Do you know and own your gift?
Or are you still locked on the Generator/Projector trip?

Each Manifestor has a gift to give in this world. Manifestors are almost 9 % on this planet, and it is not for nothing. The Manifestor has something to give which is valuable and has a meaning that the other types can not give – Manifestor is bringing the gift of “ Let’s move, let’s make it happen, let’s create a new path”.
Manifestors are here to bring impact through their unique Design, and this is what I call the Manifestor Gift!
It is YOU – the Manifestor and the way you talk – walk- act – create!
This Gift is your unique perspective on things. It’s your unique depth on things. It’s the unique details. It’s a unique emotion. It’s a unique intuition. It is the unique support. Your unique way of delivering life to others, giving solutions, labelling your perception, labelling how you live this life; and this is impactful.
And it takes consistent daily life changes to prepare this Gift. It takes awareness, time and effort – why?
Because Manifestors are conditioned to be generators and projectors!
Waiting to respond, or waiting to be invited. So either the Manifestor is working like hell, and getting into born outs every few days/ weeks.
Or it is hiding from the world trying to keep small, wishing someone will recognize it.
Do you see the joak?
Why is it a joke? Because the Manifestors learn about themselves the most when they dare and act – from the body! Breaking through, creating something NEW, going out of the ordinary, not waiting for our confirmation to act or speak. The only thing they are waiting for is the inner sign to move.
When they dare to play “big”. To go out into the world. They learn from their Impact – through how others react to their actions and words. Like this they can perceive who they are and how to become more correct and clean.
But if you as Manifestor work yourself off and are too tired to even see, feel what is right to initiate and with whom, you cant see the impact. You can not learn about your unique gift.
And if you as Manifestor hide at home and study as a beautiful projector, you can never know what is really hiding inside you, because only when you deliver you get the echo of your essence.
Not delivering your thing. Your creation. Scary as it may sound.
So, What to do in order to get out of this loop?
Your Manifestor Gift starts with being a Manifestor, acting as ONE.
Not talking about it but actually being still, being quiet for a time and then bam! move,act, say.
Your mind will hate you for that, will blame you, it will try to make you small and unworthy of love, your mind will bring any argument to convince you not to say, not to do, it wants you to stay tinny, sweet generator, nice, loveable.
BUT – you know what? The mind is not here to be your boss.
Second thing is to own your Inner Authority. The thing with Inner Authority is that it pushes you to places that the mind does not like, it is telling you to wait when your mind tells you to act, it is unexpectedly pushed to say, act explosively when you are least expected.
Your inner authority is not calculated, predictable, or logical. If it is – it is your mind.
Third thing, Own the qualities of your channels and profile! You are already gifted through Aura and you are gifted through your Authority. This is a lot already. And then you are gifted through your channels and profile – it is what you have to give to the world. It is the wisdom of your body and the greatness of personality telling a story about life.
Fourth Things. Own your undefined centres, they are your fears, they are the mind that will do everything to keep you as generator or proctor, and of course they will do it with great intelligence and beautiful complex explanation, they will manipulate you not to do, or to do too much. They are so strong and clever and you can even believe they are YOU.
I tell you this after 6 years in the experiment, as a Manifestor, and after meeting on weekly basis Manifestors from all over the world. I am dealing, creating the gift everyday, falling and raising – but not giving up upon what is uniquely mine.
What do I suggest?
*Be well educated about the basics of your chart and its different aspects.

*Meet Manifestos that have gone through that journey.

*Be humble, kind and loving towards yourself on that path – you are not alone.

*Don’t stop trying.