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About the 2 line in the body

About the 2 Line in the body

About the second line in the body.

Line 2 is a gentle, shy, sensitive, introverted, spiritual line.
It needs its safe and secure space to develop,to open up, and be invited as part of its projection field.
I am an emotional manifestor, with repulsive aura, the confidence of the ego, the resilience of the emotional center and a single definition however when I am hurt by something my delicate the second line digs deep and hides inside.
Its like a snail and a turtle getting into the shell or the armor, and it’s hard for it to get out until it does not feel safe, at home again.
Even if I go out, I do not shine. I am not radiant. Because I need the time to regain confidence in myself and those around me, and to create a space that feels protected again, to allow time for wounds to heal.

And it can sometimes mislead those looking outside, because I look angry, serious, distant. in control, but actually inside it hurts a lot … I was hurt because I did not respect myself, the gentle listening to my inner authority that undermined.
Sometimes I have the strong desire for a connection that will understand and listen to the vulnerability of my 2.
That I will feel a gentle caress of the soul, that I will hear comforting voices and acceptance of the pain that is taking place within me.
I wish to receive space for all the emotional-spiritual lessons I go through, for all the insights that come from the depths of pain of getting out of my deep inner center.

If I do not have a body, who do I have? Again and again I make sure I am awake to the containing vessel that I am ,I am here to give myself every answer. I am here to understand myself and the depths of my soul, I am here to cry and embrace, listen and forgive.
And this is the 6 like in the personality, which protects the body.
The body experiences, breaks down, changes, grows, shapes, shrinks and expands. And the consciousness of the personality can be like a stern judge or like a compassionate mother.

The 6 in its beauty transforms every experience into learning, spreads its wings to the skies, reminds the delicate and vulnerable body that is allowed to converge in, knowing that others will not always understand, receive, contain when I need but for that I have me, I have the deep and pure understanding of myself. Everything that happens is for my best. Everything is part of my process. Everything is part of my path.
Thanks to learning myself, I can ask and let the body answer, I can break down and let the body collect the pieces. .
Inner authority is my ability to affirm myself on all levels, and allow every space in my life to be my home. Between me and myself.

Sending love from the conch, in constant growth.
Lines Relationship

The 6 line phase – Reflection-Feedback-New

The 6 line phase - Reflection-Feedback-New

Two years ago I created an online course based on the 6 lines in the hexagram, on how to build a new business, following the qualities of each of the lines.Creating this course made me fall in love with hexagram and the magic that is being born in each line.Here is some wisdom from the 6 line.
I am in the last chapter. I can say that the business is ready, the creation is ready, I did all the process from the foundation into the natural gifts, into trial and error, into communication and publicity, into the seeing far into my vision. And the product and the service, the creation is out there.

Things are running for me. I gave my first gift or one of my gifts. Now I feel that the process is completed. The cycle is over. And when I feel that it is over, I feel I am done with this kind of creation and I feel the urge to go to a new cycle, or maybe you already felt it during the first cycle, the opportunities already call me out, Iu feels the excitement, the longing, the passion, to have another creation process, another product, another vision, another retreat, something is calling me once again.

So, before that, before I start going to my “Dream and Dear state”, and go through the process all over again, I recommend that I sit for a moment and reflect. Reflect about all the things I have done, all the processes I have gone through, and just feel it in my body. I can even take a pen and paper to write, or talk with a friend, and just recall all the process from the beginning until now.
And then give me feedback. See what I want to keep and what I want to let go of. See where I did things that I am not really happy with and where I did things thaT I am really proud of. So, it is good before I continue, to just reflect and to get feedback, on myself, to be honest to myself, to look at myself in the mirror and give some compliments. Of course, I celebrated my Impact already! But as well, give some corrections, some honest feedback like saying:” ok, this can be improved, this I would like to improve, this I made more or less, I need this or that for my next creation” Because like this I am growing.

And I really encourage myself not to copy-paste what I did already, to ask for expansion. If I did something and it worked well, beautiful! I can create something similar, but I am not the same person that created that thing. I already transformed. I am already bigger. I have more space within my vessel and within my heart. My potential has expanded. So also, the demand for more quality, for more depth, for more sharpness is there. Can I recognize it? Can I acknowledge it? Can I accept it?
Maybe there are some fears, maybe some excitement and emotions. So I just sit with all the sensations and just allow….the universes within me, towards the new creation, towards the new cycle.

So, I check that the cycle is well wrapped. If I want to close it, if it is possible to close it energetically, practically, emotionally, mentally. It is like a breakup with a boyfriend or a girlfriend or it is like leaving a house. I want to check that everything is closed until the last detail, so you can start a fresh start with a relaxed heart and lungs. So, it is about stopping for a moment, reflecting, taking a time to reflect, giving myself honest feedback, and preparing for a new cycle.

Because I am wiser now, I am smarter now, I am faster now, I am bigger now. Maybe I want to ask for more money. Maybe I want to give a bigger content. Maybe I want to go one step further with my publicity. Maybe I want to do a different collaboration. I am asking myself to expand. I am never pushing into extreme expansion. I am always encouraging progressive change. Yes, change, transform, but progressively. One step after the other. Consistently progress.

So, are you ready for your new cycle? What do you feel about the new creation? Do you have any new ideas, new inspirations? It is always good to have something new waiting for you, so you say: ok, now this is done, I am done, what is next? I would say what is next with excitement. With a big smile. And if there is nothing, ok, let the emptiness be. Don’t be afraid of it, you know you already did it once. It is just waiting for you to do it again. If you are receptive. If you are ready to receive it. If you are ready to give. A new cycle will be there for you. Are you ready?

The 2nd Line Dilemma

The 2nd Line Dilemma

I wanted to share with you my experience with the 2nd line. The 2nd line in the body feels like a deep need to be alone. So I like to be in my room; I like my private space; I don’t like people to look at me. I always thought it’s a problem. I always felt like there was something wrong with me. Why? Why do I enjoy it so much, just being at home for so many hours at a time and without going outside?

I don’t like to socialise, I don’t need to socialise. I can spend days alone at my place and I really need this time. At first I thought well, maybe something is wrong. I felt frustrated, angry and judgemental, towards myself. Especially in my youth and teenage years I felt it was wrong that I felt so good having my space, being in my cocoon, my hammock cave.

Every person with a 2nd line in their profile or people that have a lot of 2nd lines in their design, have a tendency to need their body to be protected in a cave, at home and this sort of environment –  this is how the mechanics operate.

This is the whole nature of Human Design, learning to see our behaviour through our profile without judgement; understanding it’s dilemmas and learning how to communicate it to others.  How do I work?

My father used to ask me: “Are you sad?”,  “Are you depressed?”, “Do you have social problems, as you don’t know how to interact with other people?”. And at the beginning, I really thought so! I really believed that I had a problem! But after I came across human design I actually understood that I don’t have a problem, it’s just the way my body operates. My body operates in the following way: it stays at home for a period of time to retreat into its cave and when it’s ready (actually ready) it will be really bold and it will open itself up.

If you have a 2nd line I advise you to embrace this quality, this intimacy within the four walls. And if you have people in your life who have a 2nd line in their profile (or in a big portion of their design) then its key to respect this dynamic and not push them to come out when they are not ready; because this is the way they contemplate life, they need this to respect their body. And we are here to understand the mechanics so we can respect each other.

This is kind of a 2nd line dilemma – the second line conflict and gift. The symptoms are needing to stay at home, needing to be behind the four walls, needing to be cosy. Without an ability to have their space, people with the 2nd line will feel not themselves. The problem is that other people don’t understand this and consider the 2nd line people to be antisocial because they are not outgoing and chatty like them. As a result, 2nd line people will start to question whether they do have a problem or that something is off, because they feel judged and not seen by others. The solution is being aware of this mechanic, respecting it and trusting their authority and strategy. This will lead the 2nd line person to stay home when they need it and to go out when the body leads them. This is exactly what we teach in the Human Design Master Course 2; the process of discovering and understanding in depth the line structure and the in line characteristics. This understanding is key for respect & acceptance of self and others; for developing honoring relationships through this knowledge.


The Hexagram Overview

The Hexagram Overview

There is a very important element in the Human Design System, the I Ching wheel. It is based on 64 hexagrams, the hexagram is built out of six lines. This was a discovery by the Chinese, for the first time proving the shape and the existence of our DNA.

When we look at a hexagram, we look at it from bottom to top.The hexagram is built out of the lower trigram, the first three lines 1,2,3 and upper trigram, the three upper lines 4,5,6

Each line in the hexagram is representing a number of frequencies, it has certain characteristics. Those characteristics have Keynotes, so we can talk and communicate about their qualities.

The different combinations of the hexagram structure are representing variations of Yin and Yang, that are indicating the gates that we see in the Human Design body graph. Those Gates will create together channels, and those channels represent the life force energy in the body graph.]

Having insight into the hexagram structure and the qualities of the lines provides us a deeper understanding of Human Design mechanics. We can see how the line behaves from the substructure of our design starting from the profile; then going to the lines within the gates in the Personality and Design; until it further expands into the numbers for color, tone and base for each of the gates in the bodygraph.

The lines construct the code, a very specific code for each one of us. Therefore, Human Design is very personal and individual information. Although at a first glance your chart may seem similar to someone else’s, when you dive deeper into the substructure you can see that the numbers have changed, so the code is a bit different.

If you want to read the code accurately, you want to learn about the nature of the lines and the way they behave. This way you can have a deeper understanding of your own chart, and the charts of others.

Seeing how the line structure unfolds is a mystery. It is very deep and very detailed. It can tell a lot about one’s behavior. It is certainly one of the most fascinating pieces of knowledge in human design.

The hexagram structures and their varieties in the chart expose complex and rich perspectives on the way we act, the way we are built, and the way we interact with the world. Starting from the most simple aspect to the most complex aspect of our design.

The numbers represent frequencies. The combination of the numbers are forming a complete poetry of our design; the perfect dance between yin and yang that can be seen no matter from where we look.

This is the magic of the hexagram structure, the magic that is exposed through simple six lines, that contain a complete life within them.