Creating / Working Space

*Was taken from a creation course for Manifestors, but can fit all.
I am very careful with the word working because as Manifestors, we are not here to “work” and there are a lot of strange connotations with the word working; that it should be an effort, that we need to put extra force, and to be active all the time. So, I will take the context of working into another dimension, which is Creation. But everybody is familiar with the term “Working Space”. so let’s call it Creating/Working Space.
So basically, space where I create. Which is it? How do I feel there? Is it supporting my creative state? Is it helping me to produce? Is it inspiring for me? Is it bothering me? What triggers my senses in the place where I sit and create?
Of course, there are a lot of places where inspiration can come; on a daily walk, when I drink my coffee, when I am having a conversation with my partner. Inspiration can appear everywhere, but in the end, I have to sit and write, sit in front of a computer, or where I can record a video, so I am asking myself, what does my Creating/Working Space look like? feel like?
And how do I deal with it? What do I mean when I say, “deal with it”? I mean how much attention am I actually giving to my Working Space. Some people like to have plants in their working space, some people like a beautiful painting, some people are very sensitive to the smell of the room, or the amount of light that gets in. So, I am asking you, what is important for you in your Creating/Working Space?
Because eventually, when I create content, I create my course, I create my publicity, whatever I create, people feel consciously and unconsciously, how comfortable I am, and how much I resonate within my content.
So, if I record a video I am cold, if I write a text and I am hungry if I do not like having my working space disorganized and I create when the space is messy, everything is the frequency and everything is felt through my creation. So, although I am behind a computer and I hold your camera in a way that people do not see my legs and so on, everything is felt.
We are a sensory being, so I am asking you, what is good for your sensors? For your visual sensory? For your physical sensory? For your taste? Maybe you like to drink something before you start producing, or maybe not, brushing your teeth, who knows? How is the sensory of the smell applied in your working space? All of those little aspects are raising the awareness for you to be conscious of the state from where you create.
And sometimes we have habits which are actually pulling us away from this very fluent expression, from our Manifestor Gift, and we are not aware of them: oh, ok, I leave the dishes on my table, my chair is not so clean, and the smell in the room is more or less, but it’s ok! I am kind of used to it! So, I am putting your awareness on it and asking you: Is it really ok? How would you like to be?
If you could now design an amazing Creating/Working Space. What would be in it? Will it be completely empty with just one candle? Will it be stuffed with many quotes and inspirational music? Will it be outside in nature where you can see the view? How would you create your Creation/Working Space? Eventually, people feel it, and you feel it.
This is the concept of creating Working Space: to invest energy, attention and time, as well money, in your Creation/Working Space, because very often we want to receive. We want to receive more clients, more jobs, more money, more inspiration. But what do we do in order to receive all of it?
How much money do I invest in my working space? To buy a new table, a new vision board, new pants, maybe a new program for the computer. How much energy do I really put in the place where I create? And this is for me a very important aspect because nowadays, we have the phone, we have the computer, we have WIFI. There is a feeling that we can work from everywhere; while traveling, while being on the road, while being in the living room, in our breakfast.
But I am saying: wait a minute if I want to create something that has quality, that has depth, that shows my wisdom, that so-called forces me to dive in and take out my natural gifts in a way that is possible to see and perceive on the outside, it needs a container.
A container for me, where I can sit and say: ok, enough of outer distraction, now inner resources and creation for my business. Not everywhere, not all the time, not whenever I want, not, by the way, the opposite! I intend to enter into my Creative/Working Space, I prepare the space, I make it sacred, I make it holy for me, I make it holy for me, and welcoming for me, and inviting for me.
Because I believe that my clients, and the people that are going to pay for my products and services, deserve this kind of attention. They deserve me to be available in all of my senses in order to serve them. And I truly believe in this exchange between frequencies, which is the frequency within my creation, this is what I will receive, people will feel it, people will sense it. So, what is the container in your Creating/Working Space?
I am keeping on asking you in order for you to contemplate on the container that you really need that supports you, that empowers you, to create as yourself, and not take it for granted, because today we have phones, and we have the speed of action, we actually ignore a lot of details, we ignore the transformation that the body needs to pass through in order to really produce something for a long term.
Everything seems so instant, fast, and at the moment, but actually, if you look at companies, if you look into big projects, people who have succeeded in their life, there is a lot of investment there, in time and attention, and people think about all the little details of their offices. There is a lot of preparation in all levels when you want to create something of quality.