"I have had three sessions with Bar this year and I must say that Bar takes no bullshit! And this is exactly what I needed at that time. I needed someone to point me back to myself and even though I have been living my human design experiment for so long, I realized I needed to be initiated again back to the basics for my second cycle of deconditioning. I didn't know it back then, but when the geometry brought Bar into my experience, then that realization became quite obvious. Bar has awakened me once again. She gave me a permission to roar like a lioness and that liberated a lot of the stagnant energy I was experiencing. I'm immensely thankful for that. I have also had a business consultation with Bar and I must say she was excellent. With her left variables she's keen on details and structure and she's very open to share the keys to success on the material plane. I'm looking forward to implementing the tools you have given me. Bar, you rock! Thank you!"

Brandy Wilson

"When Human Design found me I was just beginning to choose my path of awakening and it has been a game changer in how I operate in life. Having Bar in a 1:1 container has given me a deeper and more true understanding of myself. Her ability to listen and hear even what isn't being said but wants to be heard has been a real gift in my journey. I also appreciate her soft yet direct approach, every exchange feels open hearted and fully accepting."

Sahar Kazemini

"I had a lovely Human Design Initiation session with Bar, she was informative and direct, offering very real time feedback and awareness based on what I needed at this stage. I had shared with Bar that I was coming in with a certain level of prior awareness and exploration of my chart, and I found that she layered a unique and more insightful observation of my chart and dynamics. She was attentive and mindful to make sure I was getting what was relevant and helpful, making space to address specifically what areas of focus and questions I have. She was helpful in also grounding in acceptance of my personal chart and recognize where I may have had some resistance or disconnect. I took away a different and helpful perspective of human design, and its clear that Bar is someone who lives out this information and really takes the time to understand and practice Human Design knowledge from her lens."

Brandy Wilson

"When Human Design found me I was just beginning to choose my path of awakening and it has been a game changer in how I operate in life. Having Bar in a 1:1 container has given me a deeper and more true understanding of myself. Her ability to listen and hear even what isn't being said but wants to be heard has been a real gift in my journey. I also appreciate her soft yet direct approach, every exchange feels open hearted and fully accepting."

Jordan Moon

“I can't thank Bar enough for the beautiful reading I had with her on being a manifestor. She is so passionate because she live it, understands the process, and relates to others going through the same thing with such compassion and I respect that very much. Being new to human design, Bar answered all of my questions without me even having to ask them, she just knew by talking with me. Being deeply intuitive and genuinely caring she has helped me to focus on the trajectory of my journey towards peace and positivity, and I never knew it could be so simple! Thank you so much Bar, you are an angel.”

Klara Prosova

"Initially I thought that I can study and experiment with Human Design all by myself, I don’t need anyone. And it may be true, but the fact that Bar has become a huge empowering element in my experiment over the last few months is also true. And while I continue having discoveries on my own, every session with Bar brings new and profound ‘aha’s to process and integrate. She helps me connect things I haven’t seen on my own, brings clarity and makes me feel… well, empowered!"

Jennifer Warren Schweitzer

Beautiful Bar, I didn't get the chance yet to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing course 🙏🏻 Your material was concise, comprehensive and presented in such a creative and beautiful way, both visually and verbally. But most of all, the course was amazing because of who you are. Your intuitive guidance, wisdom and grace have touched me profoundly ❤ You are a blessing 🙏🏻 I look forward to continuing learning with you. באהבה גדולה ❤

Puneet Bafna

“Bar has a good understanding of Human Design, more than that, I think it is the dedication with which she is living her own design, which is bringing her closer to her true self. Further, her childlike innocence brings quality in her work. She is doing fantastic work in human design. Thanks.”

Niamh Barrett

“My initiation session with Bar was very encouraging and clarifying. She's a gentle, precise and attuned listener and guide. In our session she helped me to integrate different elements of the Manifestor profile into my awareness that I had heard about but didn't fully understand. I can really recommend working with Bar”

Chen Louise Ben-Meir

את הפידבק הזה על קריאת המפה עם בר אני כותבת אחרי 3 חודשים מקריאת המפה, כך שזה פידבק קצת אחר- הגעתי לקריאת המפה עם ידע מאוד בסיסי ושטחי על מי שאני לפי מפת הגוף שלי, ורציתי חידוד והרחבה על מה שחקרתי, על מנת שאוכל להתחיל להבין ולחוות על פי השיטה של היומן דיזיין. כך למעשה, הגעתי לבר. קריאת המפה עם בר התקיימה בנוחות המרחב הפרטי שלי, דרך המחשב, (שמבחינתי זה יתרון) והייתה מאוד נעימה, מקצועית ומאירת עיניים. בזכות הקריאה, הדרך שבה היא הסבירה לי את הדברים והפניות לחומרים לחקירה שקיבלתי ממנה , יכולתי להתחיל להקשיב לגוף בצורה הנכונה ולהתחיל את הניסוי. מכיוון שאני כותבת את הפידבק 3 חודשים אחרי, אני יכולה להעיד שאפילו אחרי תקופת הזמן הזו ההסברים עדיין מחלחלים פנימה, בקצב הנכון להם, ומגלים לי בכל פעם פרטים שונים לגבי עצמי ולגבי הסביבה... וזה כשלעצמו מעיד כמה הקריאה הזו נחרתה בתוכי והייתה מדויקת ונעימה, ועל זה אני רוצה לומר לבר המון תודה ❤ ממליצה בחום 🌹

Deborah Danilow

“Experiencing the HD session with Bar was extremely worthwhile and informative. Bar has an ability to hear the underlying messages being conveyed and to shed light on what needs focus. Bar’s innate talent of clearing out the inconsequential distraction makes her delightful to work with, as well as professionally outstanding. I highly recommend her as an integral and accomplished Human Design coach.”

Cynthia Terrell

“I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous reading. I also want to thank you for the files you sent. I'm already listening to the recording of the session and getting new things from it. I am also looking forward to listening the Manifestor talk you included. Thanks for the wonderful surprise!”

Ashleigh Holloway

“I was amazed at how much I got out of our session. I learned so much and got so much clarity about myself! So many things clicked into place as to why things had unfolded for me or why I did things a certain way or why I had problems and how to correct them...and so much more. Bar did such a great HD reading. I'm going to have to do more down the road for sure! Her class is so insightful. I am learning so much. It's so much to take in! Thanks Bar! You are such an amazing light to the world and in my life. Thank you!!!”

Raquel Sagon‎‏

“Nuestra sesión me revolucionó muchísimo, me dio fuerza y a la misma vez lloré muchísimo. Me liberó 😊. Aún estoy integrando toda la info y todo lo que surgió. Me ayudaste montón a clarificar muchas cosas de las que no era consciente y te lo agradezco de corazón.”

Aaron Embrey

“I decided to have my first professional Human Design chart reading with Bar Altshuler. She’s an amazing, insightful Manifestor, and I enjoy her poetic way with language and words.... I was especially excited to learn more about my ego authority, and the many open centers in my chart. Bar was incredibly helpful in bringing a new perspective, deeper understanding, and clarity of my unique design. Bar also really understands Manifestors. She IS a Manifestor! And for me, and my first HD session, it felt important to experience the energy of someone boldly embodying their own unique Manifestor aura.”

Debbie Luke

“I had my first Human Design Session with Bar a couple weeks ago, and I was impressed by her clarity and coaching ability. I’ve been self-studying for a while, and Bar easily shifted to where I was and gave me so much to think about and work with! I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward!”

Jahmal Clemons

“I thoroughly enjoyed my HD Initiation session with Bar. I found her to be warm, knowledgeable, and passionate about her service, and I appreciate her willingness to answer questions as thoroughly as time allowed. Though we never met before, during the session I felt like I was catching up with a friend and could speak openly. I would consider a future consultation!”

Claudia Salguero

“I had a session one to one with Bar. It was really clarifying. She helped me a lot by giving me an accurate reading of my HD profile. Her explanations are clear and well structured. So in 1:30h I got a really precise strategy to follow in order to organise and develop myself and my business. Really recommendable. Thank you, Bar”

Jennifer Llewellyn

“I had a beautiful session with Bar last week from New York > Israel during quarantine! We were able to connect easily and she helped me understand many aspects of my authority while shining a light on parts of my Human Design chart I never realized were there. I am already feeling lighter and more empowered in my lifework and course study.”

Sandrine Joelle Paviot

“I realize my potential with your guidance Bar and also my true needs, rhythms and limits. It is a profound transformation that starts so Thank you because I feel my foundations are more stable. The way to conduct my online business is more and more clear since I listen to my body and experiment my design and keep ok even if my personality does her little show. That’s ok, I breathe, and laugh and smile, this course was a juicy gift, like a bonbon for me. I warmly recommend it ! I also notice that you constantly listen to your client, their needs and that you ameliore your service. It’s really appreciated and shows that it’s possible to be creative, an artist and to deliver a Professional service online. I also received this idea during this program with you : make creation and online business launching is simple, pure and represent who we are naturally in life. Success is success to be authentic and honest with yourself . I also noticed that I receive a lot of inspiration when I listen to your records, it’s really powerful. It sounds just like an instrument and I just have to follow the flow to resonate with it.”

Zaira Norcia

“It was a great pleasure to me too! You really impact me and I can feel a transmutation energy moving really deep inside me in order to take my direction without fears! I'm really happy have founding you on my life's path.”

Nathan Fennell

“Bar gave me wonderful insight into my chart. She helped me understand the minute nuances and was patient and thorough. I’m appreciative and recommend her services.”

Marta Meus

“I was praying to the heavens to send someone brave enough to tame my wild soul and lucky stumbled upon Bar 💜 and boy did she do an excellent "job"? - what passion 😍 Not only did she wisely guide me with spot on questions but also carefully observed where I needed support leaving me with a sea of unique insight and clever precise advice ! thank you once again You rock my pirate ship.”