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Manifestor care VS Generator care

Manifestor care VS Generator care

During my experience in the Human Design Experiment, I discovered the different love I give. The different care I give as a Manifestor is very different in my experience from the generator love and care that my mind wants to give.
I grew up with a generator mother that took care of our food and the house all the time. She was constantly busy cleaning and taking care of the space.
The example of care I took from her out of my conditioning is to be available for interaction, activity, nourishment and create order in the house.
During the years I tried to copy this behavior. I tried to make food for my lover, to be available for talks, to try to create this generator bond that I felt.
But somehow I couldn’t—or better said, I could not stay there for long. Sooner or later I would become angry, tired, and fed up from this kind of behavior.
When I discovered Human Design suddenly everything clicked into place. I realized that my care and love are very different from the one I observed in my mother.
My care comes from correct initiation; from supporting and empowering people to move to a different step in their life; to provide new starts, new opportunities through my words and actions.
Especially in my design, I can see it through just loving myself and being busy with my own awakening. And that by empowering others, creating resources, and education structures—this supporting others. Sharing my emotional experience is inspiring to others.
2 years ago when I started to meet more and more Manifestors, I recognized these conditioning patterns in relationships: trying to imitate the generator care; responding from sacral conditioning to any need from the outside; being available for interaction, sexuality and physical activity out of a “response”.
The undefined sacral is my place to learn the generator world, to learn about quantities and qualities of energies, but I am still learning that this is not me. It’s not my way of caring. My way of giving to the world and to other people is different from the one I observed while growing up.
When I met my Manifestor partner, I could see how we both fell into the same trap of trying to take care of each other in a way that was not fitting to our real energy.
We learned through time that our care is being expressed by giving space to each other; allowing each other to express fully in a flow of speech; and giving the right impact to each other through waiting and through our inner Authority.
Where I am at in my experience I learned to appreciate very much the generator care, how my mom comes with food and energy to clean the house to hug and to move around.
While my father is a Manifestor as well and just sits on the couch and speaks. I learned to appreciate both. I learned to enjoy both and the most important thing I learned is what fits me and what does not. I learned what is my way of taking care and what is not?
I can appreciate the energies of the generators around me and their energy and their care. Which is, of course, unique and different to each one. And indeed very different from my Manifestor care.
  • Manifestors do you recognize this pattern of taking care as well?
  • How does it feel to care in your own way?
  • How do you care for your expression as a manifestor?

Human Design – The Individual Circuit

The Individual Circuit

In the Human Design bodygraph we have three main circuits; they are like streams of energies that represent certain frequencies and their characteristics in our lives. So whenever you see a Channel or a Gate in a circuit you can know automatically some of their basic behaviors.

One of the circuits is the individual circuit, and Keynotes the circuit are : acoustic, melancholy, empowerment, mutation and individualism.

Why do I like to be around individuals and what do I learn from them?

I like to see their natural choices, how they spend their time, what inspires them, and what empowers them.

When they share those with me or when I simply observe them, I feel empowered. Individual does not need to make any effort, in order to empower others, when the individual is just surrendering to its behaviors, favorite activities, its natural expression it will empower others.

The individual chemistry is working in mutation, in pulses of knowing, an in-between times of uncertainty, the individual doesn’t know until it knows.

The individual learns through its life process to surrender to those gaps and to know that when time comes will know at once. 

This kind of chemistry can create melancholy in the individual’s life, because the mind may go crazy saying “Why don’t I know the answer? Why do I experience so much uncertainty?” This can create depression and a feeling of being lost in space if the individual is unaware of its own mechanics.

But once the individual Embraces this kind of chemistry it uses it as source for creation, source for deep contemplation, surrendering to emotions, ideas, time to be inspired, and not to be afraid of the void, its own physical body, its own process.

The individual also will bring something new to the other, something unique that was never seen before, and as we know the new must be repeated in order to establish acknowledgement in the consciousness of humanity in people’s life, therefore the individual must repeat itself over and over again, repeating the expression of the new idea and knowing the validity of what it has to offer, without giving up; slowly but surely people will grasp the new idea.

I had an individual partner poetry years, he has two individual channels out of three, 25-51 and 23-43. I remembered that in the beginning of our relationship, I could barely understand the way he saw the world. He was using certain terms that I had no access to, he kept on repeating the same words, the same structuring of ideas, he could not help it, it was just the way he saw reality.

Over time I was amazed to see how he changed an edit to my reality, his initiation, his unique genius perspective on life managed to penetrate who I am, and being a great value to the way I perceive myself, to the way I enjoy life, to the way I Empower myself. 

Was it right away like that? Not at all! At the beginning I was full of resistance to what he tried to tell me. It was so new, revolutionary, outstanding, my ears could barely stand it. Overtime I just got used to it, and slowly I was able to grasp the real wisdom behind its individuality.

Through my experience with him, I understand how difficult it must be for the individual to walk in this world and bring something completely new and just spend a long time not being understood, seen and acknowledged for who they are.

Even if you have one channel in your whole body graph, a gate in a key position in your design that is individual, it is part of your life journey to embody those behaviors and characteristics.  Once you know it, you can surrender, you can accept, you can love yourself a bit more, maybe you can even explain to others the way you work if you have energy for that as an individual.  Try to judge yourself less for being the “weirdo”, the person that must have his own way to do things, that may be in first place would not be accepted, but over time people will adapt, appreciate, and use the way of the individual. 

May we all learn from each other, may we all try to see beyond what we are, try to reach to the reality of the other while we Embrace completely our own reality. May we all create the path for our children, so they can experience less suffering and walk this life as themselves and allow others to do the same. 

I feel gratitude to the individuals in my life, I appreciate my individual definitions, and I wish decades of pure individuality that empowers oneself and the other to correct Behavior and the love of oneself. 


Let’s Talk Circuits

Let’s Talk Circuits

The Tribal Circuit says:  Let’s do it together, let’s feel Together,  let’s eat together, let’s touch each other until we cannot anymore.

The Individual Circuit says : Are you crazy?, just let me do it my way, I really don’t care if you are there or not.

The Collective Circuit says : Well it’s not only about you, or about us,  it is about everybody,  we must share, because it is all one unit. Let’s not forget our past and let’s look towards the future.

I like to listen to people when they talk, to the way they express themselves, how they represent their view of the world and which kind of words they choose in order to articulate their experience.

Before I knew Human Design I would judge people for saying too much “I”, for saying too much we, or for talking too much about the whole.

Now I understand that we have different voices, each person has its own way to describe the movie of life, in my case I have three channels connecting to the throat, one from each main circuit, one from the Collective Circuit, one from the Tribal Circuit and one from the individual Circuit. I know that sometimes I can express the “we”  – the togetherness of the tribe, the need for support. Sometimes I can express the “I” – the way I see things, what is important to me,  what I want in my life. It is the deep need for individual expression no matter what. Sometimes I can hear myself speaking about humanity, about how the collective stream moves in space with no identity – just a human process that is not at all personal.

Now I don’t care how people talk, quite the opposite. I like to hear how they represent one of the three main circuits in the bodygraph. Sometimes as I can even hear their Channel speaking, I can begin to learn more about those channels, because they are expressed so innocently with no effort through that person.

Some individuals have a hard time to hear “we”. They feel intimidated and are afraid to be lost in belonging to a group and lose their individual expression. I would say they are even allergic to the “us\we” words..

Some tribals cannot stand the collective speech. They don’t understand how everything needs to be distributed to the whole world because they value so much the little group and their immediate family. They are afraid that the collective will gain too much power and their authenticity will be lost.

Sometimes the collective speaks badly about a tribe, because they do not see the whole picture, they do not treat everybody like an equal, and they do not have the vision of the past and future. The collective is afraid to lose its sense of wholeness, the one big wave that moves and creates humanity back and forth.

Once again Human Design is showing me that we are different; different in the way we express what we see and how we see it. If you listen carefully to the sub frequency behind the words, you would hear the same basic frequency of love, the only difference is that the voices  are talking differently: they use different vocabulary, they use different expressions, they use different images and constructions, but we all seek for the same, to feel loved, to express love and to give love.

For each circuit this will be articulated differently, so if you know the way you talk, you can surrender to your own speech, you can also surrender to the way you listen. Once you have your own authority, you don’t really need to care how people talk, what they’re talking about,  or what their motivation is for talking. Once you’re so rooted in your own Inner Authority, then through your own physical body you tune to one basic frequency, the never spoken one that is always present, the frequency of self-love, constantly seeking to be revealed.

I say it does not matter if we are Tribal, Individual, Collective, or few of them mixed together.  There is a language that doesn’t need words, and if we can tune into that language, in one moment we would no longer need to speak.

Until then we can just learn, let the body express itself freely, letting other people express freely, knowing that we are all trying to tune, through practice, to speak the unspoken frequency of self.

Studying Human Design

The Many Layers of Human Design

The Many Layers of Human Design

I have realized that for me, the knowledge of Human Design consists of many layers. Human Design allows me to classify and categorize the human experience so that my observing consciousness can expand and grow in its perception.

I like this because I can observe and experience those layers without identifying with them, or drowning in them; instead just allowing them to change shape within me.

There is a layer of the Aura,

a layer of inner authority,

a layer of definition,

a layer of openness,

a layer of the definition of people that come into my aura,

a layer of transits, a movement of the stars in the sky,

a layer of the current quarter,

and a layer of the changing global cycles every few years

and it goes on…

This is how it goes – one layer, upon another layer, upon another layer… creating a complex, deep, rich, multidimensional and dynamic reality. It is the illusion of a bubbling human movement and its life, continuously built and falling apart.

The body experiences everything outside of duality. It experiences the simplicity, complexity and endless data. It exhales and breathes impermanence and eternity.

The mind analyzes, measures, assembles, joins, builds, designs, replaces, catalogues, and arranges within its own layer upon layer, focusing only on one layer at the time.

For me, learning Human Design is about knowing and understanding these two parallel processes that are happening; the mind that builds a mental stage in conceptual steps and the body that experiences everything without concepts and definitions. Together they dance, move, surrender to each other. The body allows the mind to learn, express, ask, arrange, and perform.

It is measurable and takes on the role of a computer that records the illusion. The mind allows the body to experience, breath, contain everything without knowing, to move freely in space and with curiosity.

When each one is in alignment, they are transformed. More precisely – the transformation is revealed. After all, it happens eventually anyway as part of the human evolution process. It is just The Human Design knowledge and experimentation allows for the separation and the integration of roles all at once; submission to the logic and abstractness of life, and mental and physical processes.

For me, therefore, there is something healthy about learning and teaching this knowledge patiently, without rushing or expediting the process; allowing the mind to get used to the amount of data it receives.

Meanwhile, the vessel (the body) expands and receives its innate right to make decisions. Each layer of Human Design knowledge is honoured in its place. It takes patience to enjoy and to internalize it on the mental and in physical realms.

The mind can properly learn, internalize, and assimilate knowledge when the body feels at ease and free. The body then feels that the mind is inputting only significant & relevant data and so it also enriches its existence. Thus, then they grow together; slowly and consistently; hand in hand. Each has a place on the path. They are then allowed to experience, to learn, to understand, and at the same time, not have to know at all. Over time, there is more and more room to obtain more layers of all kinds of worlds. All layers dancing together inside and outside the body, recognizing that they are one.

4 Aura Types

Gratitude to the 4 Types

Gratitude to the 4 Types

We have just finished our Master Course 1 and our live Zoom calls have reminded just how much I love learning from each of the 4 energy types!

Every year I discover new things as I learn more from each of the four types in Human Design. For me the essence of Human Design is learning to respect and love myself, as I learn from my best qualities; and at the same time learning to love and respect others as they learn from their qualities.

From me the encounters with other beings are just opportunities to meet the varieties of frequencies that exist in the world. If I’m attentive enough, I might find them within my own experience as well. They might not be as solid as they are in others, because maybe I don’t  have consistent access to that wisdom; but if I am calm enough, grounded enough, then I’m able to learn, to acknowledge and to be inspired from each of the frequencies represented in the other. 

Maybe along the way I will need that frequency to serve me, I will need that wisdom of the other to guide me, I will never know. 

Gratitude for Reflectors 

Reflectors always somehow left behind because there are not many of them, but the ones I met along the way are extremely humble. I learn from them about the perception of time, the fluidity of life; I learn from them about the subtle changes that are possible to observe in each moment; I learned from them to laugh and to play, it’s okay not to take things so seriously.  Although they’re so open I feel they’re extremely centered beings, they’re open but their vulnerability makes them even more in line in my perception. 

I enjoy hearing their observations and their reflections. They remind me that it’s all just a big game, that it’s all an illusion, and it is all nothing but forms that are constantly dancing together and transforming. They remind me to look at my own shadow, without hating myself for judging myself; reflections – it’s a reflection not more than that, just another opportunity for a love; for self-love.

Gratitude for Projectors

Projectors teach me about intimacy; they teach me about the Love of details; they show me one time after the other how personal attention is something so important to develop and to invest time in it; they show me that sometimes one simple question can change everything;  they show me that waiting is not a curse, it’s a bliss; they show me that I can fall in love not only with people but with studies, with each phenomenon on Earth and with structures.

They show me that deep guidance has nothing to do with constantly pointing out unaligned behaviours, but rather it is actually about providing examples, personal stories, little remarks that change the perspective. 

When they’re deeply focusing on themselves, they are my best guides. Their self love, intimacy and the dedication that they have for their own profession, and passion inspires me the most. 

Gratitude for Generators

Dear generators I’ve learned to know you! I’ve learned from you the art of surrendering, as  you show me the duality of waiting and activeness; you show me that those are the same and they are complimenting each other; you show me the things can be done without pushing anything; you show me that actions made with joy can change my whole being. You make life possible, warm, fun, exciting!

You teach me what simplicity is, and that the course for availability is to be honest moment by moment, without fearing the outcome. Just by being honest about what is possible right now.

I love your hugs. I love seeing you open to the world. I love seeing how things just happen for you when you are walking in a state of heaven, eating the fruits that are presented in front of you. 

 Gratitude for Manifestors

Brothers and sisters, I just love you!  I love to see your vulnerability behind the tough Shield; I love to see your boldness and courage that negate any fear or ignorance; I love to see how you fall and rise up again. 

I feel constantly supported by you, understood and seen as I am! You show me that anger is nothing to be feared of; you show me that I can be vulnerable while you hold the space. 

I love seeing you talk without stopping. I love seeing you expressing your passion, your desires and your visions, and creating a path for the rest of us.

You are my brothers and sisters, the ones that are close and the ones that are far. I feel that no matter what happens I’m not alone; I’m not the only one struggling;  I’m not the only one trying to find my peace. I admire you for not giving up; I admire you for looking for your way to be a manifestor in this world, even if sometimes it’s not easy or not directly understood; I can feel your heart beating; I can feel your soul opening, and this encourages me to walk my own path as well, not to give up, but to surrender to love time after time.

I love and appreciate each of the four types. I see how we dance together in humanity. I see our struggles with each other and occasional misunderstandings. What touches me the most is that when we try to see beyond what is familiar, to grasp and understand that we are all humans just living in different bubbles; the human part of us makes us the same, the bubble just changes the way we move in the world – this is it. 

I feel so happy to see types surrendering to their mechanics, through that I have a feeling that somehow I have access, a window to their souls; to their human soul; to my soul.




A change within my process. I see that this Human Design experiment is about entering into the unknown so completely. What does it mean to enter a zone of the unknown? It means that I don’t know what is going to happen.

Until now, I had this idea of freefall, but somehow my mind still kept getting in the way. It seems that with the recent transit, something happened. I feel like something has changed even more for me. It’s kind of a scary feeling as if now it starts to be a freefall. (it is always one, it is just a matter of how much grip the mind has)

Once I enter a process, that means that I accept it and allow myself to not know what is going to happen, again and again. It means that I blindly, trustfully, move forward. I cannot go back and I cannot even pretend to understand what is happening. Every so often my mind comes up and says that it’s probably this or that. Then I come back to the body, to my feeling, and there are all the quite answers.

Once I entered the Human Design experiment, this is the feeling that stays, probably grow. It’s scary, very scary for the mind, knowing or not knowing what’s going to happen with my job, within my personal relationships, with my own physical body, or where I will find myself. It’s kind of spooky, isn’t it? However, at the same time, it’s so alive, so fresh, so honest, and not very easy for the mind. Having no answers, no concrete answers, no anchors that I can hold on to and say “yes, I know,” because of the very next moment, it changes, especially and even more for an emotional being like me. It’s just a constant abstract feeling.

If I am in this process and I freak out, that’s probably great! If I don’t know, and people ask me questions about my life, about my direction, and I don’t know, that’s great! It’s liberating in one way, and painful in another way. It means that the exit out of the matrix is happening. Sometimes it’s even funny now to look at people, to hear them being so certain and clear, to hear them needing answers for what they do and why they do it. I can never know what I do and why! That’s the construct. I know I am there too, sure! often, catching myself giving reasons for actions, behaviors, and decisions.

Maybe, when it will be my last moment in this life, I could have a look around my shoulder and will have some understanding, or things will make sense. Maybe not.

Now I am in this process, I love the fall, I love the unknown, I love seeing my mind losing authority… 

I wish you a beautiful process of the unknown in this Human Design experiment. This is it, a freefall until I die basically. Enjoy your journey!

Awareness – Contemplation questions 

  • Have you thought of this process as a “freefall?” If so, how else would you describe it from your experience?
  • Does that idea of taking a “freefall” sound frightening to you? If so, what specific aspects of it feel that way?
  • Do you also feel how “it’s so alive, so fresh, so honest” to be in the process?


My Kingdom – My Body

My Kingdom – My Body

This is one of my favorite topics. Some of you may know that I am a dancer and a dance teacher. I spend most of my time in the studio – moving, dancing, repeating movements, understanding muscles, tones, structures in space, rhythms and so forth. This is how I communicate; it’s where I feel my natural, most comfortable self. In the past I almost didn’t know how to express myself in words, I was a very antisocial being, yet I knew the language of the body.

Human Design helped me see an important link between the body intelligence I’ve been learning about over the years, to how this knowledge can be translated and applied to daily life; actions, decision-making, and interaction.

The body as a vessel for everything that is you! 

The body’s intelligence system is amazing – it’s so profound and so complex, yet so subtle and simple. It’s the gravity, it’s life – it’s the part that navigates us through the material plane. The body vehicle is an astounding instrument. In my view, this is our kingdom, it’s our vessel for this ride. I am here to honor it, and to understand how invaluable it is and what it needs are.

This vessel carries the personality, the soul, this life

By understanding your body as a microcosm, a mini world, you will develop your Manifestor skills and your Manifestor power; it’s important to understand your kingdom, your body.

Human Design refers to the body havig a passenger consciousness: the consciousness that takes place within the body and within the form. My body is therefore my kingdom; it’s where I reside and where I experience life. It’s what’s experiencing life so the personality can look at it.

In this chapter, we are going to review aspects of my kingdom

For me this is so essential for being a healthy and vital person. Being an impactful, peaceful Manifestor means taking care of your body. There are many aspects of the body: there are thoughts, emotions, energetical, physical needs and also a movement of the body. Everything is within the body – it’s incredible. We can’t underestimate how amazing it is.

The richness of the kingdom 

Firstly, I want to open up the idea of looking at your body as a kingdom and giving it all the pleasures and all the care that a kingdom needs. It’s looking at the body as a palace where your most loved and valuable things reside, a kingdom with all the beautiful things that you are aware of possessing.

Once you know and master your kingdom; cultivate and nurture your kingdom; once you nourish your body, then the key is to transcend it and share the gift of being embodied inside your phenomenal kingdom to other people. The more you enjoy being within your body the more light radiates from you. The more you cultivate and understand your kingdom, learn how to look after it, understand what works for it and what doesn’t, the more light can shine through. Then your impact as a human and as a Manifestor is refined.

Respect the kingdom

I put these two terms together – my kingdom, my body – because I perceive it as royalties, kings, and queens, honoring their palace and serving their kingdom as Manifestors. Before thinking about serving or impacting others it’s key to make sure you are serving your own kingdom.

Do you know what your kingdom requires? Do you know what your body is asking for?  How gentle, how kind and how respectful do you need to be with your kingdom, your body? Eventually, the level of sensitivity you develop in feeling your own body will be the same level of sensitivity you will be able to offer to others. Something that people will want from you as a Manifestor.

What makes an ideal kingdom?

You would want to live in a kingdom that is rich, harmonious and beautiful; with an abundance of nature and healthy trees;  where people are happy.  These conditions would inspire you to want to meet the people who live in this kingdom, to meet the king or the queen that live in the palace and become part of this utopia. In the same way, once you nourish your body and make it an amazing kingdom, you will see that the world wants you and you want to be part of the world. You will feel as if your own life is a kingdom that thrives and you are able to make more space in your heart for others to also enjoy your kingdom.

Creating a utopia to share

In order for this to happen, it’s necessary to cultivate, nourish and understand this kingdom: which trees to plant and where; what are the ideal plant for growing here; what do the people enjoy to eat; what the climate is like. This is why we do this course to empower the Manifestor. We understand ourselves through Human Design. We nourish the earth through this kingdom so consequently, we can focus on creation, business and relationships.

When you have a healthy kingdom, when you feel wealthy and thriving, and when you are embodied within yourself, and within your body, you can create effortlessly. The material plane might ask you to share your beauty, happiness and health further. You will have the power and the energy to expand beyond your own self, attracting and materialising more aligned relationships as more people reach out, ask for your attention and knock on your door.

It’s key to also understand how to respond and relate to other people. This also all starts with your kingdom and your body.

Listening to the signals 

The strategy of authority is in line with the body and requires we respect the body. I am so happy I can share this physical perspective of seeing the body like a palace, like a royal frequency and as something we cannot take for granted.

Human Design supports us and reminds us to respect and be attentive to the body; to listen to the signals of the body and to communicate with it, and to always trust it and relinquish our need to control. The metaphor is the people in the kingdom who trust their queen and want her to lead them in the right direction. You can find an evil king who takes all the money or you can find a very generous king who shares his own wealth so his people want to remain in his kingdom. Make sure you want to stay living in your kingdom, in your body! Enjoy it and celebrate it! Be touched by your body and trust your body to lead you.

Tell yourself: this is my kingdom – my body


The 2nd Line Dilemma

The 2nd Line Dilemma

I wanted to share with you my experience with the 2nd line. The 2nd line in the body feels like a deep need to be alone. So I like to be in my room; I like my private space; I don’t like people to look at me. I always thought it’s a problem. I always felt like there was something wrong with me. Why? Why do I enjoy it so much, just being at home for so many hours at a time and without going outside?

I don’t like to socialise, I don’t need to socialise. I can spend days alone at my place and I really need this time. At first I thought well, maybe something is wrong. I felt frustrated, angry and judgemental, towards myself. Especially in my youth and teenage years I felt it was wrong that I felt so good having my space, being in my cocoon, my hammock cave.

Every person with a 2nd line in their profile or people that have a lot of 2nd lines in their design, have a tendency to need their body to be protected in a cave, at home and this sort of environment –  this is how the mechanics operate.

This is the whole nature of Human Design, learning to see our behaviour through our profile without judgement; understanding it’s dilemmas and learning how to communicate it to others.  How do I work?

My father used to ask me: “Are you sad?”,  “Are you depressed?”, “Do you have social problems, as you don’t know how to interact with other people?”. And at the beginning, I really thought so! I really believed that I had a problem! But after I came across human design I actually understood that I don’t have a problem, it’s just the way my body operates. My body operates in the following way: it stays at home for a period of time to retreat into its cave and when it’s ready (actually ready) it will be really bold and it will open itself up.

If you have a 2nd line I advise you to embrace this quality, this intimacy within the four walls. And if you have people in your life who have a 2nd line in their profile (or in a big portion of their design) then its key to respect this dynamic and not push them to come out when they are not ready; because this is the way they contemplate life, they need this to respect their body. And we are here to understand the mechanics so we can respect each other.

This is kind of a 2nd line dilemma – the second line conflict and gift. The symptoms are needing to stay at home, needing to be behind the four walls, needing to be cosy. Without an ability to have their space, people with the 2nd line will feel not themselves. The problem is that other people don’t understand this and consider the 2nd line people to be antisocial because they are not outgoing and chatty like them. As a result, 2nd line people will start to question whether they do have a problem or that something is off, because they feel judged and not seen by others. The solution is being aware of this mechanic, respecting it and trusting their authority and strategy. This will lead the 2nd line person to stay home when they need it and to go out when the body leads them. This is exactly what we teach in the Human Design Master Course 2; the process of discovering and understanding in depth the line structure and the in line characteristics. This understanding is key for respect & acceptance of self and others; for developing honoring relationships through this knowledge.


The Hexagram Overview

The Hexagram Overview

There is a very important element in the Human Design System, the I Ching wheel. It is based on 64 hexagrams, the hexagram is built out of six lines. This was a discovery by the Chinese, for the first time proving the shape and the existence of our DNA.

When we look at a hexagram, we look at it from bottom to top.The hexagram is built out of the lower trigram, the first three lines 1,2,3 and upper trigram, the three upper lines 4,5,6

Each line in the hexagram is representing a number of frequencies, it has certain characteristics. Those characteristics have Keynotes, so we can talk and communicate about their qualities.

The different combinations of the hexagram structure are representing variations of Yin and Yang, that are indicating the gates that we see in the Human Design body graph. Those Gates will create together channels, and those channels represent the life force energy in the body graph.]

Having insight into the hexagram structure and the qualities of the lines provides us a deeper understanding of Human Design mechanics. We can see how the line behaves from the substructure of our design starting from the profile; then going to the lines within the gates in the Personality and Design; until it further expands into the numbers for color, tone and base for each of the gates in the bodygraph.

The lines construct the code, a very specific code for each one of us. Therefore, Human Design is very personal and individual information. Although at a first glance your chart may seem similar to someone else’s, when you dive deeper into the substructure you can see that the numbers have changed, so the code is a bit different.

If you want to read the code accurately, you want to learn about the nature of the lines and the way they behave. This way you can have a deeper understanding of your own chart, and the charts of others.

Seeing how the line structure unfolds is a mystery. It is very deep and very detailed. It can tell a lot about one’s behavior. It is certainly one of the most fascinating pieces of knowledge in human design.

The hexagram structures and their varieties in the chart expose complex and rich perspectives on the way we act, the way we are built, and the way we interact with the world. Starting from the most simple aspect to the most complex aspect of our design.

The numbers represent frequencies. The combination of the numbers are forming a complete poetry of our design; the perfect dance between yin and yang that can be seen no matter from where we look.

This is the magic of the hexagram structure, the magic that is exposed through simple six lines, that contain a complete life within them.


Ego Manifestor

Ego Manifestor

The keynotes for the Ego Manifestor are rooted in the heart center, can be called the ego as well. The Keynotes are support, commitment, and willpower. For the ego Manifestor, it is to hear your voice saying “I commit to this,” “I will do this,” “I want this,” or “ will NOT support\ commit to this or that” It’s about hearing yourself expressing the frequencies of the heart center and following the lead.

The Voice of the Ego Manifestor

The ego Manifestor is here to hear himself say “I will commit to this… I will do this… I will support this… I have the willpower… I will do that…” or NOT, it’s about hearing over and over again the voice and its quality – is it mind\ body? is my heart confirms that? is there resonation between the feeling in my chest and my spoken words?. It’s about hearing your voice say something and trusting that this is something that it is for you. Therefore, it’s important to know how your ego is connected to the throat, through which channels, so you know to identify what will be your way of expression at the moment, before thought. It is a value to know as well all the other frequencies that might stand in your way, that might move you, or want to move you, from this willpower. Once an ego Manifestors says something, everybody is looking up to them. An ego Manifestor saying something like, “I will do this” or “I will not do this,” is a very powerful impact. Therefore is nothing more important than the words of the ego Manifestor. Words.

Tribal Circuit

The heart center is the center of the tribal circuitry. It’s the motor that gathers everything, that is about to express what we have or what we don’t have. It’s also the shaman journey. It’s the ability to sell what is healthy. It’s the ability to create ‘right’ bargains with people. If as ego Manifestor you hear your voice expression committing, willing, trust it. Trust that you will have the money for it, you will have the energy for it. Whatever needs to be there, you will have it. Your willpower is everything. And also, what you don’t want to commit can be important to notice, because for ego Manifestor, once he\she is committing to something, it can be a long commitment, that will stand whatever it takes.  

Impact og Ego Manifestors 

It’s the impact of commitment, support, and willpower. It’s steady. It’s stable. It’s consistent. You can trust it. ego Manifestor, learning to trust willpower. Emotional Manifestors trust their emotional clarity over time. Splenic Manifestors trust the splenic hit in their bodies for survival.

I have an ego Manifestor partner, and it’s amazing because sometimes I hear him saying, “I will do that.” I also see when the mind comes in the way, wants to back up from this voice expression. I know what it means to be disappointed by an ego Manifestor. It’s because the frequency of the ego Manifestor is so condensed, and it’s giving so much confidence in its voice, therefore recommended for ego Manifestors to be very in tuned to what you say, and to what you say yes or no. It takes time and practice. Nothing happens by day, nothing, for any of us.

The Manifestor body needs rest

It’s the heart, the muscle of the heart that’s the machine that runs all of the body. This muscle needs to know what to commit to and what not to commit to, because once the muscle is committed to an activity, it’s committed.

It also needs its rest. Ego Manifestors can see what they commit to, so they know when to rest and when they are in their commitment. As all Manifestors they have an undefined sacral, so it is like a need for “double rest” , it’s about stepping into what you have committed, and then stepping out. It’s really like going to the gym. You lift weights. and do a set of 15 and then rest. it means giving your power, your commitment, your word, your support to something, and then taking a rest from it. Is it to know exactly the amount of time when you hold that frequency, and when you back out. When you’re there, you’re there. When you’re not, you’re not there.

Ego Manifestors are about support, commitment, willpower. I recommend learning to hear those frequencies in your voice expression. Don’t be afraid. Trust when you hear yourself saying something in the right body frequency before thought appears. I am not talking about talking out of the mind and trying to figure out life. I’m not. I’m talking about free speech, of “this is what I will do.” Because the body knows.

Awarenesss – Contemplation questions 

  • As an ego Manifestor, what has been your experience with listening to your voice, identifying the frequency of your ego? 
  • How would you describe it to someone who has an undefined ego?
  • Have you ever experienced your deep impact on another person, especially in a situation where you voiced a commitment that you didn’t keep? 
  • What did that feel like for you? Did the other person share their feelings about it? If so, did their account surprise you or was it as you expected?