The 6 line phase - Reflection-Feedback-New

Two years ago I created an online course based on the 6 lines in the hexagram, on how to build a new business, following the qualities of each of the lines.Creating this course made me fall in love with hexagram and the magic that is being born in each line.Here is some wisdom from the 6 line.
I am in the last chapter. I can say that the business is ready, the creation is ready, I did all the process from the foundation into the natural gifts, into trial and error, into communication and publicity, into the seeing far into my vision. And the product and the service, the creation is out there.

Things are running for me. I gave my first gift or one of my gifts. Now I feel that the process is completed. The cycle is over. And when I feel that it is over, I feel I am done with this kind of creation and I feel the urge to go to a new cycle, or maybe you already felt it during the first cycle, the opportunities already call me out, Iu feels the excitement, the longing, the passion, to have another creation process, another product, another vision, another retreat, something is calling me once again.

So, before that, before I start going to my “Dream and Dear state”, and go through the process all over again, I recommend that I sit for a moment and reflect. Reflect about all the things I have done, all the processes I have gone through, and just feel it in my body. I can even take a pen and paper to write, or talk with a friend, and just recall all the process from the beginning until now.
And then give me feedback. See what I want to keep and what I want to let go of. See where I did things that I am not really happy with and where I did things thaT I am really proud of. So, it is good before I continue, to just reflect and to get feedback, on myself, to be honest to myself, to look at myself in the mirror and give some compliments. Of course, I celebrated my Impact already! But as well, give some corrections, some honest feedback like saying:” ok, this can be improved, this I would like to improve, this I made more or less, I need this or that for my next creation” Because like this I am growing.

And I really encourage myself not to copy-paste what I did already, to ask for expansion. If I did something and it worked well, beautiful! I can create something similar, but I am not the same person that created that thing. I already transformed. I am already bigger. I have more space within my vessel and within my heart. My potential has expanded. So also, the demand for more quality, for more depth, for more sharpness is there. Can I recognize it? Can I acknowledge it? Can I accept it?
Maybe there are some fears, maybe some excitement and emotions. So I just sit with all the sensations and just allow….the universes within me, towards the new creation, towards the new cycle.

So, I check that the cycle is well wrapped. If I want to close it, if it is possible to close it energetically, practically, emotionally, mentally. It is like a breakup with a boyfriend or a girlfriend or it is like leaving a house. I want to check that everything is closed until the last detail, so you can start a fresh start with a relaxed heart and lungs. So, it is about stopping for a moment, reflecting, taking a time to reflect, giving myself honest feedback, and preparing for a new cycle.

Because I am wiser now, I am smarter now, I am faster now, I am bigger now. Maybe I want to ask for more money. Maybe I want to give a bigger content. Maybe I want to go one step further with my publicity. Maybe I want to do a different collaboration. I am asking myself to expand. I am never pushing into extreme expansion. I am always encouraging progressive change. Yes, change, transform, but progressively. One step after the other. Consistently progress.

So, are you ready for your new cycle? What do you feel about the new creation? Do you have any new ideas, new inspirations? It is always good to have something new waiting for you, so you say: ok, now this is done, I am done, what is next? I would say what is next with excitement. With a big smile. And if there is nothing, ok, let the emptiness be. Don’t be afraid of it, you know you already did it once. It is just waiting for you to do it again. If you are receptive. If you are ready to receive it. If you are ready to give. A new cycle will be there for you. Are you ready?