Huamn Desgin Initiation

Human Design Initiation is exposing to you your unique way of being in this life.

You will be exposed to the knowledge that can change your life and make everything more simple for you!

It empowers you to understand and perceive the beauty of Who You Are.

It provides you awareness and practical tools for you to experiment with and see the changes in your life!

In this session, I will empower you into your gifts, and expose to you the shadow sides within you, so you can embrace all of your parts with grace.
Be ready to be impacted, get to know your frequency, and to enter the Human Design experiment. This means meeting the unknown and learning to trust your body no matter what.
What will you receive?
  • What is my Aura type?  The energetic field around you interacts with the world before you even speak.
  • How do I make decisions?  Using Inner Authority There is a frequency in your body that indicates how to make decisions according to the wisdom of the body.
  • What is my beautiful life force?  Your Channel The gifts that you are here to give and the qualities that are natural for you.
  • What is disturbing and distracting me being myself?  Your Undefined and open centers The fears, negative thinking patterns that are not you and move you to unbalanced action.
  • What are the conscious and unconscious forces within me?  The Red and the Black The evident and the hidden forces within you affect your life and the way people see and react to you.
  • What is my character in that I play in the movie of life?  Your Profile You are a character in the movie of life, and it is driven by the conscious and unconscious aspects of your design.
  • How can I use all of this in my life?  The full bodygraph perspective, allowing you to feel, sense and understand of the whole of you, providing you practical tools to increase your awareness and change your daily life actions!
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