategy and Authority, through contemplating and pondering and living your channels, profile, and cross.

I believe it’s possible for each individual to have their individual business, or being part of a business based on their life force, using their life force in constellations and groups, and partnerships perfectly.

As Ra reminds us – although it seems strange – we are not here to take care of the material plane. We are not here to worry about money and survival. We are not in survival mode anymore. We are in a state of developing emotional awareness, and emotional awareness needs time and patience.
We are on the trip of passenger consciousness – the material plane is just an excuse to experience this body.

Through our individual channels, profile and cross, through our unique bodygraph we can create a unique business, not a copy-paste business. And it will not even feel like a business – it will feel like “I am just doing me”.

So what is your passion? What is your life force? How do you use it correctly? Of course, this can work for generators as well, but for non-sacral beings like Projectors, Reflectors, and Manifestors it’s even more important because we really have no energy to waste.