Empowerment Session

I feel I need an extra empowerment and love to my journey.

I know I want another perspective on the difficult situation I have in my life right now.

I want to be reminded  of my essence. 

This Empowerment Session will offer you an extra injection of empowerment wherever you are. It will remind you how beautiful, sensitive, and powerful you are.

Many of us on this journey, the Human Design deconditioning process, feel lonely and lost being covered with so much knowledge and information, but the essence is sometimes lost.

I’m here to remind you, to support you, and most of all to empower your life force—Who You Are, and kick away who you are Not. 

This journey is not an easy one, and if you’re on it you probably have no choice! It can feel good to feel that you are not alone, to be reminded that this journey is not for nothing, that you can be seen and understood as you are even with fears and challenges. 

$75 / 1 hour session 

How to Book Your Session

Information About All Sessions:

  • The sessions are via Zoom.

  • All sessions are recorded and will be sent to you after we are done.

  • In order to book a session follow these steps:

  1. Complete the form on the right –>

  2. Complete the payment using the PayPal link above.  Make sure to change the currency to $USD!

  3. Choose a date and hour for the meeting using the link my calendar.

  4. Then, you will receive an email from Bar with a Zoom link to the meeting.

  5. Be on time for the session.

  6. Make sure your are in quite comfortable space for the session. 

  7. In case of any change please update Bar in advance.

  8. If you are not happy from the session, the money will not be refound.