Neutrinos - The Ocean of Stardust

We swim in stardust. We are constantly communicating with the rest of the universe, and the universe is communicating to us, through neutrinos, which are very small particles that carry mass, and this mass goes through matter.
Why do I tell you this because this is one of the foundations of this work, of healing through and with Human Design.
You are constantly feeding, you are alive with those neutrinos. They are being filtered by your body. Now when I’m talking to you, I’m passing you neutrinos fields through my voice, through that frequency.

What is happening in a healing process is that we observe how we are taking those neutrinos transforming those frequencies and then bringing them out, like a clear breath. As we are constantly taking neutrinos from the environment, from objects, people, and planets. This is how information is moving in this world. So, the stars are affecting you but you are also affecting the stars.
And when I sat with this amazing insight I almost started to cry, because some say that “When you change one person, you change the entire world”. I didn’t understand how this could happen practically before I met Human Design.

But now I can see it in my life, when this healing process of my wounds, of my pain, is happening, suddenly my reality is changing. I see people differently, I see the world differently. I lived in a different reality. I didn’t know that was possible, I did not believe this even existed.
But through my healing process, I can see that I have experienced that. So when we heal our body, and we maintain that healing process we are actually constantly transferring neutrinos, little particles with information.

We are moving them in space through our unique frequency, through our unique light and love. And the beauty is that you can take neutrinos in, conditioning by the stars, by people, by everything. And you can heal them, you can expand them, you can transform those neutrinos and it happens in milliseconds. Even right now we are all swimming in this stardust ocean.

The only thing that makes a difference when it comes to conditioning is, “Are you drawing in this ocean of stardust, or are you swimming in your own trajectory?”. “Are you being blended with all kinds of energies all day long, being lost, with pain, and suffering, tired and exhausted of living ?”

Or, exactly like the “Chi ” in Martial Arts. You take those energies, you don’t ignore them or block them, and then you can create a healing process within yourself, and then you send them back. like this no energy is wasted.
This is for me, the essence of those neutrinos. Is to see how energy moves, which kind of energy we receive in our body, and how to work with that wisely.

I chose in this course the perspective of “healing’, of expanding that energy, of appreciating, of learning from those neutrinos. Bringing in love, learning from pain, and rising from here.
This is what I would like to go with you, the process of transformation through healing. beyond the suffering and allowing love with those neutrinos that come to serve this process. Whatever you would receive, doesn’t mean that you have to stay with it, there is an opportunity to transform it. It doesn’t happen in one day or in one week, it is a life journey.But those neutrinos, that stardust that we receive from the universe we give back to the universe.

We are here to dance, we are here to dance the dance of the universe. We are like those little particles. We are here to shine and disappear. There is no need to be a black dot in space, it can be a shiny dot that disappears after it is glimpsed.
-“Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course”-
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