Healing Me
Human Design Foundation Course

Are you willing to choose love over fear though the lens Human Design?

Do you feel self-love is calling you?

Do you wish Human Design tools to serve you in daily life transformation?

Human Design is the beginning of a deep healing transformative process, it is an invitation to heal the old wounds and to make space for a new person, to the real you. It’s not an easy process but it is definitely a magical one. It includes seeing into the depth and essence of one’s self, replacing old behaviors with new ones.
Human Design is here to expose your uniqueness, it is giving you the option not to be a copy-paste of a human being, not to be a pile of conditioning walking on earth blindly, rather than be a human being that is awake, aware, and fully alive, not afraid of the unknown, not afraid owning its own unique light.

Often it seems as human life is so complicated, so hard to deal with, that relationships are impossible, that earning money is one big cycle of suffering, that one can be easily lost just by being born – taking a radical transformation process with Human Design is exposing to you that’s life it is more simple than you thought, that you can trust yourself and your body no matter what, and that you received the life that is meant excatly for you!
That you have the tools to live and enjoy it fully, that IT IS the best for you, only if you choose to be the main character in that movie, and play out your role every scene.

Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Cousre is providing you a door to start that proces, it is providing you insights and practical tools to create for yourself a safe home, where you can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly,from a collection of things that are not you, to the masterpiece of your own body consciousness , so you can learn to take responsibility for yourself and learen to love and heal your pain, revealing your potential, creating your path to what self-love means.
It takes courage to behave, to talk to live as nobody did before, It takes vulnerability to forgive the ignorance of humanity, and provide alternatives through your own personal wisdom.
For the ones who is ready to take this path, to love themselves, this course is for you.