Heart Center (Ego) - Undefined/Open
Inner Confirmation

When the Heart center (also called the ego) is completely open, or undefined it is amplifying the energy of the defined heart center around it. It is taking in this energy into its own presence and existence.
The Pain
The pain that might appear in a completely open/ undefined heart center is a need to “push”. It is saying “I also need to have commitments”, “I also need to prove my self-worth on the material plane”.
The pain is to identify so deeply with the material plane, “I am my car”, “I am my house”, “I am my bank account”. Then I can feel lost, alone, empty if the mind does not get what it wants. Because what is happening when there is less money? What is happening when the car is broken? Am I really that thing?
And the pain says: yes, you are. And you have less, therefor you are less.
The pain is to feel that you aren’t allowed to simply be or worthy of love. The pain is saying “I must prove myself”, “I must push”, “Who I am is not enough”, “How I am is not enough”, “What I do or don’t do is just not enough”.
The Healing Process
Therefore, the healing process will be to breathe deeply and to say “I am loved as I am”, “I am worthy of love, just as I am”. Nothing on the exterior world, on the material plane, not a thing represents the essence of who I am. There is no need for me to push forward and to try to prove to myself, or anybody else, anything. Because I’m alive, life is taking care of me. Because I’m here, on this planet, for a reason. All my needs will arise and just find their place. My deep existence is not dependent on the exterior world. I’m worthy because I am, I am loved because I am.
The material plane in this life is constantly taking care of me, even if it’s not in the way my mind wants it to be. If I look deeply and close enough, if I pay attention, I can see that I am in the arms of life. I am held, I am hugged. Therefore, I have nothing to worry about.
The Potential
In fact, the potential of the open/ undefined heart center, permeable and exposed, is to display deep Inner Confirmation of “oneself”. “I confirm myself”, “I recognize, I know myself”, “I don’t need external proof that I’m here, that I’m worthy of love”. And this is the beautiful potential of walking on this earth with this center undefined or wide open, to bring the frequency of self-confirmation, no matter what, no matter what other people say or think about you, no matter what is happening on the outside. You know the confirmation of life simply by being.
And this is the real source of abundance, to first recognize it, and feel it within yourself. Feel inner abundance, inner peace, inner confirmation, before it manifests in the matter.
The heart center, when completely open /undefined, has the potential to show all of us that the material plane doesn’t really influence the way we look and treat ourselves. That we can be kind to each other, give compliments to each other, be supportive and loving. Because once you know and confirm yourself, you can see the beauty of other people, and the way they contribute to life through their own unique expression
So nobody needs to push or prove anything. Nobody should, because it’s not a fight, it’s not a war. Life is taking care of us, to each one of us in unique ways, and we will all meet our needs. Because we are surrounded by love, and love is taking care of us, constantly.
– From “Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course” –
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