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The Corona virus and the 36 gate

The Corona virus and the 36 gate

How wonderful is it just to be the passenger watching the show? Who knows that it’s all part of the program? And who knows to trust oneself and one’s inner Authority.
Inevitable crisis
In my design, I have the 35-36 channel. The 36 gate is unconscious and it is in the third line. In today’s collective crisis I must say that I feel at home! All my life I’ve met crises that seemed to come out of the blue, and they always brought strong emotional reactions. Everything appeared lost, and no progress could be seen in the future.
Over the years I got used to those moments, days, of complete chaos within me. Hearing my 35 gate saying, ”Where are we going? Why am I not progressing? What is the next step?” And the 36 gate is just completely buried in the impossible. The death of oneself, hopelessness, crashed and lost in the dark. I know those moments so badly, I used to call my father and cry. To walk in the streets searching for an answer, doing anything to run away from the crises, but they are inevitable.
The nature of humanity
The best thing I found when the crisis is extremely present is to celebrate the chaos. I mean emotionally celebrating it. Celebrating how powerful emotions can be, how powerful a crashing wave can be, and seeing how it feels to be flashed under the power of water. As we know water is covering most of the surface on the planet, they are a meaningful element for us as humans and they are constantly transforming shape, from gas to liquid.
Once I found myself deep down in the crisis, there is an extra emotion that sneaking in, which is deep empathy, the crisis of the 36 gate, may appear in our individual lives but the pain is experienced as a collective pain, it’s like it’s a tsunami or burning fires in the other side of the world, they crush our hearts when we hear about them although they are far away from us.
One of the ways for us to connect as humans are through a crisis is through the pain, as everybody knows what it is, and the secret of the 36 gate embraces, in my experience, the extremities between deep despair an awesome grace and compassion, the compassion that unites people together, not through the idea rather through the emotion of it, feeling that we are after all only humans.
After the storm
From my 6 line personality, who is climbing on the roof, I feel and hear the silence the crisis brings. Finally, I feel understood among the majority of the people. Welcome to my ordinary cycles, welcome to the crisis, welcome to the unknown of the 36th gate, welcome to the longing for evolution and for the need to feel together as a collective.
What is beautiful is that the crisis does not last. What waits at the end of the tunnel is progress. The progress that one can feel tickling within without seeing its shape or its direction. The progress that brings courage, calling for a change. The kind of progress that remembers what it means to be under a crisis and never wanting to go back there again, the kind of progress that came out of the ashes and survived the attack of the wave.
I love this progress, and as we know, it is part of the emotional abstract stream. It comes only when emotional clarity is there, and this might take a while. It might even take a few cycles to get into clarity of what this progress really means?
The meaning of having an inner anchor
Progress always comes, one way or another. After death life comes, we get sick and we get healthy, we are born and then we die. This is one of the keys that unite us as humans, that we all go on the same track. Progress is always towards the end of the form, the physical form.
The question I ask myself is how do I get there? What do I experience along the way? What does my passenger watch? How much do I enjoy my ride, and remember it only as a ride for this fragile form? Obviously a human form.
The coronavirus, in my perspective, is just the beginning of a large process. Every crisis is necessary for progress, every progress needs a deep emotional transformation that touches emotional fear, pain, and hopelessness. Only then can one remember the gift of being alive and start to ask itself what really matters? Now more than ever I understand the power of the human design community in the world. I know it is a mission to provide people their inner anchor, so they can be their primary resource. It’s the way that I see of providing trust in the unknown, seeing that decisions are made by relaxing to the body of oneself, and uncertainty is our great ally. It keeps us fresh, in-tune, and loving what is present now.

The three streams and their shadow

The three streams and their shadow

In Human Design, there are parts of the body graph that are not colored in, those gates, channels, and centers are in white.
These are called the “not-self”, and these are the places we are here to learn from in this life, but we are not to make decisions according to them.
This is energy that is not available to us constantly, and we receive and amplify it from the environment or from the transits.
It is relatively easy to feel this frequency in open centers, and for those who have a split definition in the gates or channels that connect the definition.
It is important to note that even in the definition of the body graph—everything that is colored in—gates, channels, and centers, all have an unhealthy side or shadow quality.
The quality of this shadow, of course, is influenced by the open places in the graph. Sometimes it can be deceptive, and lead to acting as an authority.

These are indeed qualities that constantly exist and are available to the person, and are a natural part of his body energy. But they can easily express themselves in very different qualities, you could say one that is dirty and blurred.
Just like edited water, the element is the same element, but its quality is different.
When you begin to learn the basic knowledge, there can be a tendency to get confused and act from the mind according to the definitions in the body graph by identifying the knowledge mentally.
Although the energy of sharing, supporting, or empowering is there, it can be misleading and controlled by thought.
For example
“I have a tribal definition – so I have to support…”
Following your strategy, or having a devotion to strategy and authority, allows the streams to appear in front of our consciousness, so we can observe how the quality and difference of each stream is presented in our lives at any time.
Each stream has a keyword that characterizes it –

The collective stream: Sharing

These are people who are meant to share in general. Their abstract experience or a logical pattern can be useful for the future. People who carry Collective channels and gates have a need to share about global issues that belong to everyone, and they are for the whole of humanity. It’s a stream that works in one direction when one shares with the rest.
So what can happen, is that because of pressure from the open centers, there will be a constant urge to share, to tell, to inform everyone, all the time, everywhere.
This can be clearly seen in the global phenomenon in which people share on social media about everything at any moment.
How amazing it is to share nowadays, but it’s worth waiting and being precise about the choice to share.

The questions that can be directed are:
Is the experience completed for me, and so it feels right to share? Did I identify all the details? Did check and examine the pattern in depth, so I am ready to share?
The Tribal stream – Support
These are people who are designed to support and receive support in a manner that suits them with different groups of people, according to their tribal definition. They are people who connect through material, spiritual, emotional support and more. It’s a stream that works on reciprocity. Mutual support and exchange.
But what can happen is that due to pressure from the open centers, there will be a constant urge to support and ask for support. Look for it and offer it. But support can be very unhelpful when it is not really needed, or when someone offers support who is not really suited to give it.
The phenomenon is that people who give more than they have and collapse, and those who do not learn to cope alone, become dependent because they seek support so regularly.
The true energy of giving and receiving is vital sustenance when it corresponds to the needs and timing of both sides.

The questions that can be directed are:
Do I feel reciprocity in a situation that calls on me for support? Is it right for me to support this now? What is the quality of support that I am interested in giving and receiving?
The individual stream – Empowerment.
These are people who are meant to empower in their presence, their actions, their appearance, and their various choices.
They are people who like to do things in a way that is unique to them. They are busy with themselves, with what is important and interesting to their development. When they follow their path, they are powerful and inspiring for other people to be themselves, to choose their uniqueness and difference. Like the collective stream, it is also a one-way flow. When one is conducted and others are inspired and empowered by their own choices and being.
But what can happen is that because of pressure from the open centers, people will have the urge to show up forcefully and emphasize their peculiarity, to be over-proud and boast about it, to talk about themselves as an example, and will push people to make decisions similar to those that have broken through took.
When in fact they are most impressive when they talk only about their experience, simply and innocently, without even paying attention, or simply being behaving without words at all.
A phenomenon that exists is the obsessive preoccupation with the individual and the way it is seen and experienced by the environment, instead of expressing what interests him, what he is busy with, and what is important to his personal development.

The questions that can be directed are:
Am I trying to be different? Do I want others to see my way? Is it important for me to emphasize my unique way and choice?
There are different expressions for each shadow, of course, these are set in relation to many other additional factors in each one’s design.

The ones I mentioned come from personal observation of my experience, and the identification of a number of people around me who I know of their design.
I carry three channels, one from each stream, and all three are connected to the throat.
I notice easily how the beautiful, special and touching quality of each stream can transform its skin.
How sharing can be superficial, how support can be neither meaningful nor harmful to both sides, how empowerment can be empty of content and presence.

Each of us has these streams in the body graph. I suggest paying attention to their clean qualities and their shadow qualities, being sensitive and inquisitive and letting them teach us.
So in each moment these key notes will have a different meaning, variety, and depth when they appear, so that they can pass naturally without effort or thoughts through us.
Anyone interested in a deep process of identifying the shadow and light in the gates the wisdom of “Genes Keys” can inspire, illuminate, and direct the layers of frequencies inherent in each gate.

Human Design – The Individual Circuit

The Individual Circuit

In the Human Design bodygraph we have three main circuits; they are like streams of energies that represent certain frequencies and their characteristics in our lives. So whenever you see a Channel or a Gate in a circuit you can know automatically some of their basic behaviors.

One of the circuits is the individual circuit, and Keynotes the circuit are : acoustic, melancholy, empowerment, mutation and individualism.

Why do I like to be around individuals and what do I learn from them?

I like to see their natural choices, how they spend their time, what inspires them, and what empowers them.

When they share those with me or when I simply observe them, I feel empowered. Individual does not need to make any effort, in order to empower others, when the individual is just surrendering to its behaviors, favorite activities, its natural expression it will empower others.

The individual chemistry is working in mutation, in pulses of knowing, an in-between times of uncertainty, the individual doesn’t know until it knows.

The individual learns through its life process to surrender to those gaps and to know that when time comes will know at once. 

This kind of chemistry can create melancholy in the individual’s life, because the mind may go crazy saying “Why don’t I know the answer? Why do I experience so much uncertainty?” This can create depression and a feeling of being lost in space if the individual is unaware of its own mechanics.

But once the individual Embraces this kind of chemistry it uses it as source for creation, source for deep contemplation, surrendering to emotions, ideas, time to be inspired, and not to be afraid of the void, its own physical body, its own process.

The individual also will bring something new to the other, something unique that was never seen before, and as we know the new must be repeated in order to establish acknowledgement in the consciousness of humanity in people’s life, therefore the individual must repeat itself over and over again, repeating the expression of the new idea and knowing the validity of what it has to offer, without giving up; slowly but surely people will grasp the new idea.

I had an individual partner poetry years, he has two individual channels out of three, 25-51 and 23-43. I remembered that in the beginning of our relationship, I could barely understand the way he saw the world. He was using certain terms that I had no access to, he kept on repeating the same words, the same structuring of ideas, he could not help it, it was just the way he saw reality.

Over time I was amazed to see how he changed an edit to my reality, his initiation, his unique genius perspective on life managed to penetrate who I am, and being a great value to the way I perceive myself, to the way I enjoy life, to the way I Empower myself. 

Was it right away like that? Not at all! At the beginning I was full of resistance to what he tried to tell me. It was so new, revolutionary, outstanding, my ears could barely stand it. Overtime I just got used to it, and slowly I was able to grasp the real wisdom behind its individuality.

Through my experience with him, I understand how difficult it must be for the individual to walk in this world and bring something completely new and just spend a long time not being understood, seen and acknowledged for who they are.

Even if you have one channel in your whole body graph, a gate in a key position in your design that is individual, it is part of your life journey to embody those behaviors and characteristics.  Once you know it, you can surrender, you can accept, you can love yourself a bit more, maybe you can even explain to others the way you work if you have energy for that as an individual.  Try to judge yourself less for being the “weirdo”, the person that must have his own way to do things, that may be in first place would not be accepted, but over time people will adapt, appreciate, and use the way of the individual. 

May we all learn from each other, may we all try to see beyond what we are, try to reach to the reality of the other while we Embrace completely our own reality. May we all create the path for our children, so they can experience less suffering and walk this life as themselves and allow others to do the same. 

I feel gratitude to the individuals in my life, I appreciate my individual definitions, and I wish decades of pure individuality that empowers oneself and the other to correct Behavior and the love of oneself. 


Let’s Talk Circuits

Let’s Talk Circuits

The Tribal Circuit says:  Let’s do it together, let’s feel Together,  let’s eat together, let’s touch each other until we cannot anymore.

The Individual Circuit says : Are you crazy?, just let me do it my way, I really don’t care if you are there or not.

The Collective Circuit says : Well it’s not only about you, or about us,  it is about everybody,  we must share, because it is all one unit. Let’s not forget our past and let’s look towards the future.

I like to listen to people when they talk, to the way they express themselves, how they represent their view of the world and which kind of words they choose in order to articulate their experience.

Before I knew Human Design I would judge people for saying too much “I”, for saying too much we, or for talking too much about the whole.

Now I understand that we have different voices, each person has its own way to describe the movie of life, in my case I have three channels connecting to the throat, one from each main circuit, one from the Collective Circuit, one from the Tribal Circuit and one from the individual Circuit. I know that sometimes I can express the “we”  – the togetherness of the tribe, the need for support. Sometimes I can express the “I” – the way I see things, what is important to me,  what I want in my life. It is the deep need for individual expression no matter what. Sometimes I can hear myself speaking about humanity, about how the collective stream moves in space with no identity – just a human process that is not at all personal.

Now I don’t care how people talk, quite the opposite. I like to hear how they represent one of the three main circuits in the bodygraph. Sometimes as I can even hear their Channel speaking, I can begin to learn more about those channels, because they are expressed so innocently with no effort through that person.

Some individuals have a hard time to hear “we”. They feel intimidated and are afraid to be lost in belonging to a group and lose their individual expression. I would say they are even allergic to the “us\we” words..

Some tribals cannot stand the collective speech. They don’t understand how everything needs to be distributed to the whole world because they value so much the little group and their immediate family. They are afraid that the collective will gain too much power and their authenticity will be lost.

Sometimes the collective speaks badly about a tribe, because they do not see the whole picture, they do not treat everybody like an equal, and they do not have the vision of the past and future. The collective is afraid to lose its sense of wholeness, the one big wave that moves and creates humanity back and forth.

Once again Human Design is showing me that we are different; different in the way we express what we see and how we see it. If you listen carefully to the sub frequency behind the words, you would hear the same basic frequency of love, the only difference is that the voices  are talking differently: they use different vocabulary, they use different expressions, they use different images and constructions, but we all seek for the same, to feel loved, to express love and to give love.

For each circuit this will be articulated differently, so if you know the way you talk, you can surrender to your own speech, you can also surrender to the way you listen. Once you have your own authority, you don’t really need to care how people talk, what they’re talking about,  or what their motivation is for talking. Once you’re so rooted in your own Inner Authority, then through your own physical body you tune to one basic frequency, the never spoken one that is always present, the frequency of self-love, constantly seeking to be revealed.

I say it does not matter if we are Tribal, Individual, Collective, or few of them mixed together.  There is a language that doesn’t need words, and if we can tune into that language, in one moment we would no longer need to speak.

Until then we can just learn, let the body express itself freely, letting other people express freely, knowing that we are all trying to tune, through practice, to speak the unspoken frequency of self.