The Generator / Manifesting Generator
Pain & Healing

When we look at the Generator Aura, we see an aura that is hugging and enveloping, and warm and magnetizing, attracting life to it. Whenever you see a chart that has a defined sacral center, this red box in the middle, you know that this person will have a Generator Aura ( Manifesting Genreraor Aura. it is the same!)
Imagine a human being sitting in this kind of aura which is saying to life, “Come to me, come to me. I don’t need to go towards you, life”. “Life is coming towards me. I am magnetic, I’m pulling, I’m attracting. I’m opening my arms to life so I can hug it”. This is what the aura is saying.  
All I need to do is sit here, as a human being inside this beautiful aura and allow life to come to me. Because, remember the aura is meeting life, reality, and the Generator Aura is saying, “come to me”, then all I need to do is to observe, patiently, what is coming towards me. What my aura is attracting, which kind of people, events, objects, circumstances. There is no need to push anything because the aura is magnetic.
 The pain is to go against this aura and to try to push. Not knowing that life is coming to me, towards this aura, and start to push. The problem is to try to make things happen. Not noticing the little events, people, occasions, things that are coming to me.
The pain is to ignore all of it. It is to be so busy trying to get somewhere instead of seeing what is here for me, what came into the entrance of my aura with no effort. The pain is to ignore the attraction. Pushing, trying to push, trying to make things happen, fast. Led by the mind who wants to achieve something, to be something. The pain is not to trust that life is coming to me, constantly, in all kinds of forms and ways.
The deep pain is to not see that beauty coming to my door and to think that it needs to be otherwise, that I need to go towards life, and say, and act, and initiate, and make things happen.
The Healing 
Life is coming towards me. I can just be and see what is being attracted to my field. Therefore, the healing of this Generator Aura will be to surrender to this feminine energy that is constantly receiving. And to feel, “I am enough. I love this waiting, this observation, this so-called Passive State”.
Life is constantly providing me, the aura is constantly drawing things into my life, exactly the things that I need to receive, exactly the people that I need to meet, exactly the situations that I need to live. 
I trust my aura to magnetize, pull, and envelope whatever belongs to me. I trust that if things come to me, but not in the way my mind wants, that is still for the good, and then, something else will be directed to me.
The healing state is allowing the “passiveness”, the receptivity, the feminine energy. Allowing, receiving, life is constantly giving. And the potential of this Generator Aura is to dance with life. Is to master the receptivity and the tango with life.
Life is bringing plenty of things to my door, and I’m appreciating this. Life is bringing me and I let it go through in my body. I’m not pushing away, I’m witnessing the gifts that life is providing, constantly. Not in the shape or form that my mind thinks, but in the form that life brings. The potential is to be one with Gaia, with the vibration of Mother Earth. Which is constantly nourishing through the sun, through the plants, through the movement of Nature.
When you observe a healthy Generator Aura you might observe the Tantra’s life itself.The gentleness, the softness, the beauty of receiving the gift, of being alive. So, if you live in this Generator Aura make space for your pain. The pain of pushing, the pain of not believing that things will happen to you without effort.
The healing is through allowing receptivity and feminine energy, and the potential of being one with the giver of this life, the Gaia, Pachamama, which is constantly providing us. And we can just appreciate and participate in the dance of life.