My Creation & Business

Are you dreaming of having a business based on your design?

 Would you like to generate income from your natural gifts?

Are you struggling to create your business and find yourself burning out or lost? 

My Creation & Business Program is made for you! It is 6 weeks of personal guidance sessions + an online self-study course for you to create or uplift your business with the wisdom of Human Design. It’s your doorways and key to recognize your natural gifts, to take care of any aspect in your creation – ideas, marketing, clients, management of your time and energy, and all you need to be the boss of your unique business. It is the kick start to treat yourself as a person who has value and can walk towards progress on the material plane step by step with confidence and joy. 

My Creation & Business Program is making sure that you enjoy what you do, you trust your way, and you see results from your actions. And every time you move away from celebrating and growing feeling with your business and fall into frustration and lack of direction, I am going to bring you back to the spotlight. To make sure that you appreciate your effort, that you take responsibility for yourself.  I will remind you how to love and joy creating and managing your business. Because it is not a punishment, just a play for adults. 

I am willing to show you your winds so you can fly. I am here to remind you of your core, so if one day you will want to change direction, profession, a business will know how to do it, because you know your way to create, so you can shape it any way. 


Many people try to copy-paste behavior, creation, and management of a business according to what they see outside, but they don’t really stop and ask what does work for me? What do I enjoy doing and how do I do that?  they based their business on their undefined centers so they end up making decisions from fear and not from love and confidence. So they run a business that makes them burn out, take their joy and creativity away,  and feel locked inside it just because they need the money, not because they love the way things are. 

But Human Design is exposing to each one of us a unique way of managing a business and a unique gift to provide to the world, to individuals, and to communities, when we take a step back from what should be, we actually can see what we can do without effort, then creating a business, holding a business start to be like a beautiful inspiring relationship, a pathway to knowing yourself and what you do, the people you meet and you can face struggles with curiosity and passion.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you – you can do it, to make things simple and grounded for you, to support you when you’re lost, to empower and to expose what is evidence to you and you take for granted,  sometimes you just need the guidelines and the foundations upon you can build your entire city. Inside you know it,  inside you know that what is outside does not work for you,  but now you’re just seeking the alternative, the permission to listen to what the inner voice tells you and to see that is not contradicting any business or any way to make money. 

What do you receive?

  • 6  Weeks  of Personal Sessions! –  We meet will once a week , for 1 hour online session! It is time and place dedicated only for YOU, we will build together step by step your new business or uplift what you have already! with love and attention and practical actions to take inorder for you feel and  see progess each time!. I will do my best to give you emotional support, practical support, mental support, and as well to celebrate your evolution.
  • My availbility & commitment to you any time! – You can contact me at any time thorugh FaceBook messanger or What’sApp and I will do my best to come back to you as soon as possible!  To support you, to give you perspective, and allow yourself to trust yourself, to trust your body once again. 
  • “Money’s Wisdom Course” ! You will receive the  amazing online course I created especially for maseting your energy exactly i the way you will be manage a business and the way you see and deal with money. So you will have extra lectures and practical tools to use in your process.  Check HERE the content of the course. 

It is for you, if you are :

  • Willing to dive deep in and you are committed to your process!
  • You value the benefits of 1:1 sessions & regular guidance
  • Willing to confront your fears
  • Willing to take action and change when needed
  • Open to receive and being open to share
  • You are ready dare share you gift with others
  • Wanting more than anything in the world – to own a business you enjoy runing it. 

Practical Information

  •  Starting Date : Whenever you are ready to start!  
  • Online session via Zoom – we will fix our weekly day and time for 6 weeks. 
  • You will get access to “Money’s Wisdom Cousre”  after the payment is completed. 
  • Price :310$  for the full program, one payment. 
  • If you decide to quit the program you will no longer have access to the online course and the money will not be refunded.

How to strat My Creation & Business Program?


  1. Complete the form on the right –>

  2. Complete the payment using the PayPal link above.  Make sure to change the currency to $USD!

  3. Choose a date and hour for the first meeting using the link to my calendar.

  4. Then, you will receive an email from Bar with a Zoom link to the meeting.

  5. Be on time for the session.

  6. Make sure your are in quite comfortable space for the session. 

  7. In case of any change please update Bar in advance.