Online Courses

Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Cousre is providing you a door to start that proces, it is providing you insights and practical tools to create for yourself a safe home, where you can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly,from a collection of things that are not you, to the masterpiece of your own body consciousness , so you can learn to take responsibility for yourself and learen to love and heal your pain, revealing your potential, creating your path to what self-love means.
It takes courage to behave, to talk to live as nobody did before, It takes vulnerability to forgive the ignorance of humanity, and provide alternatives through your own personal wisdom.
For the ones who is ready to take this path, to love themselves, this course is for you.

Manifestor Mater Body – Creation & Business Is providing you a detailed and practical way to inspire you to build up your own business as yourself, as a correct Manifestor, so you would learn how to master your own business, being the boss from 0 to 100, from the foundation to the top.

It gives you the essence of what it means to initiate, to use your natural gifts out of your design, to deal with fears, to create the right relationship with your clients, to look up for the further potential of your business, and to give yourself the right reflection and the motivation to initiate a new project when you’re ready.

It takes motivation, curiosity, courage, and trust to acknowledge what you are and how you can become a flourishing business! only If you are ready to act you will see that process happening through you, Then this course is for you.

The Emotional & Non-Emotional Beings Course is providing you a deep organized perspective and knowledge about the emotional beings and the non-emotional beings and the encounter between them.

 It is laying out for you the important foundation of the mechanics of the solar plexus when it is defined or open and it is also giving practical tools for you to understand and respect yourself,  and do the same thing for others that are not like you. So hopefully you can bring change to your daily life behavior and improve your relationship, embracing your pain, stepping into a healing process, and fulfilling the potential of who you are as an emotional or non-emotional being.

It takes courage and the willingness to see and take responsibility for what emotional truth means. It takes patience and compassion to see yourself with all the emotional wounds you have collected and the ones of the other as well,  it takes readiness and boldness to transform your behavior and respect your nature.If you have these, this course is for you.

Manifestor Master Body-Empowerment is providing you deep inside into the foundation and the essence of what means to be a Manifestor, it is expanding and explaining through a deeply detailed perspective the tools end the basics of the Manifestor nature, that’s where given through the Human Design System.

The course is also providing practical awareness tools for you to experiment with, so you can expand your awareness, and eventually bring change to your daily life behavior. To be in Manifestor it is simple yet not easy, but if you choose that path, it will serve you and lead you into deep self-love. It is definitely up to you to choose to be a Manifestor that is peaceful, impactful, and he’s definitely up to you to choose that transformation, nobody can do it for you. 

It takes courage, deep trust, consistency, curiosity, patience and the desire for change. If you have these and you’re ready to dive deep, to let go, and to discover the Manifestor you’re meant to be, this course is for you