Bar Altshuler


Bar Altshuler is a passionate teacher and transmitter of Human Design. She’s deeply devoted to the knowledge and her own individual experiment.

Bar teaches students from all over the world, guides people individually and in groups, and always finds a way to personally connect and deliver the wisdom of Human Design in the best way.

She is a certified Living Your Design Guide by the International Human Design System (IHDS) in the United States. She did her studies with one of the most radical and professional Human Design analysts, John Martin, from Hawaii.

Together with her profound Human Design teachings, she’s also an active dance teacher.

Most of her life has been dedicated to her professional dance practice. While living in Europe for the last couple of years, she taught and expanded her knowledge in body awareness and movement.

Bar is also certified in the Feldenkrais Method. This is a specialized method for gaining high body awareness through movement and increasing physical performance skills. Her studies were completed through Mind Body Studies Academy and led by Mia Segal.

Recently Bar graduated from an online marketing course, and she’s supporting her clients with her new knowledge so they can improve their businesses and marketing skills.

Bar is a person with full integrity. She cares about personal interaction while keeping high professional standards. Her love and dedication can be seen throughout her social media content, client reviews, and contribution to the Human Design community.

Bar's Human Dedign chart