The Corona virus and the 36 gate

How wonderful is it just to be the passenger watching the show? Who knows that it’s all part of the program? And who knows to trust oneself and one’s inner Authority.
Inevitable crisis
In my design, I have the 35-36 channel. The 36 gate is unconscious and it is in the third line. In today’s collective crisis I must say that I feel at home! All my life I’ve met crises that seemed to come out of the blue, and they always brought strong emotional reactions. Everything appeared lost, and no progress could be seen in the future.
Over the years I got used to those moments, days, of complete chaos within me. Hearing my 35 gate saying, ”Where are we going? Why am I not progressing? What is the next step?” And the 36 gate is just completely buried in the impossible. The death of oneself, hopelessness, crashed and lost in the dark. I know those moments so badly, I used to call my father and cry. To walk in the streets searching for an answer, doing anything to run away from the crises, but they are inevitable.
The nature of humanity
The best thing I found when the crisis is extremely present is to celebrate the chaos. I mean emotionally celebrating it. Celebrating how powerful emotions can be, how powerful a crashing wave can be, and seeing how it feels to be flashed under the power of water. As we know water is covering most of the surface on the planet, they are a meaningful element for us as humans and they are constantly transforming shape, from gas to liquid.
Once I found myself deep down in the crisis, there is an extra emotion that sneaking in, which is deep empathy, the crisis of the 36 gate, may appear in our individual lives but the pain is experienced as a collective pain, it’s like it’s a tsunami or burning fires in the other side of the world, they crush our hearts when we hear about them although they are far away from us.
One of the ways for us to connect as humans are through a crisis is through the pain, as everybody knows what it is, and the secret of the 36 gate embraces, in my experience, the extremities between deep despair an awesome grace and compassion, the compassion that unites people together, not through the idea rather through the emotion of it, feeling that we are after all only humans.
After the storm
From my 6 line personality, who is climbing on the roof, I feel and hear the silence the crisis brings. Finally, I feel understood among the majority of the people. Welcome to my ordinary cycles, welcome to the crisis, welcome to the unknown of the 36th gate, welcome to the longing for evolution and for the need to feel together as a collective.
What is beautiful is that the crisis does not last. What waits at the end of the tunnel is progress. The progress that one can feel tickling within without seeing its shape or its direction. The progress that brings courage, calling for a change. The kind of progress that remembers what it means to be under a crisis and never wanting to go back there again, the kind of progress that came out of the ashes and survived the attack of the wave.
I love this progress, and as we know, it is part of the emotional abstract stream. It comes only when emotional clarity is there, and this might take a while. It might even take a few cycles to get into clarity of what this progress really means?
The meaning of having an inner anchor
Progress always comes, one way or another. After death life comes, we get sick and we get healthy, we are born and then we die. This is one of the keys that unite us as humans, that we all go on the same track. Progress is always towards the end of the form, the physical form.
The question I ask myself is how do I get there? What do I experience along the way? What does my passenger watch? How much do I enjoy my ride, and remember it only as a ride for this fragile form? Obviously a human form.
The coronavirus, in my perspective, is just the beginning of a large process. Every crisis is necessary for progress, every progress needs a deep emotional transformation that touches emotional fear, pain, and hopelessness. Only then can one remember the gift of being alive and start to ask itself what really matters? Now more than ever I understand the power of the human design community in the world. I know it is a mission to provide people their inner anchor, so they can be their primary resource. It’s the way that I see of providing trust in the unknown, seeing that decisions are made by relaxing to the body of oneself, and uncertainty is our great ally. It keeps us fresh, in-tune, and loving what is present now.