12 Profiles - Overview

In the Human Design system there are 12 profiles. We can look at it as 12 movie characters, the characters are built as 2 parts, the body and the clothes that they wear.

The body is what moves them, it’s an unconscious part with hidden motives.The body is the structure under the cloth, it’s what’s driving them, the theme of life. The cloth of the character is how other people perceive them from the outside, it’s the lines in the movie that they will say.The body will take them into action, to move, to meet people, to change places, to behave in one way or another, and as they do so their role will be displayed outwards.

Each profile has its own meaning in the chain of life, in the construction of the complex net in cold humanity. The profile will represent the way they meet life, the way life missed them. When you know how your profile operates, you can surrender even more to your design. 

You can surrender even more of your life.  You can accept the way you do things and the way you don’t do things.You can also accept other people for their behavior and actions.Each profile has its magic and it’s conflict, each profile has its unique way of expressing itself in the world.

It’s beautiful to see how different profiles interact with one another, how different profiles are affecting each other, how different profiles teach each other different lessons.When you surrender to your profile, through surrendering to your strategy and inner Authority, you can start to enjoy your character in the movie. You can then stop fighting and arguing with characters that are not yours.You start to acknowledge the value of yourself through the profile.

When you embody the design you are here to be, you can serve your unique limitation. The profile is an aspect that is easy to see and acknowledge, because it’s so evident in the life of each one of us.It’s one of the fundamental elements in human design body graph.

The profiles just show us once again that it is all just a big play, that we are all characters, and when we surrender we can actually fulfill the purpose of this character; we can enjoy a great movie, say the great lines and construct the amazing scenes that are made JUST FOR US. 

When you are not leaving as yourself, you will fall into the trap of trying to be someone else; trying to be a character which you are not; trying to play a role not made for you, and consequently facing massive resistance and struggle within yourself and in relationships with others.

So ask yourself this: 

Do I want to be the main character of my movie, oh I just want to be a background actor for somebody else’s movie?

Do I want to have the most beautiful inspiring lines, oh do I just want to decorate somebody else’s movie with crappy lines that no one will remember said by a character that can be easily replaced?

Your profile can show you 100% what is your choice of character for this life.

Your profile can show you 100% where you are in this process & how much you enjoy & surrender to playing your character.

Your profile 100% will reveal to you how much you argue with what you are, and how much you accept the part you are here to play, YOUR purpose of life.You can have a great movie, or choose to have a really shity one.

If you want to dive deeper into this process then learning more about profiles is KEY to accept yourself and others, seeing the beauty of this limitation (role) that we play.