Become a
Human Design Transmitter

Are you ready to find your way of living and transmitting Human Design?

If so, this program is for you!

The program includes knowledge, personal guidance, and supporting skills for you to become a Human Design Transmitter.  

Human Design changed my life, and supported me in understanding and living what self-love is. From the moment I realized that it is a big gift, I wanted to give this gift to others as well. So if they are ready they can start their Journey, and discover what self-love means for them. 

I’m looking forward to working with people who have passion, curiosity, and openness to this knowledge. They are also brave and have the courage to create their own path, to go beyond the familiar, to bring their heart, unique color and expression to Human Design. 

Human Design is made for humans. So I am asking you – can you reach humans?  Can you see beyond the knowledge?  Can you touch the core of what it means to be alive?

If you also want to give this gift to others and discover your unique way to do that – I’m here for you!

I’m not interested in copying and pasting Human Design teachings. I’m not interested in repeating what has been said already. I’m interested in the way YOU are going to transmit Human Design.

Transmission must go through the body and through personal experience. Transmission is something that you eat and digest until it becomes YOU. Until it is no longer a separated object, rather, it’s part of Who You Are; the way you live your life. Then it’s not an effort to transmit Human Design. You have everything you need already,  it is natural,  it is always accessible for you, and you have endless resources for your transmission. Because it’s not something that you do it is something that you are. Therefore the love of life is there for you constantly providing you exactly what you need. 

I’m here to show you that you can live the knowledge and transmit it As You Are,  and it is a joyful, simple, fascinating, and lasting process. It is the process of being alive and bringing love and clarity to others. 

How to Become a Human Design Transmitter

What is Included the program:

Personal Guidance 

16 – 1:1 sessions with Bar – 1h  each.

2 session per a month. 

These private sessions will empower your personal journey and give you support and guidance in many aspects of your life.

It’s a place where you can ask questions about the knowledge of self or your personal process.

The more you engaged in the private sessions with Bar;  the more you open up, bring-up your challenges, insights, and personal experiences, the more you can benefit from her impact and wisdom.

Find support in:  partnerships,  work/professional life, personal development, emotional blockages, or any other subject that is relevant to you.


You will have access to four (4) Online Educational Courses.

These courses contain hours of transmitted knowledge of the Human Design System. So you can start with the foundation of the system and then learn more advanced material.

You can feel confident and comfortable knowing all different aspects of the system and having a deeper understanding of the original material given by Ra.

It will be up to you to study the material,  to go over the videos, and to implement the knowledge through repetition and practice in your body.

You can study at your own pace and rhythm, and you will have constant access to do the courses. So you can listen to any subject you want at any time in your own order,  according to your curiosity.


This is the section where you can take action into the world,  you can create a platform to share your unique perspective on Human Design,  you can use it as a tool for self-expression,  and if you choose, you can also to take it to a business level.

You will have an online course providing you with tools and skills. You can practice and eventually create your own place of expression.

It will be up to you to write,  record,  collaborate, and create actively if you choose to do so. You can give of yourself to complete the process of becoming a Human Design Transmitter.

Price & Conditions 
  • The price is $1,360 – for the full 8 Month Program.

  • If you decide to quit the program, you will no longer have access to the material and the money will not be refunded.

  • The private 1:1 sessions are provided only for 8 months and cannot be replaced reschedule after the time frame.

  • You can choose to have a monthly payment plan of $170/ per month

  • If Bar misses a private session with you,  it is up to her to complete this time with you.

Are you passionate and ready to start the program?

Are you ready to dive in deeply and become a Human Design Transmitter? 

If so, reach out to Bar to schedule a free Zoom call to get to know her before you start this journey!