Awareness-Practical points for Non-Emotional Beings

I am an Emotional Manifestor but since entering the experiment I have had a lot of intimate relationships with people who are undefined or completely open in their solar plexus. In Human Design we call it “Non-Emotional beings”. As I am constantly exploring Human design I am constantly looking for more awareness and understanding between us, the humans. I was kind of forced to look at the dynamics between emotional and non-emotional.
Life took me to these kinds of relationships to explore and to observe. I was observing and recognizing a few points of awareness that may support the Non-Emotional beings.
1) Identify You identify when there is an emotional frequency in the space, you will feel a vibration that is present in the moment. So as Non-Emotional being the first step is to identify that something is “strange” in the atmosphere. Recognizing that until now everything was kind of okay like fluid water and then suddenly there is an emotion that creates a more condensed flow.
Emotion is something that is very condensed and very evident that is influencing its surroundings easily, so you want to give it space and attention and not be surprised by it. It can be a low wave or high wave but something in the density of the air will change and see if you can make sure to identify it. For each one it will be different, maybe you will feel it in the physicality, maybe you will feel it in your solar plexus itself. Maybe you will feel it in your belly or your eyes, so see what physical symptoms you can identify? Maybe you could also identify certain thoughts you have when this particular emotional frequency is entering into the picture? As you know the tendency of the not-self of the undefined/ open solar plexus is to avoid confrontation and truth, so the first step into meeting gracefully this conditioning and transforming it into wisdom is to say:” I know it is here, I don’t need to run away or act, I just identify the difference, that it is present now”.

2 ) Simple sentence Then you will go to the empathy part. If you are with someone emotional, you will know what the other feels on some level. What can be useful is just to imagine what the other might feel, and saying it words, in simple short sentences. If it’s pain, confusion, disappointment, joy, passion and just verbalizing it for yourself, ask yourself :” how can I enter into the world of the other and understand how it feels and make it simple?” .Because emotional frequency can be at times very abstract and hard to describe.
When you understand the other and make it simple for yourself, only then you can bring empathy, and it starts to be less frightening, if not it is just overwhelming. If you verbalize for yourself what is happening on the other side you are actually telling your body:” this was not here and now it is here, what is it?” You are entering into a mode of curiosity instead of fear and rejection and separation. When you start this inner inquiry it will feel more familiar and more comfortable to allow it to show you something instead of running away or entering into it roughly which are the two possibilities that the undefined/open solar plexus people are doing when they not self if active.

3) What is right for me – You recognized there is a change, you asked yourself what the other might be feeling and gave it words and then check with yourself – How are you about this? Do you need more time? Maybe it is not the time for you to feel something very exciting or something very low? Maybe later and maybe not at all? Just allowing yourself to dance with the possibilities and knowing you have the choice and you can observe the choice that is emerging out of your Inner Authority.

4) Communicate : once you are clear then you can communicate it to the other, for example, to say ”there is something here I need a moment/ there is something here let’s talk about it later / there is something here I don’t want to talk about or anything at all right now.” It is a way to respect your capacity at the moment and what is healthy for your body.

5) Inner Wisdom What I learned about myself? We can all learn from each other and if you as a Non-Emotional being experience an emotion from out side, either very high or very low, it is coming to show you something about yourself as well!.
It is true that it is not a constant frequency in your body and you should not make decisions from it but you can for sure learn something about yourself. You can learn about your own sorrow and hidden pain. You can learn about your own capacity to express joy and excitement and love.

When you step out of the situation or the situation is over, you can ask yourself :” what did I learn from this encounter? ” The tendencyI observed with Non-Emtotional beings is to say “This is not mine and I just continue and do things my way!!” but I don’t believe that human interaction is happening in order for us to just neglect each other. The essence in my experience is to learn from one another as I learn from each of my undefined and open centers.