Manifestor– Experiencing Burn Out

Manifestor– Experiencing Burn Out

Why is it so easy to burn out as a Manifestor?

Why does it feel so good at first and then I find myself feeling so dead?

Why does it take so long to recover?

What can I do?

Well, my answers are only from my view and experience with myself and other Manifestors I know!

1. Easy burn out

As Manifestors we don’t have a defined Sacral Center, the Center of life energy, that has constant resources for work and activity. So, we amplify the Sacral energy around us and we THINK it is ours. Therefore, we work extra and get easily burned out.

This conditioning is very strong for Manifestors.

Generators, who all have defined Sacral Center, make up the majority of the population on earth, 70%. As Manifestors, we are affected because wherever we go, we can be lost in Generator energy and feel consumed. Our mind can keep us trapped and make us behave as Generators, seeking their satisfaction and experiencing their frustration.

Behaving as Generators means working for hours a day, being available to physical interaction and encounters, being busy and active. That actually is NOT the Manifestor trip. And when we are not doing our trip we end up wasted.

2.Feels good at first

Generators and Manifestors are under the official term “Energy Types.” To move energy can feel good for a while for a Manifestor because we do have a Motor connected to Throat + undefined Sacral, which is the definition of Manifestor in the BodyGraph.

So, yes it means we are here to move energy and to act. It can feel good to do, to be in action, to be in creation and having a feeling that things are moving. BUT our action is very different from Generators! It is driven by other forces and has different aims. The difference can be confusing and misleading.

The Generators are here to move in order to build, maintain what is there, to keep moving what is already here, to make it perfect and alive. They move their own body to know themselves, and to see which actions make them satisfied.

Manifestors are here to move in order to create impact, to break through, to initiate change, to start or finish large processes, and their energy is made to reach a big audience. They move their own body to find peace, to see which action impacts and how, and how they can be peaceful.

At first it feels alike, but in the long run, if Manifestors try to keep pace with the Generator’s energy, anger and exhaustion will appear all over the place.

3. It takes long to recover

It takes long to recover because, again, our body is not made for WORK. It cannot take it. It can cause us physical & mental suffering. By overworking, we take all the little energy that is there for us, so in order to come back to our true nature, we need long recovery periods.

When we as Manifestors operate according to our Design, and work from our gift, we rest when needed and act in perfect balance. When operating correctly, we recover fast and our work brings us peace and joy. And actually, in the end, it does not feel like work at all. It’s just our natural movement in the world, like vital, inspired creation.

If you find yourself needing endless time to recover, to sleep and seek quietness, disconnected from people, it means you are acting on batteries that are not yours, that you still think and live as a Generator!

That shows you don’t know what your Manifestor gift is yet, and how to make money out of it, with minimum effort and maximum joy. Gladly – YOU can learn and change!

What can you do?

You ask yourself – how do I pay the bills? Which kind of work is good for me?

This is what I do, empower you!

You become aware of the way YOU give the world, by knowing your Design, and living it.

You become aware of YOUR Manifestor gift, and start to nourish it, deeply and consistently.

Your way to make money is NOT by working. It is by creating impact, moving large and bringing change to individuals, groups or to the collective.


Manifestor’s Responsibility

Manifestor’s Responsibility

I’d like to share some observations from my process about the Manifestor’s Responsibility.

Here we go…

As a child, teenager and afterward, I always felt that I bore an unexplainable responsibility. I did not know what it was and what it meant, but could clearly feel it. I could not understand why, when I missed a class at school or went to a social event in a certain mood, that it had such a big influence. Many times, I wanted to be like the others so I could fool around a bit with no need to bear all kinds of consequences. 

It seemed to work just fine for the others! Why not me?

And then, I discovered I am a Manifestor type. I was exposed to the nature of my Aura, how it works and interacts with life! And a big aha came! There was no way for me to behave like the others and not get the impact back. It just does not work that way for Manifestors or for me. From that moment on, I started cultivating what I call the “Manifestor’s Responsibility.” 

That for ME is beyond informing. It’s the essence of the potential for Aura-screening peace. More importantly, for the steps of my own personal evolution as a human being.

My observations so far:

As an Emotional Manifestor

The responsibility to apologize after a case of strong emotion has been shouted at others. Even a small flame. No blame, no fault. It can happen and it burns! The responsibility to communicate what I feel. Sometimes, with the closed Aura, it’s hard to know impact, but it still affects everybody around.

As an Emotional-Ego Manifestor

The responsibility to communicate in case I decide to cancel a commitment at the last moment. Maybe because it was not clear to me in the first place, and I get it now. To take care that I encourage others, but not push them to prove anything or commit.

In general, The Manifestor’s responsibility is to live within the correct Authority, to apologize when warranted, to be humble and understand when I have done something “wrong”. By saying “wrong,” I acknowledge that I am experimenting, I am still learning my impact, what it means and how to refine it.

Many times, the mind takes over. The instant I recognize this, I take full responsibility and most of the time, when it’s the right moment, I reach out to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said.

I learn to love it, to accept a bit more every time, how my Aura functions and how I can BE it. How I can embrace the responsibility of being a Manifestor.


Sensitive Manifestor

Sensitive Manifestor

In my experience, I see that sometimes the words, “Closed and Repelling”, regarding the Manifestor’s Aura can be misleading.

It’s true, in a sense, when they are referring to the mechanics of the Aura, how it moves in the world, and interacts with other Auras. Though inside this condensed energetic field, there is a Human Being who is fragile, sensitive and vulnerable—as much as any other creature on earth.I may appear as untouchable, solid, distanced, cold. 

This is what my Aura can scream to others, outside. On the inside, l am like honey, sweet and soft. From first look or encounter with me it may be difficult to see that, but in time these aspects reveal themselves, too.

As a Manifestor, I need to feel comfortable with the other seeing a wild and unpredictable woman. It feels as if I am unconsciously checking left and right, back and forth, that there is no hidden danger where I might be controlled or have any expectations on my actions. 

The actions I take are sometimes unexpected, myself. I will check that there is respect to the time and energy I have—as I do not have much anyway! Allowing space for these two important aspects to become clear to me, especially as an emotional being, it can take a while. I can be very loving, gentle and soft, exposing my vulnerability and grace, and enjoying great simple bonds between people.

This is something that I often see in my behavior, and I have slowly come to peace with it. I am taking my time to open up, to trust, to smell the situation and the person. As I grasp the nature of the Manifestor type more—my nature—I start to be more compassionate and patient toward social and intimate interactions.

I know that part of my conditioning is to allow myself to be rolled by; letting people cross my borders, “taking” the little energy that is there, giving it away easily; as well as not knowing my wild nature that needs space and freedom to act.In my case, these things led to stress, distance, passive aggressive presence, withdrawn energy in interactions. This is what the conditioning-fear did to me over the years.

Now, slowly but surely, the ice is starting to melt. I am becoming more grounded in my Aura and Inner Authority. I can feel in my body the clear limits and I can trust my time to act, move or stop, regardless of the outer circumstances.

In my view, the Aura is Repelling and Closed, but the Human inside is not. 

Sometimes I can even be more receptive as I am waiting to get hit by the program and support humanity evolving in its process. I am very connected to the general movement that is happening, to the exchange of information between me and other people. As I am here to serve the situation when needed, in a way that is even unknown to me.

Thank you for listening, for stepping into my world as a Manifestor. Much love to our Auras and the Humans living within the Auras.


The love of an Emotional Manifestor Woman

The love of an Emotional Manifestor Woman

My love is silent,

My love is unpredictable

My love is slow

My love is consistent

My love is hard to sense directly

My love exposes itself though time

My love is profound, penetrating

My love is subtle

My love is brave, not compromising

My love is triggering

My love is opening

My love is under the surface

My love is respectful

My love is leaving impact and trace

My love is shy

 My love is unspoken 

My love is hard to bear 

My love is always there


6/2 Profile: My Own Experience

6/2 Profile My Own Experience

Two weeks ago I went to a women’s circle nearby. The organizer of the ceremony asked me if I could take another woman who needed a ride with me, and I said yes. The woman came to my place, and it felt a bit weird that someone was entering my cave, my cozy house.

We discovered during the ride that she is also an Emotional Manifestor, with a 6/2 profile. We both had to laugh, and it felt very natural to ride together. Along the way, she wanted to know more about the 6/2 profile. As I shared about my experience, I realized how much I enjoy talking about this profile, and how much depth and beauty I discover within it. 

2nd Line in the body – The Talent & The Call

The second line is natural at what it does. It is talented, and is the most spiritual line in the hexagram structure because it is here to be called, called out to express its hidden talent.The second line wants to hide, to not be seen, and to spend time at home and just be, doing its thing, until it hears the call. Then, from the shyest place, it can express its boldness, and then it will recognize its own talent, its own natural gifts.

Until the call, the second line is not aware of its own capacity, of how much it instinctively knows; that it has a natural gift without any need for studying or doing anything special. The question for the second line is: “What is my call?” It is not solely about the talent that people recognize from the outside and want us to perform.

What is the call that comes from Spirit? What is that “special something” that transcends me and that is connected to the mystical forces? The call that I cannot understand directly, I can only sense it deeply coming into knowing that I am called on a certain path; the path that will reveal itself to me. Very often in my life, I received different kinds of proposals. People would tell me, “You can be great in that…”,“ You can do that easily…” or “ Why don’t you do this, you’re so good at this…”

All proposals were somehow possible to me, I could see what they were talking about. I felt like, ”Yes, I can do this. I don’t know how or why it all feels so natural to me”.  On some occasions, I did try to follow those outer recognitions, but they never fulfilled me. They were recognitions of my capacities, not the specific call that I was waiting for. I must admit that it was very tempting to surrender to outer propositions. To see myself doing this or that, or performing this kind of skill or another, with no particular effort. My mind liked the idea, but my body did not feel complete or fulfilled. Once again, it was not “The Call”, the higher call, it was too mundane and simple. I asked many questions of myself, “Why are you not following the opportunity?”, “What is missing for you?”

I did not know what was missing, I just knew that something else was waiting for me, and I must wait for it.

The 2 Line in the body – Selectivity

The second line is very picky about its surroundings. 

It has a selective discernment mechanism within it that observes who will be permitted to enter its cave. Who will be the lucky one to take it out of its shyness? Who deserves its boldness? Who will connect to its sense of spirituality and mysticism, without seeking or asking for an explanation?

The second line is saying, “I’m in my cave and I’m doing my things. I am very happy here and connected to all the things that I need. I am supported by higher forces, and in simple presence. Please tell me what you need from me when you come. I need to see if I can trust you, and if it is worth my energy to stop my calm cozy routine at home.“

It might seem arrogant, but it’s not a choice. This is the mechanism of the second line. It will carefully discern its environment and activities, and it will not engage easily with anyone. It would rather stay home and be left alone, not needing to deal with the talent that might be pulled out unexpectedly.

In my life, I never understood why I’m not so easy going with people, why I’m not so interested in simple interactions, and why I cannot connect, or find interest with most people? I felt something was probably wrong with me. I felt extremely shy in social situations, and I barely knew how to behave. But, once a real connection was made, I was surprised to see myself blooming and opening up, expressing the boldness within.

Until I met Human Design, I could not figure out why I was so picky and selective, although the people approaching me were extremely kind and wanted to form a bond.

When I started to accept and surrender to this mechanics, I felt a huge relief. I could trust my aloofness and my solitude, knowing that when the time comes, I will be fully engaged in the human encounter. I do not force myself anymore to open up if the chemistry is not there for me. I let go of the need to explain or justify my behavior.

The 6 Line in the Personality – 3 Stages of Life

 The sixth line has 3 episodes in its life. 

Episode #1

The 6th line wears the costume of the 3rd line from the day of birth until around the age of 30. The 6th line will behave as a 3rd line, playing the mechanism of bonds made and broken in relationships, work, and movement in space. It will have its 30 years of trial and error. Not necessarily mistakes, but rather trying things out, eating whatever is there – some of it will fit, some of it you will be able to swallow, and some of it will be rejected.

At the end of those 30 years of trial and error, a person will have a long list of things that they have tried on and that simply don’t work. This is the wisdom of the third line episode. A person gathers experiences and wisdom about oneself by being completely engaged in the material plane and human interaction. The path is not always easy, in fact, it is mostly challenging. 

I’m about to go on the roof, ending my 30 years of the 3 line personality. I must admit that it felt like hell within these 30 years. I felt completely unequipped going through all kinds of experiences, and it was completely overwhelming.

I was experiencing relationships that didn’t last, and trying all kinds of behaviors that left scars and wounds within my memory. I felt like I was constantly falling and rising again, and that nothing seemed to get better. It felt like I was building a sand palace, where the waves of the oceans constantly came to destroy it.

When I met Human Design and was told about the mechanism of the 6/2 profile and its first 30 years… There was no happier woman on Earth than me that day!!

I whispered to myself, “Thank God it’s about to be over!”

I knew it deep inside, that something was wrong there… that it was OK, it was supposed to be like this but it will not last forever.

I could start to embrace myself and all the things that I’ve gone through with compassion and understanding. My life did not appear so bad if you looked at it from the outside perspective. But, from the inside, I was experiencing an ongoing roller coaster. I came out of it full of bruises, bleeding and sweating, wondering when it will all stop?!

I feel that this is one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge for the 6th line beings to know (or for the people that have many 6th lines). The awareness that it is just temporary, and it’s here for a reason. So although it hurts too, just try to play around it and learn from it as much as you can.

6th line in the Personality – The Roof 

Episode #2

The second episode of the 6 line is the roof. It is the time where the personality gets space to observe, a feeling of detachment from the mundane plane. It is the opportunity to objectively look at things, no longer looking to be engaged and to try things out, just seeking for simple observation. It is the time to lick wounds, it’s time to rest, time to invest in oneself and its own unique individual process.

The 6th line is searching for integrity, the ability to have a correlation between intentions, words, and actions, so they are all in line with each other.The 6th line is saying to the others: “Don’t tell me, don’t show me, don’t talk about it – just be it!”

And it’s not just telling it only to others, it is telling it mostly for itself. It is asking itself to be loyal to its own movement, not compromising, simply doing its way, not trying to prove or bring a new message out there, just to be authentic to its journey.

I have started to climb on the roof, and it will take me, I believe, 3 more years to fully embody the transition. I’m amazed how everyday I can see the change in the way I think, the way my personality behaves and how I express myself in the world. I no longer tolerate certain behaviors, both of myself and others. There is no curiosity about just bumping into people and trying things out, something that was very evident in my life before.

It’s like I got tired, and this tiredness brings focus, as I finally have a thread of line to follow, it’s not glamorous, it’s not shiny. It is simple.I feel protected being away, not so arrogant in any way, just looking for my own quiet place to follow my process.

The personality is no longer looking for outer simulations, it is just getting to a deep mode of observations, and I know it will become more and more present as time goes by.

6 Line in the Personality – Butterfly’s Time to Fly

 Episode #3

At the age of 50 more or less, the third episode of that 6th line plays itself out. It is time for the butterfly to fly, it is represented in going back to the mundane perspective, more interaction with the world, more engagement, maybe even having the feeling of meeting the same experiences from the early first 30 years of its life.

It’s not a choice, it’s just the unfolding process of the 6th line. The 6th line is pushed to be part of the whole again, and to be among others. To share it’s wisdom, gained in the first 30 years of engagement, and in 20 years of observation.

The key note for the 6 line is “Role Model”

A role model of oneself, a role model of how a human can just be who they are, not perfect, just divine in its simplicity and its authenticity. Knowing that wisdom is gained through experience and through life process. Knowing that life is made out of layers and stages, the perfection lies in the imperfection, in the journey of each one.

I observe people that have come down from the roof. I enjoy hearing their stories. I enjoy feeling the frequency in their body, and I enjoy sensing the ease of simplicity that is displayed. I see how they bloom, and how they bring certain gifts to the world. I can see the marks on their faces, the marks of wisdom. They make me feel it is possible to be oneself, and that there is nothing to chase, that nothing is found elsewhere.

The 6/2 profile is one of my favorite profiles, I enjoy the combination between seeing and experiencing the shy mystical, gifted frequency in the body, childlike. And the wise old soul represented in the personality. Throughout the years I always felt special connections with the 6/2 profiles, like an unexplained understanding and immediate warmth that goes through my veins.

I’m looking forward to continuing to explore and see this profile playing out its role in the movie of my life.I’m ready to continue to see the nuances of its behavior, to continue being curious and to get the perspective over time on what it actually means for me and for others.


12 Profiles: An Overview

12 Profiles - Overview

In the Human Design system there are 12 profiles. We can look at it as 12 movie characters, the characters are built as 2 parts, the body and the clothes that they wear.

The body is what moves them, it’s an unconscious part with hidden motives.The body is the structure under the cloth, it’s what’s driving them, the theme of life. The cloth of the character is how other people perceive them from the outside, it’s the lines in the movie that they will say.The body will take them into action, to move, to meet people, to change places, to behave in one way or another, and as they do so their role will be displayed outwards.

Each profile has its own meaning in the chain of life, in the construction of the complex net in cold humanity. The profile will represent the way they meet life, the way life missed them. When you know how your profile operates, you can surrender even more to your design. 

You can surrender even more of your life.  You can accept the way you do things and the way you don’t do things.You can also accept other people for their behavior and actions.Each profile has its magic and it’s conflict, each profile has its unique way of expressing itself in the world.

It’s beautiful to see how different profiles interact with one another, how different profiles are affecting each other, how different profiles teach each other different lessons.When you surrender to your profile, through surrendering to your strategy and inner Authority, you can start to enjoy your character in the movie. You can then stop fighting and arguing with characters that are not yours.You start to acknowledge the value of yourself through the profile.

When you embody the design you are here to be, you can serve your unique limitation. The profile is an aspect that is easy to see and acknowledge, because it’s so evident in the life of each one of us.It’s one of the fundamental elements in human design body graph.

The profiles just show us once again that it is all just a big play, that we are all characters, and when we surrender we can actually fulfill the purpose of this character; we can enjoy a great movie, say the great lines and construct the amazing scenes that are made JUST FOR US. 

When you are not leaving as yourself, you will fall into the trap of trying to be someone else; trying to be a character which you are not; trying to play a role not made for you, and consequently facing massive resistance and struggle within yourself and in relationships with others.

So ask yourself this: 

Do I want to be the main character of my movie, oh I just want to be a background actor for somebody else’s movie?

Do I want to have the most beautiful inspiring lines, oh do I just want to decorate somebody else’s movie with crappy lines that no one will remember said by a character that can be easily replaced?

Your profile can show you 100% what is your choice of character for this life.

Your profile can show you 100% where you are in this process & how much you enjoy & surrender to playing your character.

Your profile 100% will reveal to you how much you argue with what you are, and how much you accept the part you are here to play, YOUR purpose of life.You can have a great movie, or choose to have a really shity one.

If you want to dive deeper into this process then learning more about profiles is KEY to accept yourself and others, seeing the beauty of this limitation (role) that we play.

The Red and The Black

The Red and The Black the Unconscious and the Conscious

The Red and the Black
The Unconscious and the Conscious

Our life exists within duality. We always have “this” and “that”, black and white, up and down.

We are born to live and experience this duality; we are here to be the observer of this duality.

There is no bad or good, there is just measurement and the nuances that creates the scale between them.

Human Design exposes the binary consciousness that we are. It allows us to surrender to the duality within ourselves, to recognize it, to acknowledge it, and to stop fighting it. 

In the Human Design body graph we have the red part of the chart and a back part of the chart. The red in the chart is a blueprint of the neutrinos that were present on Earth approximately 3 months before our birth; they represent the Design Crystal and form our unconscious body, our physical body. It represents what we cannot be fully aware of, but it is definitely what is navigating our life; the red knows the material plane and is equipped to this life. However it is what we cannot perceive prior to taking an action, and it only reveals itself after. It is what other people might tell us about ourselves, yet we ourselves are not aware of it.

And then we have the black in our chart. This will be the imprint of the neutrinos that were present on earth at the moment of our birth. They represent the Personality Crystal; the conscious part of us that we are aware of and can identify with. When people talk about our personality, the black aspects in our chart, we say: ”Of course, I know that this is me”.

Astrology is based on the black part in our charts. This is why people feel so recognized when others talk about their personality aspect, because they are aware of it. 

Unlike Astrology, the Human Design is saying, wait a minute, we are a binary consciousness, we are here to be aware of both personality and design aspects. We are here to align to our red aspects for decision making, so then the personality aspect can best play its role.

We are here to see how they both dance together and complement each other. We are here to become aware that the two aspects can be found in a constant battle. It is the Strategy and Authority that give us access to the unconscious in order to teach us how to trust it, while seeing the conscious aspects in action. But we are definitely not here to allow the undefined centers to push forward the conscious black parts of us while leaving the unconscious red parts behind; that would be just serving the cause of the Not-self. 

And this is a scary part of living your design, because you must rest and surrender to something you cannot see or explain, something that you probably are not aware of. 

The red part is your veins and bloodstream; it is your hair that is growing on your head; it is your heartbeat; it is what takes you in space; it is your physical body and you cannot be aware of all of it all the time, but it has the intelligence to take you through space correctly as you are; as long as you just don’t let the mind to interfere and as long as you don’t allow what you ‘think’ to decide for you, this way you will not allow the personality part of you push the life.

There is so much to understand and to learn about the red and the black within our chart and in other people charts. It is a complete mystery that can be revealed step by step.

In the early days of Human Design studies the charts were divided into the black and the red from the very first moment, so people can understand how different they are from each other. So they could see how both aspects create the contradiction in the Game of Life within each person.

If you want to dive even deeper into Human design, we recommend you to start to acknowledge the binary life that is constructing the whole of you.

If you feel already pretty familiar with the basic concepts of Human Design then this knowledge will totally blow your mind! We are super excited to share this wisdom with you in the Human Design Master Course 2. In the course you will see and understand how differently the two aspects behave and discover the different roles they play in your life. You will learn how to use your Strategy and Authority to start revealing their complexity and magic in your life. Most definitely it will make some new light bulbs go off, in the same way as it did when you first came across Human design! It will take you one step further into the black matter, into feeling through the unknown and realizing the power of surrendering to the fact that we don’t have any control whatsoever. So you can definitely start enjoying the ride of being alive a lot more and see the circus dance performance wherever you go.