Manifestor - My Direct Impact

As a Manifestor, I have this moment when I go on stage, where I “perform”, where I give my direct Impact. It can be in our 1:1 session, it can be when I teach, it can be when I lecture, it can be when I create a book, a text, audio, video, whatever….it is when I am on the stage of life and I “perform” and nobody is cutting me.

It is a one-way street; I do my show, I do my Rock, I do my Pop, I do my music out there, exactly as I do right now. I sit in my room, it is wintertime, and I talk. I talk without thinking, I do have the subject but I allow my body physically to transmit you something.
All humans have this capacity, just transmitting information in different ways, delivering, channeling, you name it. And the Manifestor and his channeling, is giving a very direct impact, and the moment I allow things to pass through me, this is my direct Impact.
It is not like posting something small, just saying one sentence to somebody, or just having a chit-chat on the side. I am talking about a massive time when I allow myself and I give myself space, to transmit, to let things pass through, my direct Impact. The moment when I speak when I let things go, I am not in conversation, I am not in a negotiation, I am not in the question-and-answer format, I am just in the answer format. It does not mean that I know exactly what I am about to say and how is about to say it, but I allow things to pass through me and see. Once Manifestor feels this song, this Rap, it is irreversible.

I enjoy recording my courses because I have the gift of sitting in my room and learning my direct Impact. I sit and I talk. I talk to you,. I talk to myself. I talk to life. I let the energy pass through me and to show me the hidden places within myself.
As we know, we have the conscious and the unconsciousness, and the unconscious goes out only when we are out of control. If you sit and plan what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, and what you are going to do, this will be your conscious part. When you allow yourself just to be and to say whatever to say :”I improvise, I go through it with out knowing how”, then you will discover many hidden places within yourself. And you can see it only when direct Impact is present.

And many Manifestors, we are afraid of this direct Impact. We afraid to take all the space for it and say yes, I am going to talk now, and nobody will stop me, I will create myself the platform and the stage to do so.You will see, by time, this is your real Gift, this is how you Impact, by not looking to the sides, or backward, just going front by saying “I am going to do this” in actions, words, in interactions, in creation, flow, to be in the flow of oneself. Yeah, and it is risky, and it feels unsafe sometimes, and maybe stupid and disorganized, but you are present in that moment. You feel the frigidity of life, and at the same time, the solidity that can exist at the moment, through your direct Impact.

So, “my direct Impact” is the essence of just seeing how your creation is taking shape in front of your eyes through your voice and through your physical actions, and especially for Manifestors, it goes through the voice. For a lot of humans, it goes through the voice, but for Manifestors, as we have undefined Sacral and we have a Motor connected to the throat, our life force is presented through the expression of action and through our voice.

You probably have heard Ra, or other people that lecture and they are in the flow of speech, they don’t think, they don’t try to make sense, they don’t search for anything. It is exactly like dancing, it is exactly like being born, you did not do anything for that. You can master it also in your direct Impact and to reveal to yourself many sides that you are not aware of.
And this direct Impact is the great mirror that you can have, you can see when you push too much, you can see when you are holding back, you can see your sense of humor, you can hear your fears because you let go. You are not busy with grammar and articulation, and trying to amuse people, you are being you, and you give your direct Impact. And this is why people pay you or come to you, for this kind of amazing energy that you carry and that you allow transmitting through you.

Manifestors can be so innocent. We do not know how powerful it is to hear the Manifestor Rap that is opening the ocean, that is splitting mountains into two, that is storing something, to be a starter, to be a pioneer, this is a hell of an energetical job because you have to break through and transmit through you, such a change, it happens through the stars that are touching you and something passes through, but your vessel, your body needs to be able to contain it.

Therefore I am asking you to be able to give your direct Impact, and not for two minutes, not only saying a sentence when a friend is asking you something, but for 10, 20 minutes, 1 hour. It is an ecstasy feeling, and people can remain shocked, not because of something you say or the content of it, it is due to your frequency; your Manifestor frequency that is building, that is starting something, that is destroying something else, this is a direct Impact.

Can you love it, to embrace it, to honor it, to practice it, to dare to go with it? to speak out your voice, your Manifestor Gift, this is your direct Impact, do you know this flow? Do you know this song? Do you know the unstoppable you? That can just go without thinking. Do you know this frequency? And if you don’t, are you willing to search for it? Are you willing to cultivate it? Are you willing to appreciate it?