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Neutrinos – The Ocean of Stardust

Neutrinos - The Ocean of Stardust

We swim in stardust. We are constantly communicating with the rest of the universe, and the universe is communicating to us, through neutrinos, which are very small particles that carry mass, and this mass goes through matter.
Why do I tell you this because this is one of the foundations of this work, of healing through and with Human Design.
You are constantly feeding, you are alive with those neutrinos. They are being filtered by your body. Now when I’m talking to you, I’m passing you neutrinos fields through my voice, through that frequency.

What is happening in a healing process is that we observe how we are taking those neutrinos transforming those frequencies and then bringing them out, like a clear breath. As we are constantly taking neutrinos from the environment, from objects, people, and planets. This is how information is moving in this world. So, the stars are affecting you but you are also affecting the stars.
And when I sat with this amazing insight I almost started to cry, because some say that “When you change one person, you change the entire world”. I didn’t understand how this could happen practically before I met Human Design.

But now I can see it in my life, when this healing process of my wounds, of my pain, is happening, suddenly my reality is changing. I see people differently, I see the world differently. I lived in a different reality. I didn’t know that was possible, I did not believe this even existed.
But through my healing process, I can see that I have experienced that. So when we heal our body, and we maintain that healing process we are actually constantly transferring neutrinos, little particles with information.

We are moving them in space through our unique frequency, through our unique light and love. And the beauty is that you can take neutrinos in, conditioning by the stars, by people, by everything. And you can heal them, you can expand them, you can transform those neutrinos and it happens in milliseconds. Even right now we are all swimming in this stardust ocean.

The only thing that makes a difference when it comes to conditioning is, “Are you drawing in this ocean of stardust, or are you swimming in your own trajectory?”. “Are you being blended with all kinds of energies all day long, being lost, with pain, and suffering, tired and exhausted of living ?”

Or, exactly like the “Chi ” in Martial Arts. You take those energies, you don’t ignore them or block them, and then you can create a healing process within yourself, and then you send them back. like this no energy is wasted.
This is for me, the essence of those neutrinos. Is to see how energy moves, which kind of energy we receive in our body, and how to work with that wisely.

I chose in this course the perspective of “healing’, of expanding that energy, of appreciating, of learning from those neutrinos. Bringing in love, learning from pain, and rising from here.
This is what I would like to go with you, the process of transformation through healing. beyond the suffering and allowing love with those neutrinos that come to serve this process. Whatever you would receive, doesn’t mean that you have to stay with it, there is an opportunity to transform it. It doesn’t happen in one day or in one week, it is a life journey.But those neutrinos, that stardust that we receive from the universe we give back to the universe.

We are here to dance, we are here to dance the dance of the universe. We are like those little particles. We are here to shine and disappear. There is no need to be a black dot in space, it can be a shiny dot that disappears after it is glimpsed.
-“Healing Me – Human Design Foundation Course”-
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4 Aura Types Bar's Experience Deconditioning Studying Human Design

The Generator / Manifesting Generator – Pain & Healing

The Generator / Manifesting Generator
Pain & Healing

When we look at the Generator Aura, we see an aura that is hugging and enveloping, and warm and magnetizing, attracting life to it. Whenever you see a chart that has a defined sacral center, this red box in the middle, you know that this person will have a Generator Aura ( Manifesting Genreraor Aura. it is the same!)
Imagine a human being sitting in this kind of aura which is saying to life, “Come to me, come to me. I don’t need to go towards you, life”. “Life is coming towards me. I am magnetic, I’m pulling, I’m attracting. I’m opening my arms to life so I can hug it”. This is what the aura is saying.  
All I need to do is sit here, as a human being inside this beautiful aura and allow life to come to me. Because, remember the aura is meeting life, reality, and the Generator Aura is saying, “come to me”, then all I need to do is to observe, patiently, what is coming towards me. What my aura is attracting, which kind of people, events, objects, circumstances. There is no need to push anything because the aura is magnetic.
 The pain is to go against this aura and to try to push. Not knowing that life is coming to me, towards this aura, and start to push. The problem is to try to make things happen. Not noticing the little events, people, occasions, things that are coming to me.
The pain is to ignore all of it. It is to be so busy trying to get somewhere instead of seeing what is here for me, what came into the entrance of my aura with no effort. The pain is to ignore the attraction. Pushing, trying to push, trying to make things happen, fast. Led by the mind who wants to achieve something, to be something. The pain is not to trust that life is coming to me, constantly, in all kinds of forms and ways.
The deep pain is to not see that beauty coming to my door and to think that it needs to be otherwise, that I need to go towards life, and say, and act, and initiate, and make things happen.
The Healing 
Life is coming towards me. I can just be and see what is being attracted to my field. Therefore, the healing of this Generator Aura will be to surrender to this feminine energy that is constantly receiving. And to feel, “I am enough. I love this waiting, this observation, this so-called Passive State”.
Life is constantly providing me, the aura is constantly drawing things into my life, exactly the things that I need to receive, exactly the people that I need to meet, exactly the situations that I need to live. 
I trust my aura to magnetize, pull, and envelope whatever belongs to me. I trust that if things come to me, but not in the way my mind wants, that is still for the good, and then, something else will be directed to me.
The healing state is allowing the “passiveness”, the receptivity, the feminine energy. Allowing, receiving, life is constantly giving. And the potential of this Generator Aura is to dance with life. Is to master the receptivity and the tango with life.
Life is bringing plenty of things to my door, and I’m appreciating this. Life is bringing me and I let it go through in my body. I’m not pushing away, I’m witnessing the gifts that life is providing, constantly. Not in the shape or form that my mind thinks, but in the form that life brings. The potential is to be one with Gaia, with the vibration of Mother Earth. Which is constantly nourishing through the sun, through the plants, through the movement of Nature.
When you observe a healthy Generator Aura you might observe the Tantra’s life itself.The gentleness, the softness, the beauty of receiving the gift, of being alive. So, if you live in this Generator Aura make space for your pain. The pain of pushing, the pain of not believing that things will happen to you without effort.
The healing is through allowing receptivity and feminine energy, and the potential of being one with the giver of this life, the Gaia, Pachamama, which is constantly providing us. And we can just appreciate and participate in the dance of life.
4 Aura Types Creation & Business Deconditioning Manifestors

The non-sacral beings: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. How can we live on the mundane plane without being burnt out?

The non-sacral beings: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. How can we live on the mundane plane without being burnt out?

We live in a world of generators – the bubbling energy of the sacral. Naturally, a mental question arises: “How do I make money? How do I earn my living? If I don’t have the energy to work as a generator? Or I think I have it, but then I end up burnt out and exhausted, dead and sick.”

The answer is simple: we all have life force, we are all alive and we all have a body that takes us perfectly in space and takes care of us.

We all have a gift: the gift of a Projector of guidance through its channels profile and cross, the gift of a Manifestor of Impact through its channels, profile, and cross, the gift of a Reflector of reflection through its gates, profile and cross. And we are here to be aware of that gift and to use that gift efficiently.

Our energy and life force channels are our resources for income on the material plane. We are here to know what our gift is, how our channels operate, and to follow our Strategy and Authority instead of the mind!
By doing that, we receive feedback from life. However, what’s happening is that instead of using that gift efficiently, creating a business that is based on that gift, knowing where to invest the energy, how to be efficient, and not get burnt out, we just try to be like generators, BUT – Funny enough the energy does generate itself as it is for them!
And we end up – burning out everything all we have got.

Before I met Human Design, I certainly did try to be like a generator. I tried to work many hours and thought that only if I had worked hard and all day long, I would have achieved whatever and be okay on the material plane.
What happened was basically the opposite. I realised that as a Manifestor, I am here to initiate from emotional clarity using my channels and to understand that this is why people come to me – because they are asking for that specific frequency that is the quality of my channels, profile, and cross in their life.

Each one of you – Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors – have this unique gift in a different constellation. And people come to you because of this life force.

The joke is that it’s not an effort for you to be who you are. BUT It is an effort for you to be who you are not.

It is an effort for you to act as a generator. So my little advice is for you to get to know your channels, profile, and cross, understand how they work, and also understand who you are NOT.

By understanding that you will give more energy and more focus, more emphasis on who you are through Strategy and Authority, through contemplating and pondering and living your channels, profile, and cross.

I believe it’s possible for each individual to have their individual business, or being part of a business based on their life force, using their life force in constellations and groups, and partnerships perfectly.

As Ra reminds us – although it seems strange – we are not here to take care of the material plane. We are not here to worry about money and survival. We are not in survival mode anymore. We are in a state of developing emotional awareness, and emotional awareness needs time and patience.
We are on the trip of passenger consciousness – the material plane is just an excuse to experience this body.

Through our individual channels, profile and cross, through our unique bodygraph we can create a unique business, not a copy-paste business. And it will not even feel like a business – it will feel like “I am just doing me”.

So what is your passion? What is your life force? How do you use it correctly? Of course, this can work for generators as well, but for non-sacral beings like Projectors, Reflectors, and Manifestors it’s even more important because we really have no energy to waste.
4 Aura Types Manifestors

Manifestor care VS Generator care

Manifestor care VS Generator care

During my experience in the Human Design Experiment, I discovered the different love I give. The different care I give as a Manifestor is very different in my experience from the generator love and care that my mind wants to give.
I grew up with a generator mother that took care of our food and the house all the time. She was constantly busy cleaning and taking care of the space.
The example of care I took from her out of my conditioning is to be available for interaction, activity, nourishment and create order in the house.
During the years I tried to copy this behavior. I tried to make food for my lover, to be available for talks, to try to create this generator bond that I felt.
But somehow I couldn’t—or better said, I could not stay there for long. Sooner or later I would become angry, tired, and fed up from this kind of behavior.
When I discovered Human Design suddenly everything clicked into place. I realized that my care and love are very different from the one I observed in my mother.
My care comes from correct initiation; from supporting and empowering people to move to a different step in their life; to provide new starts, new opportunities through my words and actions.
Especially in my design, I can see it through just loving myself and being busy with my own awakening. And that by empowering others, creating resources, and education structures—this supporting others. Sharing my emotional experience is inspiring to others.
2 years ago when I started to meet more and more Manifestors, I recognized these conditioning patterns in relationships: trying to imitate the generator care; responding from sacral conditioning to any need from the outside; being available for interaction, sexuality and physical activity out of a “response”.
The undefined sacral is my place to learn the generator world, to learn about quantities and qualities of energies, but I am still learning that this is not me. It’s not my way of caring. My way of giving to the world and to other people is different from the one I observed while growing up.
When I met my Manifestor partner, I could see how we both fell into the same trap of trying to take care of each other in a way that was not fitting to our real energy.
We learned through time that our care is being expressed by giving space to each other; allowing each other to express fully in a flow of speech; and giving the right impact to each other through waiting and through our inner Authority.
Where I am at in my experience I learned to appreciate very much the generator care, how my mom comes with food and energy to clean the house to hug and to move around.
While my father is a Manifestor as well and just sits on the couch and speaks. I learned to appreciate both. I learned to enjoy both and the most important thing I learned is what fits me and what does not. I learned what is my way of taking care and what is not?
I can appreciate the energies of the generators around me and their energy and their care. Which is, of course, unique and different to each one. And indeed very different from my Manifestor care.
  • Manifestors do you recognize this pattern of taking care as well?
  • How does it feel to care in your own way?
  • How do you care for your expression as a manifestor?
4 Aura Types

Gratitude to the 4 Types

Gratitude to the 4 Types

We have just finished our Master Course 1 and our live Zoom calls have reminded just how much I love learning from each of the 4 energy types!

Every year I discover new things as I learn more from each of the four types in Human Design. For me the essence of Human Design is learning to respect and love myself, as I learn from my best qualities; and at the same time learning to love and respect others as they learn from their qualities.

From me the encounters with other beings are just opportunities to meet the varieties of frequencies that exist in the world. If I’m attentive enough, I might find them within my own experience as well. They might not be as solid as they are in others, because maybe I don’t  have consistent access to that wisdom; but if I am calm enough, grounded enough, then I’m able to learn, to acknowledge and to be inspired from each of the frequencies represented in the other. 

Maybe along the way I will need that frequency to serve me, I will need that wisdom of the other to guide me, I will never know. 

Gratitude for Reflectors 

Reflectors always somehow left behind because there are not many of them, but the ones I met along the way are extremely humble. I learn from them about the perception of time, the fluidity of life; I learn from them about the subtle changes that are possible to observe in each moment; I learned from them to laugh and to play, it’s okay not to take things so seriously.  Although they’re so open I feel they’re extremely centered beings, they’re open but their vulnerability makes them even more in line in my perception. 

I enjoy hearing their observations and their reflections. They remind me that it’s all just a big game, that it’s all an illusion, and it is all nothing but forms that are constantly dancing together and transforming. They remind me to look at my own shadow, without hating myself for judging myself; reflections – it’s a reflection not more than that, just another opportunity for a love; for self-love.

Gratitude for Projectors

Projectors teach me about intimacy; they teach me about the Love of details; they show me one time after the other how personal attention is something so important to develop and to invest time in it; they show me that sometimes one simple question can change everything;  they show me that waiting is not a curse, it’s a bliss; they show me that I can fall in love not only with people but with studies, with each phenomenon on Earth and with structures.

They show me that deep guidance has nothing to do with constantly pointing out unaligned behaviours, but rather it is actually about providing examples, personal stories, little remarks that change the perspective. 

When they’re deeply focusing on themselves, they are my best guides. Their self love, intimacy and the dedication that they have for their own profession, and passion inspires me the most. 

Gratitude for Generators

Dear generators I’ve learned to know you! I’ve learned from you the art of surrendering, as  you show me the duality of waiting and activeness; you show me that those are the same and they are complimenting each other; you show me the things can be done without pushing anything; you show me that actions made with joy can change my whole being. You make life possible, warm, fun, exciting!

You teach me what simplicity is, and that the course for availability is to be honest moment by moment, without fearing the outcome. Just by being honest about what is possible right now.

I love your hugs. I love seeing you open to the world. I love seeing how things just happen for you when you are walking in a state of heaven, eating the fruits that are presented in front of you. 

 Gratitude for Manifestors

Brothers and sisters, I just love you!  I love to see your vulnerability behind the tough Shield; I love to see your boldness and courage that negate any fear or ignorance; I love to see how you fall and rise up again. 

I feel constantly supported by you, understood and seen as I am! You show me that anger is nothing to be feared of; you show me that I can be vulnerable while you hold the space. 

I love seeing you talk without stopping. I love seeing you expressing your passion, your desires and your visions, and creating a path for the rest of us.

You are my brothers and sisters, the ones that are close and the ones that are far. I feel that no matter what happens I’m not alone; I’m not the only one struggling;  I’m not the only one trying to find my peace. I admire you for not giving up; I admire you for looking for your way to be a manifestor in this world, even if sometimes it’s not easy or not directly understood; I can feel your heart beating; I can feel your soul opening, and this encourages me to walk my own path as well, not to give up, but to surrender to love time after time.

I love and appreciate each of the four types. I see how we dance together in humanity. I see our struggles with each other and occasional misunderstandings. What touches me the most is that when we try to see beyond what is familiar, to grasp and understand that we are all humans just living in different bubbles; the human part of us makes us the same, the bubble just changes the way we move in the world – this is it. 

I feel so happy to see types surrendering to their mechanics, through that I have a feeling that somehow I have access, a window to their souls; to their human soul; to my soul.