Emotional & Non-Emotional Beings

Are you an emotional sponge or spitting emotions uncontrollably?

Do you suffer from the emotional drama in your life and wanting things to be different within yourself and in your relationship?

Do you want to understand and own the difference between emotional and non-emotional beings?

Human Design exposes a very fundamental difference between us, which is the difference between emotional beings and then Non-emotional beings. Half of humanity is Emotional beings and have their solar plexus center defined, the center that is responsible for the emotional frequency in our body which is operating in waves and can make correct decisions when it has emotional clarity, and the other half is the non-emotional beings that have an undefined or completely open solar plexus center and have a different inner authority mechanism in its body where they can listen to and take the correct decision from.

But the big problem is the confusion of our mind, the conditioning of our mind, that always thinks like it can be someone else, the other!  and there starts the mess, the emotional beings behave and make decisions like the non-emotional, and the non-motional beings behave and make decisions like the emotional beings – Why is it so crucial?  Why is it such a big issue?

Because the emotional frequency is causing a lot of drama in our lives, if it is not handled correctly it can distort relationships and basic daily life simple decisions. it creates a lot of suffering. As it is the source for passion, desire, sexuality, food, creation, emotional support, it is the deep drive to feel life and enjoy all the range of emotions it offers us, as human beings! Who would like to give up that?  It’s so easy to forget your own authority when those forces are in play! It is so hard to stick to your own pace, to remember who you are and who you are not, to respect yourself and the other when there is an emotional drama taking place when you feel that you are going to lose all the emotional juice life is able to give you! 

The joke is, that’s when you’re not yourself when you don’t have awareness and behaving according to your definition, respecting the fact that you’re emotional or non-emotional –  then you lose anyway,  you lose yourself and you lose the potential to enjoy clean emotional frequency and it’s wisdom. 

The Emotional & Non-Emotional Beings Course is providing you a deep organized perspective and knowledge about the emotional beings and the non-emotional beings and the encounter between them. It is laying out for you the important foundation of the mechanics of the solar plexus when it is defined or open and it is also giving practical tools for you to understand and respect yourself,  and do the same thing for others that are not like you. So hopefully you can bring change to your daily life behavior and improve your relationship, embracing your pain, stepping into a healing process, and fulfilling the potential of who you are as an emotional or non-emotional being.
It takes courage and the willingness to see and take responsibility for what emotional truth means. It takes patience and compassion to see yourself with all the emotional wounds you have collected and the ones of the other as well,  it takes readiness and boldness to transform your behavior and respect your nature.If you have these, this course is for you.