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How does it feel to connect with another emotional being?

How does it feel to connect with another emotional being?

I am sharing with you my experience about the connection that can happen between emotional people. I am an Emotional Manifestor. I’ve found that in my Human Design experiment it’s been really important for me to understand what it means for me to connect with other emotional beings.
At first I thought there wasn’t such a big difference between my connections with emotional and unemotional people. But now I understand that there are times when I can communicate with another emotional being and it can be so heartwarming and calming for me. When I connect with another emotional manifestor or another emotional being, I feel like we can dive into the emotional sea and that it’s ok for us to take a lot of time talking or doing something together.
In the last couple of weeks I’ve been finding it’s so important for me to communicate with other emotional beings so I can swim in the ocean of emotions. With unemotional people I feel that it’s not possible to go so low in frequency for a long time. With an unemotional being it’s hard for me to take all the time I need and I feel at times like I’m too heavy for them. I have a sense that if I am to say something that is unpleasant to an unemotional person then it’s going to be hard for us to stay in that place for a while and explore it.
Of course I’m generalising here. I know that there are a lot of people who are unemotional who can go to this depth. But still there is something in our different chemistry.
I have few emotional close friends, I love that we can take so much time to create and talk together. It feels like whenever we meet, we can dive into a world of abstract emotions and experiences and this is something that I feel almost done feel with people who are not emotional. And this is not something that’s bad. It’s just the way things are. I come from a family where everybody is emotional. And so I’m very used to diving into things that are emotional and to talk about things that are uncomfortable.
People who come into this life with an undefined solar plexus are conditioned to avoid confrontation and truth. And so every time I say something to an unemotional being that is uncomfortable and it’s touching an emotional truth that’s buried somewhere inside of them, there is a tension in the air, unless they are highly aware and take much time to dive into their deep pain and wundes. It’s something that unemotional people can come to understand that our chemistry creates a certain kind of friction. It may be a spoken or unspoken friction.
For me as an emotional manifestor, I am this ocean. And when I come to people who are unemotional it is like they have a little bucket. They cannot contain all this emotional frequency at once. They need to take in little pieces according to their capacity at the moment, at least this how I see looking from the outside.
For me, being emotional and the connection with emotional beings for me is empowering. And it doesn’t mean that I can’t connect with people who are unemotional. I can just see the difference between us. It’s a really big difference in our chemistry. I recommend that you too notice how it feels to be with people who are defined like you. Notice how it feels to be with those people who are defined in the solar plexus and undefined in the solar plexus.
Half of the population has a defined solar plexus and half of the population has an undefined solar plexus so we can all enter into the aura of the defined solar plexus and go out and see how we feel? And then enter into the aura of the undefined solar plexus and go out and see how we feel?
I’m so glad that I have beautiful people with emotional authority in my life so I can express myself and take my time and without a need for me to ‘get over’ the emotions I feel. And of course, this isn’t about blaming anyone. It’s just about me noticing the chemistry between myself and others. Noticing what is good for me and my chemistry.

Manifestor & Impact

Manifestor & Impact

Manifestor & Impact
This is one of my favorite topics about the Manifestor’s life. I am inspired to see how the aura has its ripples. The aura is impacting. The aura that repels me can teach me about myself.
Manifestors Bring Change

As a Manifestor, I am here to bring change. The aura is pushing, moving, and translating change. The impact is really the aim. It’s the effect, the direct result of my presence. If I am, as a Manifestor, say nothing, I am still impacting. If I say something, I am still impacting. If I am moving, if I am sitting, if I am still, my presence, my absence is impacting. Imagine the water drop that goes into the water and makes ripples. This is our presence. This is affecting our environment deeply. Even if I go to the supermarket and someone is moving close by, or in the line, there is someone in front of me or behind me, once this person enters my aura field, they feel that something is being activated inside of their body. I can just see it. I can feel it.
Sometimes, most of the time, it’s unconscious, but once people come into my aura, they feel a massive movement within them. Things are clicking in, they feel they need to do something, or suddenly things are ready to move. Sometimes it’s very obvious, but sometimes it’s not. It’s even kind of mysterious. This is what I do to other people, and this is part of the reason why so many people feel uncomfortable, or, conversely, very attracted to me, because they know that once they are close to me, they are going to feel movement or change. I know a lot of people in my life who have wanted my presence. They wanted to talk to me. They wanted me to be there. They wanted to just stand near me, so something will move within them.
It’s Not Mental
Please try not to look at it on a mental level. It’s not like I need to do this on purpose. It’s not like I need to be with people in order to help them. It’s just the nature of who I am. It’s important to consciously understand what I am doing to others in my presence, or in my absence when I talk or don’t talk. I am in an away ticking bomb. a volcano. a tsunami. It’s impressive. It can be for my own good, because when a volcano explodes, it’s actually cleaning the earth, allowing new plants to grow. It can be a tsunami that destroys a whole city, but either way, it’s having an impact.
How Does it Work?
What I would like for me to see is how I am observing and taking in information from my surroundings, because the impact is a very good tool for a Manifestor to see and understand its own inner world.
As a Manifestor, I am not here to search for who I am. My aura is not busy trying to know itself. Mechanically this is for the Generators. Generators want to know where to put all their energy! And by this to know – who they are, to find more and more things about themselves. A Manifestor’s awareness when is correct is busy with seeing who they impact and how they impact.
When I met Human Design, of course, it helped me a lot. However, the very next thing I felt was how much I wanted to give this. I didn’t want to keep it to myself. I think this is one of the most generous feelings that Manifestors have, and it’s embodied inside the aura. If as a Manifestor I am busy trying to figure out who I am, or if I am caught trying to analyze all of the things in my chart, for me it’s the wrong frequency because I am trying to be in a state which is really not correct for me.
My embodied state is for creation, giving, and seeing my impact. It doesn’t mean that I cannot know, feel, or have internal processes. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I should be oblivious and just see how I affect people, but rather to see how I affect people in relation to my inner world.
My Manifestor Experience
I’ll give you a very personal example. I was living by myself in Europe for a few years. I was very far from my family and friends. I didn’t have a constant impact until I started to teach dance classes. In this class, I learned about what the group needed, as well as how I was teaching and what my method was. I learned all of this from the group. I really saw how they were reacting to my teaching. I saw when they didn’t understand me or when they were afraid of me. I started to understand when they were tired because I wasn’t excited about my own class and I wasn’t passionate about what I was giving.
I ask my body some questions of awareness, sometimes the answers are not nice to hear, but I don’t care about appearing ok, I care about transforming, and sometimes it requires to see the dark sides of my impact. so I can improve and grow
  • What is the reaction I receive?
  • How is my relationship going?
  • How do I feel with what I leave behind?
  • How do I feel before, while and after my initiation?
  • When things go smoothly through the body, and when it’s only the mind that makes a good story on what is happening?
Impact in my view is a great tool to use in order to learn about myself.
Looking outside to understand deeply the inside.

20 Things happened – Deconditioning

20 Things that happen - Deconditioning

20 Things that happened to me when I entered Human Design Deconditioning!

I felt directed to keep my process fresh in my awareness:

As we know, there are so many ways to take in information according to each one’s definition and variables. Some are more acoustic, some visual, some social. Some are focused, some are not. S&A reveals each one it’s own.

  1. Letting go of it completely for one or two days.
  2. Hanging my body-graph in a place I can look at it regularly.
  3. Walking in nature while hearing audio lectures.
  4. Interacting in voice conversations with people who are the same type as I am.
  5. Interacting with people who are in the deconditioning process too.
  6. Just doing NOTHING.
  7. Talking to my personal guide once a month, more or less.
  8. Watching videos of people I resonate with their voice.
  9. Writing, documenting my own process.
  10. Laying down and wondering…
  11. Hanging sentences that support me in my room..
  12. Writing on my hand from my Aura/Inner authority.
  13. Sleeping a lot.
  14. Talking About HD in my own words and vocabulary with a person that does not know it at all.
  15. Saying to myself “you are not doing it, you are doing it…!!”
  16. Studying advanced courses.
  17. Not talking at all in social interaction.
  18. Making jokes to myself,  about myself. “I may appear such a strange creature right now….!!”
  19. Long warm baths…
  20. Saying to myself – 7 years it’s, 7 years; not more not less.

And repeat.

Better get used to it.

No blame no-fault.

And repeat.



Emotional Authority

Emotional Authority

Emotional Authority. 


I love this one.

The queen of time. 

The source of desire.

The potential for incredible depth.

All of it lays in the arms of patience.

In the ability to live the emotional range and its variety.

The low, grey, hopeless, and heavy moments.

The excitement, expectation, light and joyful moments.

And all the nuances in between. 

To pass within and through them, without the need to tell a story, knowing why they are there and why they change. 

Just to see their motion, passing through the chemistry of the physical body.

And then comes the moment that life brings one to the quiet shore.

There is no high happy feeling and no sad heavy feeling. 

The nervousness has gone.

A sense of clarity appears. 

You know that it’s where the rivers turn.

Where the water flow is going.

That after being up and after being low.

There is a place and time that exposes itself to one. 

Emotional clarity is present.

That is worth the wait, living inside an unknown boat for a while, and being rocked by the waves. 

One has collected details, views, and feelings, from all parts along the way.

The decision made itself. 

So the gift and the challenge is to wait.

To cultivate patience.

To accept and allow to feel everything while doing absolutely anything.

To fall in love with the unknown.

To be the ocean, the waves, and the flat horizon. All at once.

Until the shore appears.

And one can place its two fists on warm embracing sand.