Informing & Voice Frequency

Manifestors, informing is the moment when I actually bring my intention to the world. What I am about to do. I communicate my actions. my needs. my movement in the world. Through expression. Through vocal clear expression. I inform. I give information. I take the inside of me and I make it a form for others – bringing into form. But this thing, informing, without the right, correct voice frequency to me does not mean a match. Because it’s not only about being correct and saying “OK, I’m going to do this or that”. It’s about using my body and the frequency within my body as an instrument to tell my truth. To talk about my intention. To talk about my motion.
Sometimes I find myself as a Manifestor saying – “yeah, informing it is easy – just say it’’, but does informing resonate as I talk in my body? Sometimes not and then the consequences are a bit strange and I don’t know why people look at me strangely, or I might meet resistance. Or maybe people didn’t hear me and they kept on going with what they did.I ask myself why is that?
Because basically, it’s not enough to inform. For me, it is Inform + voice frequency is that makes the difference in creating impact. Talking while I feeling my body from within. Feeling my feet, feeling my belly, feeling my heart, feeling my head, feeling all the structure that is carrying me. Feeling my inner authority. Feeling my Manifestor aura as speaking. As the art of words.
I hear Manifestors telling me that they did inform, but nothing happens. And their mom keeps telling them what to do or asking questions. I hear Manifestor telling me that they did inform their boss about this and nothing changes and more examples like that…And for me, it’s not all about informing. It’s about HOW you inform.
Everybody can sing and repeat the lyrics, right? But not everybody can express their truth through the lyrics. And for me, this is what it means to inform with voice frequency. It’s to give the right information, what I’m about to do, what is my intention, what I’m heading for, with the vibration of my body. So if I am not in my body, if I don’t feel grounded within myself, my informing will be poor, just empty words to space.So both of them together, they are the real informing for me. The art of speaking, talking, communicating, and the art of transmuting, taking out the frequency within the vibration of my body. Both of them create a clear frequency of what I am and who I am now, and what I want to communicate in that moment.
And as a Manifestor, it’s very important to know how to talk. How to express my words. How to feel my body when I talk. To do this Manifestor rap, this song, this lecture, with my heart, with no fears. Because eventually, we are, Manifestors, in definition a motor connected to the throat. So when I speak correctly, I actually stream all this life force from my motor to my throat. From the defined centers, from the wisdom of the undefined centers to my throat – into expression, Manifestation, and action And in that moment I become a real artist. A real creator. Through informing. Through my voice frequency. informing is forming a creation. my voice frequency is the vibration that passes through those words. And this is so powerful and so beautiful.
I encourage you dear Manifestor whenever you talk, whenever you’re informing, check your body. And if you did inform and something went a bit awkward, go back and ask yourself “can I say it again within my body, within my frequency, a special vibration in my body and I am clear, sharp, and loving?”. Because for me, there is a big difference. If you have ever played or danced or practiced any art form, you know that there is a big difference between just doing the “thing” or completely being there as a performer. Feeling the body in every single moment, in every single word. Because the cords are cords but how do you play them? How do you dance the movement? How do you sing? How do you draw? It’s the same thing with informing. How you give the message outside within the frequency of your body, as a unique frequency, while you allow yourself to be unique, be who you really are, fearless and human, this what makes the difference. And this, only your body knows. Because of words, everybody knows words everybody can talk. But not everybody knows how those words sound within your body. With your voice frequency. Within your unique filter of love, as a Manifestor at this moment. And this is what I mean by informing and voice frequency.