The two entities that I am here to watch and live.

I want to share about the controlling and organized mind. I have the 21 gate in the defined ego center but it is in the black. That 21 gate always wants to control and to make an order and to put limits. So this is not me, this is my personality, it is here for others.
This is the spoken voice in my head and it is funny to see that whenever my body experiences something, whatever it is, this controlling mind will come and want to organize the experience. It will want to understand what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in that experience for the next time.

It’s amazing that I can actually see all the black as it appears in my gates and channels and to see how they speak through my personality becoming a spoken voice in my head that dictates what needs to be done.
If you have the information and the interest you can follow all the black gates and channels, and to see them in your life. See when those thoughts are passing in your brain to see when you talk those thoughts to others and yourself.
The funny thing is that this is not you, not me, this is our personality. This is made for the other; it is not made for us to make decisions from. It is hilarious because those black definitions can be very intelligent and very convincing!
My mind is very smart and very intelligent and can tell amazing stories and explain things in a marvelous way but this is not the body!
This is not who is here to make decisions. The mind does not know anything about me and what is good for my life and what is good for my journey. The mind of nobody is here to make decisions for us.

The “Mind” in Human Design?
Ajna – We have the Ajna mind, the consistent thought process, which makes life as concepts and stories.
Personality – We have a mind which is the black channels and gates in our design, who we think we are!
Colored in White – We have the mind which is coming from the undefined/ open centers and gates and channels, that is exemplifying the outside and becoming not-self or wisdom.
Altogether they are creating a separate entity of what we think, what we are convinced that we are. And it’s amazing to see this duality! To see that we have this character that we think is us and we try to serve this character, this entity. This basically means that there is also a different entity, the red that is in our body, it is life, it is the authentic self.
The red, the body, the self It is the unexplainable movement of love and transformation that goes through us. And these two entities are not friends in the beginning of our lives, just not friends. The body wants something and the personality wants something else. The defined centers want something and the undefined centers want another thing and we are here just to watch it in play.
I am here to watch it, and you?

This that we watch does not mean we can do anything about it. The fact that I see my mind taking me to action doesn’t mean that I can do anything about it. I can just observe it and forgive it.
Noting: This is the frequency of mind taking over. I just saw that!
We can also see your body taking action and suddenly talking without thought or moving or hugging or loving or crying and also noting: wow what a movement without thought, this is so beautiful and I am just watching it.
We are here to watch it.

For me, this is the binary consciousness and the endless stories of body and mind. At a certain moment when the body is taking over completely then the mind becomes a beautiful outer authority, and tells beautiful stories to others, for others, It is no longer pushing us to action.
We can never ignore the mind or delete it but it is no longer the boss. It is no longer telling us what to do. Even if it is telling us what to do, the body answers:” yeah dude I hear you but not today!”. And maybe at a certain point, it just becomes a white noise like it’s there but not very important.

I am just seeing the movement of body and mind and it is basically endless. Endlessly seeing the body wants to do something and the mind telling it otherwise. Seeing the body still and the mind saying:” No, you have to do something!”. Or the opposite, the body has a lot of energy and wants to move and talk and the mind says:” No! stay here, stay still”. Hilarious, yeah?

We all have this schizophrenic syndrome, we are all this and that.
There is no need to separate the mind or try to make the mind disappear. Just embrace all of it as one experience. The human experience.