Guidance Program

Guidance Programs allows you to go deeper anf higher, learn more about yourself with Human Design and your important issues in life – relationships, work & business and personal empowerment and healing!

It’s worth investing the time and energy in yourself to see a fundamental and meaningful change – nothing happens in a day and you’re not alone

  • Personal Sessions –  We will once a week / Every two week, for 1 hour online session! It is time and place dedicated only for YOU, where you can bring your questions, your sharings, you can bring any issue to the table! and we will look and find your way through it, with love and attention. I will do my best to give you emotional support, practical support, mental support, and as well to celebrate your evolution.


  • My availbility & commitment – You can contact me at any time through What’sApp and I will come back to you as soon as possible!  


  • Online Course – You will receive one of my  amazing online Human Design courses for self study anf growth. 

Contact me and I will come back to you