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Healing through Human Design – Grieving & Meeting the New Me

Healing through Human Design
Grieving & Meeting the New Me

This is one of the most beautiful and deep processes that I am going through, and I see other people going through as well.
You know, before, I had a certain image of myself. I identified certain behaviours, labels, thoughts, feelings as “myself”, as my true nature. And then I met Human Design and started to experiment with the knowledge that I am about to give you.
With grief, a very painful process starts a process of death. I have started to see and still see my identity dying, so many things I was sure that they “are me”, that are “right” for me, that are “healthy” for me.

I felt I was dying. And as we see in life, as we know in life, things are ending. And maybe you have lost someone close to you, or even went through a divorce or breakup, or maybe some just left your life. There is always sadness, pain, in losing something.
Although this “thing” would be beautiful to have, although that “thing” was horrible to have.
Losing something, separating from something, saying goodbye, shows us that we are not here forever. That this body isn’t going to stay here forever. It reminds us that this is only a temporary process. That life is all about living and dying.

But only a few years after the deconditioning started, following my body and living my experiment, I realise: I’m grieving. I’m grieving about all those moments that I did not love myself, that I did not know who I was, that I did not respect this beautiful body. I’m grieving about all the relationships that I had that were led by a personality that was not me. And I noticed myself crying, I noticed, and still notice my body experiencing a lot of pain, in my core, a very old pain. A pain so deep, that resets, that restores the body and heals the little girl that took upon herself so many things that didn’t belong to her.

I’m saying goodby to so many things outside my body, but also parting with physical sensations in my body that were once at my fingertips. These things don’t belong to my body anymore, to who I really am, now. And this is grieving for me. Just allowing myself to cry, everywhere I can. Sometimes I literally cry, and sometimes it is my essence that cries. But also, through crying and saying goodby, I’m healing.
I say, “Thank you, thank you for serving me, thank you for being part of my process, but you are no longer in my process, you are no longer part of my life. And I hold you in my arms and I let go…”

And with the grieving, meanwhile, starts a new process: Meeting the New Me.
A new light starts to awaken, a new being, a new physical sensation starts to emerge. When you start to be aware of who you are, and who you are not, you start to know a new person, a new frequency, the New You.

And even by saying it, I have tears in my eyes, because this is so touching!
It’s like meeting yourself as a reborn, it’s like holding yourself as a baby, it’s like being the mother and the father of yourself, it’s like making love with yourself. A new person starts to emerge.

So, while grieving and saying goodby to something that you are not, too many things that you are not because it’s not only one thing, it’s too many things; you also start to welcome the new you, new behaviours, thoughts, feelings, sensations… and they feel way warmer, they feel way softer, they feel like being at home.

So you are saying “goodby” to one thing, too many things, and saying “hello” to many other things. And when I say “things” it’s not only people or stuff, it’s more subtle, it’s gestures, it’s your attitude. It’s the way you move your body, it’s the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you eat, the way you dress, the way you behave, the way you relate. It’s the way you love, it’s the way you chose, moment by moment.
You actually witness a new perspective of what it means to be alive. And you start to fall in love with that new thing, with this new life. And it’s a miracle, but it’s a miracle that grows gradually, it’s not that you wake up and suddenly you are anew, not at all.

As we say In Human Design, deconditioning it’s a seven years cycle, seven years where you grieve… and seven years where you are excited, sometimes more, sometimes less. So, it’s actually like witnessing your own death, and witnessing your own birth, both at the same time.
And this is what happens through healing: we see what is no longer serving us and we love it as well, we love it so much that it becomes lighter, and a new frequency can enter. So, what is not serving us, the sadness, the pain, certain behaviours, manners which we thought defined us, could be “dissolved”, in love, and like that, we heal.
– From ” Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course” –
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Heart Center (Ego) – Undefined/Open – Inner Confirmation

Heart Center (Ego) - Undefined/Open
Inner Confirmation

When the Heart center (also called the ego) is completely open, or undefined it is amplifying the energy of the defined heart center around it. It is taking in this energy into its own presence and existence.
The Pain
The pain that might appear in a completely open/ undefined heart center is a need to “push”. It is saying “I also need to have commitments”, “I also need to prove my self-worth on the material plane”.
The pain is to identify so deeply with the material plane, “I am my car”, “I am my house”, “I am my bank account”. Then I can feel lost, alone, empty if the mind does not get what it wants. Because what is happening when there is less money? What is happening when the car is broken? Am I really that thing?
And the pain says: yes, you are. And you have less, therefor you are less.
The pain is to feel that you aren’t allowed to simply be or worthy of love. The pain is saying “I must prove myself”, “I must push”, “Who I am is not enough”, “How I am is not enough”, “What I do or don’t do is just not enough”.
The Healing Process
Therefore, the healing process will be to breathe deeply and to say “I am loved as I am”, “I am worthy of love, just as I am”. Nothing on the exterior world, on the material plane, not a thing represents the essence of who I am. There is no need for me to push forward and to try to prove to myself, or anybody else, anything. Because I’m alive, life is taking care of me. Because I’m here, on this planet, for a reason. All my needs will arise and just find their place. My deep existence is not dependent on the exterior world. I’m worthy because I am, I am loved because I am.
The material plane in this life is constantly taking care of me, even if it’s not in the way my mind wants it to be. If I look deeply and close enough, if I pay attention, I can see that I am in the arms of life. I am held, I am hugged. Therefore, I have nothing to worry about.
The Potential
In fact, the potential of the open/ undefined heart center, permeable and exposed, is to display deep Inner Confirmation of “oneself”. “I confirm myself”, “I recognize, I know myself”, “I don’t need external proof that I’m here, that I’m worthy of love”. And this is the beautiful potential of walking on this earth with this center undefined or wide open, to bring the frequency of self-confirmation, no matter what, no matter what other people say or think about you, no matter what is happening on the outside. You know the confirmation of life simply by being.
And this is the real source of abundance, to first recognize it, and feel it within yourself. Feel inner abundance, inner peace, inner confirmation, before it manifests in the matter.
The heart center, when completely open /undefined, has the potential to show all of us that the material plane doesn’t really influence the way we look and treat ourselves. That we can be kind to each other, give compliments to each other, be supportive and loving. Because once you know and confirm yourself, you can see the beauty of other people, and the way they contribute to life through their own unique expression
So nobody needs to push or prove anything. Nobody should, because it’s not a fight, it’s not a war. Life is taking care of us, to each one of us in unique ways, and we will all meet our needs. Because we are surrounded by love, and love is taking care of us, constantly.
– From “Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course” –
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The Corona virus and the 36 gate

The Corona virus and the 36 gate

How wonderful is it just to be the passenger watching the show? Who knows that it’s all part of the program? And who knows to trust oneself and one’s inner Authority.
Inevitable crisis
In my design, I have the 35-36 channel. The 36 gate is unconscious and it is in the third line. In today’s collective crisis I must say that I feel at home! All my life I’ve met crises that seemed to come out of the blue, and they always brought strong emotional reactions. Everything appeared lost, and no progress could be seen in the future.
Over the years I got used to those moments, days, of complete chaos within me. Hearing my 35 gate saying, ”Where are we going? Why am I not progressing? What is the next step?” And the 36 gate is just completely buried in the impossible. The death of oneself, hopelessness, crashed and lost in the dark. I know those moments so badly, I used to call my father and cry. To walk in the streets searching for an answer, doing anything to run away from the crises, but they are inevitable.
The nature of humanity
The best thing I found when the crisis is extremely present is to celebrate the chaos. I mean emotionally celebrating it. Celebrating how powerful emotions can be, how powerful a crashing wave can be, and seeing how it feels to be flashed under the power of water. As we know water is covering most of the surface on the planet, they are a meaningful element for us as humans and they are constantly transforming shape, from gas to liquid.
Once I found myself deep down in the crisis, there is an extra emotion that sneaking in, which is deep empathy, the crisis of the 36 gate, may appear in our individual lives but the pain is experienced as a collective pain, it’s like it’s a tsunami or burning fires in the other side of the world, they crush our hearts when we hear about them although they are far away from us.
One of the ways for us to connect as humans are through a crisis is through the pain, as everybody knows what it is, and the secret of the 36 gate embraces, in my experience, the extremities between deep despair an awesome grace and compassion, the compassion that unites people together, not through the idea rather through the emotion of it, feeling that we are after all only humans.
After the storm
From my 6 line personality, who is climbing on the roof, I feel and hear the silence the crisis brings. Finally, I feel understood among the majority of the people. Welcome to my ordinary cycles, welcome to the crisis, welcome to the unknown of the 36th gate, welcome to the longing for evolution and for the need to feel together as a collective.
What is beautiful is that the crisis does not last. What waits at the end of the tunnel is progress. The progress that one can feel tickling within without seeing its shape or its direction. The progress that brings courage, calling for a change. The kind of progress that remembers what it means to be under a crisis and never wanting to go back there again, the kind of progress that came out of the ashes and survived the attack of the wave.
I love this progress, and as we know, it is part of the emotional abstract stream. It comes only when emotional clarity is there, and this might take a while. It might even take a few cycles to get into clarity of what this progress really means?
The meaning of having an inner anchor
Progress always comes, one way or another. After death life comes, we get sick and we get healthy, we are born and then we die. This is one of the keys that unite us as humans, that we all go on the same track. Progress is always towards the end of the form, the physical form.
The question I ask myself is how do I get there? What do I experience along the way? What does my passenger watch? How much do I enjoy my ride, and remember it only as a ride for this fragile form? Obviously a human form.
The coronavirus, in my perspective, is just the beginning of a large process. Every crisis is necessary for progress, every progress needs a deep emotional transformation that touches emotional fear, pain, and hopelessness. Only then can one remember the gift of being alive and start to ask itself what really matters? Now more than ever I understand the power of the human design community in the world. I know it is a mission to provide people their inner anchor, so they can be their primary resource. It’s the way that I see of providing trust in the unknown, seeing that decisions are made by relaxing to the body of oneself, and uncertainty is our great ally. It keeps us fresh, in-tune, and loving what is present now.
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5 years in Human Design experiment-Deconditioning

5 years in Human Design experiment-Deconditioning

I am an Emotional Manifestor. 6/2 Profile. Cross of Separation – 5 years in Human Design experiment – Deconditioning.


The first year I met Human Design, I remember feeling in love and that I was saved! The knowledge and its accuracy touched my heart deeply and reached every cell in my body. I had three professional readings where I got the basic foundation of my design. While day and night, I was listening to audios, watching videos, and taking in whatever I could.

At that time I had a generator partner, which funny enough almost completed all my undefined centers! I informed him that we could not share a bed any longer. I also explained to him how I’m here to initiate, so I would try not to respond and to be spontaneous from now on because otherwise, it would simply be unhealthy for me.

Slowly, our relationship transformed until we met only when I initiated something. I remember I told him “if you need to be with another girl, go ahead. I cannot give you what you need, and I cannot be available for you as you need.” While saying it I remember crying like hell! Crying out of relief; crying out of the pain that now was released. The mind screamed and the body smiled.

I talked to my parents as well, and I told them about Human Design. I explained to them what it meant for me to be a Manifestor. They didn’t understand what I was doing or what I was talking about. My speech back then was cold and mechanical, and I guess it was hard to understand for people not in the experiment. Although my experiment led to some inner conflicts within the family, I kept loyal to my path. I had no choice, and I knew this process was way bigger than me. In the first year, I saw everything through Human Design eyes. I was breathing it, and I wanted to talk with everybody about it. I wanted everybody to understand how great it is.

Every single day was a completely new discovery. Don’t get me wrong! It was not nice or calm in any way. All the anger was rising to the surface, as well the tiredness of the body. Seeing the body, that is controlled by the mind, and how it suffers immensely. The wish to be alone. The conflict between the inner and outer world.

After half a year I met my guide, who helped me to ground my frequency within the body and to understand that none of it is mental. That no matter what I know actually matters, it’s actually how I live and let go of control. It takes time anyway! We met regularly for one-on-one sessions, and I became a Living Human Design Guide under his teachings. I’m so grateful to have met him, and to follow him until I felt confident within myself. In my view, the wisdom of human interaction cannot be replaced by any book or audio!

The mind made me chase after more and more Human Design material, with knowledge, it is obvious now, that I could not take in half of it! Because my body still is very so condensed and the knowledge could not stay at that level of embodiment. It was at this time I started to record my process and share videos on YouTube (some of the first videos are still there online). I had no one to talk to about my process except my guide, and I felt I needed an outlet of expression about what was happening to me, which was so meaningful, painful, lonely, and extremely right for me.


In the second year of the Human Design experiment, I met my ex-partner, an Ego Manifestor. Back then, I was living in Europe, and he was living in Israel. We both were in the experiment, studying, and being curious about the mechanics. It felt like two souls that finally met in the body, we could talk for hours about our experience, about what we discovered, and what we observed around us. I felt like I found a partner in this journey who could understand and relate to this way of life. We moved in together and lived in Europe. I realized, looking back, that all the things were examined in real-life, true relationships through constant human interaction. I was not alone anymore and I could not hide anymore. I was constantly exposed!

 We talked day and night about Human Design. I wish I could record all the beautiful insights that we had together, all the depth, and all the brilliant perspectives that we talked to each other about this year.I was inspired to see how we created our own Human Design language, and Human Design perspective on daily life events. I’m so grateful to have had this time of expression, of hearing myself talking freely, expressing my Manifestor flow, and allowing my Manifestor partner to do the same, to perform, for me, his beautiful song.

Being in love with him evoked so much pain within me, and all the anger that I thought that I could hide came to the surface right away!  I understood that no matter what I know about Human Design, it could not save me from dealing with my deepest fears and pain of the past, and all the traumas I accumulated while not being myself.

 All of my wounds opened. I was crying, screaming, falling apart over and over again. The mind could not understand why I would stay in this relationship, and the body knew that there is still a long way together. Once I allowed myself to love myself through the path of Human Design, to love another being, I could see that love only asks to heal. I could see the mind’s stories all the time, and how they pushed me to action; how the mind is always putting everything out there on the other, blaming, shaming myself and the other.

It was one of the most difficult years in my life, I loved and hated with such power. I met my extremities, and I died so many times. The mind wanted to keep control but I could not, the love kept pulling me up on my fit, the body kept on bringing me back to my track, although the mind insisted and argued and wanted to organize and rule every aspect of my life! It was a constant war! Fight for purpose!

 Once again I realized, there is absolutely no choice, and that struggle between the mind and the body just becomes more and more evident. At the end of this year, my partner and I moved together to Israel, both tired. Now I know that only an Ego Manifestor, with his special design, could bring me back home after so many years of isolation, loneliness, and seeking for answers outside of me. His energy brought me to my homeland, to my parents, to my language. I see now that only a man that has the same energetic power that I have could show me that I’m worthy of love, to embrace my Manifestor side, to reflect me that my sweet inner child could heal, to feel that I am a longer stranger, that my heart can open, that I can be a part and still be me.


The third year of the Human Design experiment was a year of recovery. I had all my wounds opened, and I felt like I was bleeding. My partner and I lived separately, so we could both have some space and some quiet, after a very intense year together. In this year I reached out for therapy, and the therapist gave space to all the emotions and pain coming out of the undefined centers. From all the years I could not be me, that I didn’t know what it meant to be me, I spoke about anger and loneliness.

I knew I had my Inner Authority, so I was not afraid to receive an outside perspective. Actually, I was glad to not only speak the Human Design language. And I felt there was no need for me to communicate only through Human Design mechanics anymore. I know I can speak it and this is enough for me. I stopped talking about Human Design with most people, and only with people who are already into it or they wanted to hear about it from me.

This year I started to connect with two people who are teaching living and transmitting Human Design in Israel. It was beautiful to meet more people that were experimenting and to get to know them through the body. I realized that although two people or more life and teach Human Design, it does not mean that we will connect or fit each other. The fractal line is way more complex than just the common ground of knowledge.This year I let go completely of dance teaching, which was something that I had been doing for the last 4 years. All my life has been dedicated to dance and movement so far. I kept on meeting more and more Manifestors for one-on-one sessions until I realized it’s time for me to initiate my first Living Your Design course for Manifestors! And so I did.

I met 13 beautiful Manifestors from all over the world who were willing and curious to meet up together and to learn the basics of Human Design and dive deeper into their experiment, I am in touch with most of them until today.  At the end of this year, my partner and I moved in together once again. We were ready once again to dive into a more intimate daily encounter, and we did everything we could to prepare us for safe, solid ground, like building a nest on the physical and emotional planes.


The fourth year of the Human Design experiment was a mixed feeling year for me. On one hand, I felt like the process of coming home to Israel was completed. I spent days at home resting and creating. My relationship with my partner had the right conditions to grow, I kept on teaching Human Design and meeting people for private sessions, but something in me asked for a deeper change again, I was not sure what it was? 

I started two Human Design collaborations as I wanted to work with others and build a little cozy supportive community, one of them I left at the early development of the project, and the other one last for a couple of months and I had to let go because finally, I could grasp what it means to be a Manifestor, and how much impact I have, therefore how much responsibility I have. I understood through the hard way that I can’t, or want to initiate any large project before I know how to lead myself constantly and know how to navigate my own energy with grace. It was a painful great lesson that showed once again that Human Design is not at all about what I know, it is about how I behave, and it takes time and dedication until fundamental behavior changes, therefore I have to be patient, although it is hard for the mind!

A bit before my partner and I started to build up rutin and create roots where we live, the global pandemic came, and I felt the inner calling for self-confirmation and inner confidence even stronger, there was no outer frame to support or provide trust, all I had was my inner authority. I understood that I needed to dive into the deep pain and suffering that I experience on a daily basis, as the outer chaos was just reflecting on my inner chaos, I saw how much ignorance there is still within, and as well in my intimate relationship. I wanted to meet and to touch deeply the wounded child within me, I didn’t know how to do so? How to change from the source? but the call was there.

I started to go to an energetic healer and after half a year with her, my partner and I broke up. We had 3 years of extreme transformation in a very fast time, we were 2 powerful, stubborn Manifestors, that had much in common but also different ways to walk. Then I realized how hard it is, to start the path of Human Design deconditioning and cultivate an intimate relationship at the same time, my body could not hold the amount of new information and be healthy at the same time. I am grateful that I learned what I am really capable of, and what I am not, how the mind wants things to be, and what the body really needs.    


I moved to the small little village where I grew up. I felt like I needed to be close to family, to be supported, and have quiet. I also was asking to meet my core patterns that cause suffering in my intimate relationship and find the way to my inner home. During that year, I went to all kinds of emotional, physical, energetic amazing healers that supported me and guided me to feel the deeper layers of my body and to come to the beautiful, light, love the energy that I am over and over again. I needed to dedicate all of my resources to healing Because I was broken, tired, as so many things in my life changed since I met Human Design, inside out I had to take time to digest it all, to give space to have discovered. I kept the Human Design teaching on a low fire now, because I had no motivation and energy to lead, and also I needed to let go of everything I believe in, so I could feel ME – with no extra explanation, so saying also goodbye to Human Design was a way to see what is real to me? And what are just a pattern and another way of mind to show me that I am worthy of love because of it?

Ending this year showed me many new faces of what it means to live my design, and I have collected many tools and approaches to meet my body. I feel many things were left behind too, and the way I see and live Human Design is way more clear and clean to me. Now I see Human Design as my personal initiator to the deep healing process of the self, it is the door opening, and at the end of this year, that was stormy and challenging I could feel that a very thick layer was removed, and something very subtle and gently started to show up, it is happening very slowly, and it is still fragile and vulnerable, feeling like a newborn. So now I  make sure to keep the right conditions in order to allow the healing process to continue, to expand in its time. I learned that self-care is the only ground for self-love, and it needs to take shape in all aspects of life, and all the time, I learned to use my willpower to take care of what my body and soul really needs before anything else. Now, finally, I feel the patience not to skip steps on the way of progress, and knowing that I have to pay a very big price if I happen to listen to the mind.I am proud of myself for not giving up surrendering time after time to an unexplainable force that is calling me for self-love. 

Starting a new year…


I know it is a seven-year cycle, a seven-year cycle. I can see the difference, and how many things have changed for me. Year after year I am getting a new meaning, and a new layer of embodiment, that only time can expose. Only life trajectory can expose. There is no choice. I never did this process, the process did me, and it still is.

I did not choose Human Design, it took me, it ripped me apart, and it’s building me up again, time after time, while I am just watching all of it happen. Yes, I use the word “I” in order to communicate the story to you, but every time it is just more obvious that there is no “I” in all of it there is just the process that is being observed.

Let’s see where life will lead me? 

I wish you all good luck on your journey, patience with where you are, kindness in your heart, love for everything that comes your way, the recognition that only time will expose the unfolding story of life through you. 

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My experience with Undefined Ajna

My experience with Undefined Ajna

My experience with undefined became clear just in the last year. In the beginning, I could not really understand what it meant to have an undefined Ajna Center? What is the not-self of the undefined Ajna Center? How does it take shape within me?
But after being in a relationship for a while with a person that has defined an Ajna, I could better see what it means
The pressure to fix thoughts patterns.
For me every time I was not in my body, loyal to the depth of my emotional authority, I felt like I experienced headaches and pressure in the head, eyes, and the back of the neck. It came from the enormous pressure to have a consistent way of thinking, a way of expressing my thoughts that were fixed.
Before I met Human Design I was always trying to be like other people that have such clarity and consistency in their way of formulating thoughts and mental ideas. It sounds so solid and stable to me, but after being in the Human Design experience a while I noticed that this is only the sound of the Ajna.
It does not necessarily have physical truth. I slowly started to notice the difference when the defined Ajna is supported by the frequency of the body vs when it is playing its regular audio of data analysis.
Though I must admit it’s not easy to identify the difference.The Ajna Center is the main primary center that takes life and translates it into forms, objects, words, and concepts that we can understand and communicate with each other. For me, very often, it sounds very convincing. It sounds like the truth, like confidence. But actually, it can only be the fixed frequency that is expressed there, like any defined center.
What is under the cover?
I must admit that it was hard for me to stand in front of the defined Anja, and to bring my truth. Because in my case I don’t have firm mental arguments, fixed patterns to see and organize reality. I just don’t have them. What I do have is the way I feel and what my body resonates with or not. Many times I feel under this pressure, under the concepts, the ideas, the illusion of words that sound so clever and smart. But actually, they can be just a cover. It took me a while, a very long while, to be able to remove the content of the words that were actually well expressed, leaving only the frequency of the person, and from there, to listen.
Being inspired
On the other hand, when I and the other person were in our bodies, and in our authority, I could enjoy the expression of a unique way of thinking from the other and be inspired!
And through compromising in the Ajna through various gates, I could also experience the exposure of my own unique structuring of concepts. To be with an undefined Ajna means, for me, to enjoy many ways of seeing reality. Being exposed to all kinds of different boxes, that never passed in my way of thinking before.
The main insight that I have so far is to allow myself fluidity of thoughts, to flow with my perspectives on life in the mental realm, knowing that there is no certainty in the way I think. There is no consistency, I can simply change my observation and my mind quite easily. The only thing I can trust is the body and the frequency of it. In my case, emotions, and the way I feel without any explanation, in the moment and over time.
People with undefined Ajna, how do you experience it?
Do you feel more inspiration or more pressure where you are now in your process?
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Why do I choose Human Design as a healing tool?

Why do I choose Human Design as a healing tool?

To be honest, I didn’t choose. Human Design chose me. I met Human Design tired and exhausted from life, lost and sad. And suddenly something clicked, as I was waiting for this kind of perspective for a long time. The words, terminology, the essence, and the frequency of Human Design resonated with me.This is why Human Design. There was a high resonation in my body.

In my perspective, Human Design is very specific. It can give me and you a very deep insight into the process of deep healing that takes plays when you are ready.
Because we are not healing in the same way, we are not healing the same specific wounds. As humans, of course, we have collective wounds, as women, as men, and more divisions. But what are the wounds that ask to be healed through your body, through my body? Human Design is categorizing and opening up in a very detailed way to your unique healing process. And this is what happens with Human Design, in that way or anthor.
Some will call awakening, some transformation or other names, I see it as Healing. A chain of healing that starts from one-self and impact the past, the present and future of others too.

So, why Human Design?

It is personal, it is individual, your healing process will not look like the healing process of another. Human Design  is giving you basic tools, basic insights, and awareness, so you can see what this healing process means for you. Who will be the characters in your healing process, the forces that will empower and support you? I don’t know. But when we chose Human Design, we chose a common language, we chose a lens to look at reality to express the forces and the mechanics in play, so slowly but surely the mind can relax and the body can take the lead.

So, why Human Design?

It is precise, it is well-labeled, there are words and frequencies that match. That I can communicate with you and understand you, because words are very tricky and Human Design has the gift of creating that bridge, between frequencies and terminology.

So, why Human Design? 

It’s a path, like any other path. It’s a tool, like any other tool. It is not better than others, it is just what you have found, what found you. So we use Human Design and eventually it becomes part of us. And I hope that will come, the moment when you can use it and put it aside, that you can use it when you need it. That it is so embodied within you, that you don’t even think about it as Human Design. It is just your life, the life.

Do you feel the call? Human Design found you?
Start your Human Design healing process with the deep inspiring online course – “Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course”.