Am I trying to change the other instead of focusing on my own trip?

I want to talk about relationships and Human Design. The mind can be a trap. A trap that can make us look at the other. We look at others and try to analyze them. We can focus on the other instead of our own process.
Lately, there have been a few parents asking me about their kids and the first thing that I tell them is, “focus 100% on yourself, then you benefit our kids the best”. It’s not easy to focus on ourselves. And It’s easy to look at the other. And yes, it’s true that some of us are transpersonal. Some of us are projectors and some of us are made to see the other and the needs of the other. But it’s a subtle line between putting all the focus on the other through the knowledge of Human Design and focusing on our own process using the other as an inspiration.
I see myself falling into this trap over and over again and I just want to offer this advice as a quick reminder; First I master my own body. First I master my own masterpiece and the way I make decisions. First I see the way the mind is running my life. First I see the way I am conditioned, my pain, my suffering, my memories. Only then I am able to see the other as they truly are.
It’s a long journey. It’s possible that a lot of our relationships will transform when we come into the Human Design experience. Things will adapt and take a different form. We know we can’t fix the other. we can’t change the other and we are not here to do this. It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ we do Human Design. How good we ‘know’ Human Design and we understand the constellation of the other person. Each one of us has its own trip, its own journey.
The only thing we can do is take care of our own body, our own frequency. Any attempt to try and change the other, to explain the other how it should and can be, it’s not our job! – Life will take care of it!
Explaining Human Design to someone else can happen. We can support someone, we can guide, wE can make an impact. But I want to remind us to focus on our own trajectories. We have our own trajectory and can let life take care of the rest. The best way to really support another is to be oneself. To be who you are. To be fully loving to your own design.