Human Design - The Holistic Perspective

The healing process through Human Design, from a holistic perspective.
I used Human Design as my main lens to observe reality and to observe my healing process. But as a human, I need, in my perspective, a holistic change. I am made out of a lot of components, and those components can support my process. So, in a way, I need to create a womb, a nest, a warm and safe place where I can heal.

In the following recordings, I will go further through each of the aspects that I see that can empower and support your healing process, based on my own experience. But this is only the way I see it, I guess you will have to go through your own trial and error, to see what is right for you. To see when and how and for how long you make those changes, if at all.

This is an invitation to create your own womb, in your own timing, in your own way, to reclaim that space, in need. I know that during those years of my healing process I have created this womb for myself, over and over again, making it cosier, more supportive, finer, for myself, to better deal with the process that I’m going through.

So, a womb is a place for creation, is a place where I have all that i need in the best conditions to evolve. It’s about physical healing, it’s about emotional healing, it’s about mental healing, it’s about asking and receiving support for my process. It’s about expression and it’s about the environment.
When I take all those components and I put them together, I see that I am creating for myself a healthy environment, healthy conditions for me to go through the pain, and the process of being reborn.
I don’t know what it’s gonna look like for you. I don’t know, even if this is right for you, to create this womb, but I know that for me, it worked.
I’m a very holistic being, I believe that everything is connected. The way we eat, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we make decisions, where we sleep, the people that we allow around us. Everything is affecting everything. So I’d like to look at the healing process as a holistic experience where all the components count. I’m inviting you to take your time and to go through this womb creation with curiosity, with joy, with pleasure, with playfulness.
For instance, you could start with a question: “How can you be the mother and the father, and the family of your inner child, in all realms, in all aspects?”
  • Personal Guidance – Individual Attention and Empowerment
  • Physical Healing – Sleep, Food, Movement, Hygiene, Rest
  • Emotional Healing – Music, Talks, Meditation, Touch
  • Mental Healing – Nature, Books, Silence, Audios Inspiring Talks, Writings
  • Support – Supportive Friends, HD Community. To be Alone
  • Expression – Writings, Paint, Dance, Music, Art forms
  • Environment – Clothing, Room, Home, Nature, Favourite Places
-“Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course”-

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