36 Channels Course

Are you ready to be touched by the 36 channels in the Human Design bodygraph?

Can you master the different life forces of the human experience?

Would you want to master the keynotes of each one of the 36 channels and make new ones  ?


The 36 channels in the Human Design bodygraph are an amazing entrance to understand the different rivers of energy that are moving each one of us, in a particularly unique way. Each channel can say much about the way we make decisions, about the way we talk, about the way we interact with our environment, about the way we are here to make money, and what we are giving in a relationship. 

Channels are the life force of our existence, they are the tunnels within our energy moves, shapes, and dances in the landscape of life. When we learn about the channels we can then know how to respect them, to allow their natural rhythm and expression, it eliminates resistance within ourselves and within our relationship. Suddenly we can understand what we are and what we are here to give and what are not, and we stop fighting and pushing through the energy that we don’t entirely possess and understand. 

Grasping the nature of the 36 channels is an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into the wisdom of the Human Design bodygraph, to enhance the secrets of each design, its potentials, and its traps. If you know how channels behave, you can understand and grasp the source of human behavior, Its challenges, gifts, and its transformation process through its life journey.

If you don’t have any knowledge about these channels, your mind can keep on easily judging others for what they do and how they do, your mind can keep on comparing and trying to fix others and yourself. but when you truly embody your channels, your life force, all you can do is enjoy what you naturally have and let others follow their own trajectory. and eventually also enjoy what they have to offer you. 

The Rivers – 36 Channels Course provides you with a deep new and fresh perspective about each of the 36 channels, through a unique transmission and expression of each one of the frequencies. It inspires you to discover through your own experience how you would recognize and describe those channels to yourself and others, it encourages you to grasp the frequency in the essence of each channel instead of the superficial words that represent it. It is giving you the official keynotes of all Human Design knowledge, but better than that it is opening you the door to find your unique way to live, talk about and deeply understand each of the channels in its shadow and light expression.

It takes playfulness, curiosity, creativity, the willingness to see beyond words, as well deep deep love to what forms humanity underneath. It takes a great capacity of grasping subtitle frequencies, penetrating observations skills,  and the openness to feel beyond words. If you have this in you, this course is for you