The Red and The Black

The Red and The Black the Unconscious and the Conscious

The Red and the Black
The Unconscious and the Conscious

Our life exists within duality. We always have “this” and “that”, black and white, up and down.

We are born to live and experience this duality; we are here to be the observer of this duality.

There is no bad or good, there is just measurement and the nuances that creates the scale between them.

Human Design exposes the binary consciousness that we are. It allows us to surrender to the duality within ourselves, to recognize it, to acknowledge it, and to stop fighting it. 

In the Human Design body graph we have the red part of the chart and a back part of the chart. The red in the chart is a blueprint of the neutrinos that were present on Earth approximately 3 months before our birth; they represent the Design Crystal and form our unconscious body, our physical body. It represents what we cannot be fully aware of, but it is definitely what is navigating our life; the red knows the material plane and is equipped to this life. However it is what we cannot perceive prior to taking an action, and it only reveals itself after. It is what other people might tell us about ourselves, yet we ourselves are not aware of it.

And then we have the black in our chart. This will be the imprint of the neutrinos that were present on earth at the moment of our birth. They represent the Personality Crystal; the conscious part of us that we are aware of and can identify with. When people talk about our personality, the black aspects in our chart, we say: ”Of course, I know that this is me”.

Astrology is based on the black part in our charts. This is why people feel so recognized when others talk about their personality aspect, because they are aware of it. 

Unlike Astrology, the Human Design is saying, wait a minute, we are a binary consciousness, we are here to be aware of both personality and design aspects. We are here to align to our red aspects for decision making, so then the personality aspect can best play its role.

We are here to see how they both dance together and complement each other. We are here to become aware that the two aspects can be found in a constant battle. It is the Strategy and Authority that give us access to the unconscious in order to teach us how to trust it, while seeing the conscious aspects in action. But we are definitely not here to allow the undefined centers to push forward the conscious black parts of us while leaving the unconscious red parts behind; that would be just serving the cause of the Not-self. 

And this is a scary part of living your design, because you must rest and surrender to something you cannot see or explain, something that you probably are not aware of. 

The red part is your veins and bloodstream; it is your hair that is growing on your head; it is your heartbeat; it is what takes you in space; it is your physical body and you cannot be aware of all of it all the time, but it has the intelligence to take you through space correctly as you are; as long as you just don’t let the mind to interfere and as long as you don’t allow what you ‘think’ to decide for you, this way you will not allow the personality part of you push the life.

There is so much to understand and to learn about the red and the black within our chart and in other people charts. It is a complete mystery that can be revealed step by step.

In the early days of Human Design studies the charts were divided into the black and the red from the very first moment, so people can understand how different they are from each other. So they could see how both aspects create the contradiction in the Game of Life within each person.

If you want to dive even deeper into Human design, we recommend you to start to acknowledge the binary life that is constructing the whole of you.

If you feel already pretty familiar with the basic concepts of Human Design then this knowledge will totally blow your mind! We are super excited to share this wisdom with you in the Human Design Master Course 2. In the course you will see and understand how differently the two aspects behave and discover the different roles they play in your life. You will learn how to use your Strategy and Authority to start revealing their complexity and magic in your life. Most definitely it will make some new light bulbs go off, in the same way as it did when you first came across Human design! It will take you one step further into the black matter, into feeling through the unknown and realizing the power of surrendering to the fact that we don’t have any control whatsoever. So you can definitely start enjoying the ride of being alive a lot more and see the circus dance performance wherever you go.