The Individual Circuit

In the Human Design bodygraph we have three main circuits; they are like streams of energies that represent certain frequencies and their characteristics in our lives. So whenever you see a Channel or a Gate in a circuit you can know automatically some of their basic behaviors.

One of the circuits is the individual circuit, and Keynotes the circuit are : acoustic, melancholy, empowerment, mutation and individualism.

Why do I like to be around individuals and what do I learn from them?

I like to see their natural choices, how they spend their time, what inspires them, and what empowers them.

When they share those with me or when I simply observe them, I feel empowered. Individual does not need to make any effort, in order to empower others, when the individual is just surrendering to its behaviors, favorite activities, its natural expression it will empower others.

The individual chemistry is working in mutation, in pulses of knowing, an in-between times of uncertainty, the individual doesn’t know until it knows.

The individual learns through its life process to surrender to those gaps and to know that when time comes will know at once. 

This kind of chemistry can create melancholy in the individual’s life, because the mind may go crazy saying “Why don’t I know the answer? Why do I experience so much uncertainty?” This can create depression and a feeling of being lost in space if the individual is unaware of its own mechanics.

But once the individual Embraces this kind of chemistry it uses it as source for creation, source for deep contemplation, surrendering to emotions, ideas, time to be inspired, and not to be afraid of the void, its own physical body, its own process.

The individual also will bring something new to the other, something unique that was never seen before, and as we know the new must be repeated in order to establish acknowledgement in the consciousness of humanity in people’s life, therefore the individual must repeat itself over and over again, repeating the expression of the new idea and knowing the validity of what it has to offer, without giving up; slowly but surely people will grasp the new idea.

I had an individual partner poetry years, he has two individual channels out of three, 25-51 and 23-43. I remembered that in the beginning of our relationship, I could barely understand the way he saw the world. He was using certain terms that I had no access to, he kept on repeating the same words, the same structuring of ideas, he could not help it, it was just the way he saw reality.

Over time I was amazed to see how he changed an edit to my reality, his initiation, his unique genius perspective on life managed to penetrate who I am, and being a great value to the way I perceive myself, to the way I enjoy life, to the way I Empower myself. 

Was it right away like that? Not at all! At the beginning I was full of resistance to what he tried to tell me. It was so new, revolutionary, outstanding, my ears could barely stand it. Overtime I just got used to it, and slowly I was able to grasp the real wisdom behind its individuality.

Through my experience with him, I understand how difficult it must be for the individual to walk in this world and bring something completely new and just spend a long time not being understood, seen and acknowledged for who they are.

Even if you have one channel in your whole body graph, a gate in a key position in your design that is individual, it is part of your life journey to embody those behaviors and characteristics.  Once you know it, you can surrender, you can accept, you can love yourself a bit more, maybe you can even explain to others the way you work if you have energy for that as an individual.  Try to judge yourself less for being the “weirdo”, the person that must have his own way to do things, that may be in first place would not be accepted, but over time people will adapt, appreciate, and use the way of the individual. 

May we all learn from each other, may we all try to see beyond what we are, try to reach to the reality of the other while we Embrace completely our own reality. May we all create the path for our children, so they can experience less suffering and walk this life as themselves and allow others to do the same. 

I feel gratitude to the individuals in my life, I appreciate my individual definitions, and I wish decades of pure individuality that empowers oneself and the other to correct Behavior and the love of oneself.