How do I see and experience the sacral world through my undefined sacral now?

I would like to share with you about the sacral conditioning.In Human Design we have Manifesting Generators and Generators which both have the generator Aura. They have an open aura, an enveloping aura. They also have the sacral center defined, the bubbling life force that is actually making this planet move, the life force for creating and action.
Then we have Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors and they are all with undefined/ completely open sacral center.
In the beginning of my experience I was told I’m not a Generator and that I am here to take care of physical resting.
I remember at the beginning I had a lot of conflict being around generators, really I was afraid to be around them and afraid to be exhausted and not to know when enough is enough.The first two, three years of the deconditioning process, it was for me like running away from the generator world, because I knew I could easily feel exhaustion and tiredness and could fall into overworking and burnout. So I was very careful about the generator world.
Trying to make sure that I am sleeping alone and that I am not too much around generators. It was conscious rehab from the generator frequency.
Then what happend is that over time, I became settled into my emotional authority and into my Manifestor aura then I could just be who I am even around generators. I actually could benefit from their aura, I could benefit from the beautiful sacral energy they contain.
It is a switch that I see, my body understands time after time that I am not a generator therefore I can enjoy what they give and provide through their energy without becoming it and over ride my needs and capacity.
Before meeting Human Design I was so conditioned to be a generator, I tried to keep up the pace. I tried to act as a generator and respond as a generator. When I slowly became aligned with my form,through strategy and inner authority I could step by step learn just to enjoy the sacral life.
I could enjoy their freshness, excitement, and passiveness. They have a certain passivity which is kind of inspiring for me to see. I can enjoy their care, sexuality, and the way they treat food, physical action and move from one activity to the other.
Because I have an undefined sacral, actually I am here not only to enjoy the sacral energy but also to learn about it , as I am also here to be the tech support of the generator world, to provide solutions and efficient pathways.
I realised that if I am keeping myself away from the generator world all the time I am actually not learning what I need to learn in order to develop myself and also support them and understand them.
Now when I am coming into the generator world I love it. I feel like being washed by the generator energy is a tantra practice for me. It is to move in the amazing dance of Gaia – mother earth.
I feel I know better how to surrender to the generator world and to environments when there are a lot of generators and I am not losing myself so easily within it and I know better the quantities within interaction, it can be an experience of a full bliss.
So if you are a Manifestor, Projector or Reflector I really recommend to you to take a look at this conditioning and be wise about it.
Enjoy the investigation and see how along the way you evolve?.It is a constant transformation.
This is the real fusion that I appreciate in Human Design, once I come in touch more and more with my frequency with my body it doesn’t really matter who is the type that is in front of me.
It does not matter which gates or channels or centers are defined or undefined.
I am just living the human experience with that person, I am just receiving information and giving information.
This is for me the beauty of being alive and awake in the body, I can simply enjoy exchanging energy without repressing, withholding or judging it.
Eventually each quality in our bodygraph has this gift and potential to receive something that is beyond what we know and can even express.