Open Class

It’s been 5 years since I entered the Human Design experiment, and so far it has been a fascinating, challenging journey in every aspect of my life, it has been and still is a constant exploration and discovery, through pain and pleasure, ups and downs, creating major and small changes in my life. I feel honored to observe my journey, to see how the conditions are slowly transforming into something else, into detailed observation, into wisdom.

This journey with the knowledge is definitely a transformative one, as well as a deep healing process and practical tool for seeing the Maia where all live, which brings me back over and over again to the source, to the beautiful joyful inner child that I am, as I came into the world. Playing and Loving Life!

I love sharing the Human Design knowledge and stories from my personal life , watching my own change, seeing myself new each time, acknowledging what is here right now, yet knowing that perspective keeps on changing and evolving. So I created an online OPEN CLASS to share with you my Human Design teachings and experience and approach, each time I will focus on another subject, talking on different topics that inspire me and that are calling me to give them shape and image. 

I hope you can enjoy them, get inspired, and have food for your personal contemplation and empowerment.

If you have an extra questions to ask me about the subject out of your curiosity, you will be welcome to type it in the chat box when we meet, if the energy is there I will answer with pleasure. 


Where: Online – Zoom

Time: 16h -17h – London Time

Date : 12/11/2021

Price: Free 

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