Gate 22 - The gift of listening & appreciating expression

The 22 gate, the gate of the listener. It is an individual gate and it is going out of the solar plexus and pointing towards the throat center and I have it in my design sun. Since I entered the Human Design experiment I am constantly looking and observing and being aware of that frequency. The way I see it through my design and my life is the gift of the listener. When I say listen I mean listen to all realms. Listen from the most spiritual place that exists to see things that are not seen and understood to the most physical and evident frequency that there is. It is a range of listening and when I listen to other beings and when I listen to myself I feel like there are a lot of tracks being played. It is not only one track, it is a lot of tracks that I am hearing and listening to. It is a multimedia experience of acoustics and layers of information that I sift through my physical ears but also the unseen ears that I have.
This is a big gift, the ability to listen. To deeply listen to the soul, the body to the mental and emotional realm to the energetical realm is not so easy because when I listen I also hear unpleasantness and pain and sorrow of myself and others. I also hear the beauty and the potential and the light that does exist.

Having it located in the solar plexus means it is constantly containing pain and pleasure, passion and lack of passion. It is the ability to listen to the range between pleasure and pain, passion and lack of passion, so all the melodies that exist in this range.
What I learned is how to listen deeply to myself and others and how much I love to receive deep listening and how much I appreciate when people can deeply listen without the need to constantly react and comment on what I say. I believe that listening is a great healing tool for the other to hear itself and when I talk to hear myself. So listening is like a container of the frequencies and allowing the frequencies to be and swim inside that acoustic space. Using the voice as a musical instrument to play whatever is inside and the listener is the audience and it is allowing this experience to happen and the magic to appear. We are not talking about good or bad, we are talking about whatever is there needs to be expressed.
The 22 gate is waiting and listening for a uniqueness for something that will mutate its soul, its individuality that will awaken it for transformation.
So when I listen I listen and look for uniqueness. I look for this special sound that makes me feel expanded, like something new that I have never heard. It can be in the melody or the emotional realm. It can be the organization of words or a concept.
So as a 22, I am looking or eager for that frequency that will transform me individually. Something that I can ponder about later that I can take into my emotional wave and that will enrich my individual process. Therefore I am very sensitive to my own way of expression and to the way of expression of others. I am attentive to the voice frequency and the words and to the way I choose how to organize my expression,
I am very sensitive to it and deeply appreciate people who can communicate who they are through words. It does not matter if I agree or disagree with what they are bringing, I just feel very connected to the authenticity that is flowing out of them and how they express themselves.
This is one of the gifts of the 22 gate and I guess the gifts will continue to unfold in my experience.
I wish all of us to contemplate and cultivate the ability to listen and to ask for listening when we need it. Just a simple act of sharing with no response and to receive that amazing container that we can give to each other.