About the 2 Line in the body

About the second line in the body.

Line 2 is a gentle, shy, sensitive, introverted, spiritual line.
It needs its safe and secure space to develop,to open up, and be invited as part of its projection field.
I am an emotional manifestor, with repulsive aura, the confidence of the ego, the resilience of the emotional center and a single definition however when I am hurt by something my delicate the second line digs deep and hides inside.
Its like a snail and a turtle getting into the shell or the armor, and it’s hard for it to get out until it does not feel safe, at home again.
Even if I go out, I do not shine. I am not radiant. Because I need the time to regain confidence in myself and those around me, and to create a space that feels protected again, to allow time for wounds to heal.

And it can sometimes mislead those looking outside, because I look angry, serious, distant. in control, but actually inside it hurts a lot … I was hurt because I did not respect myself, the gentle listening to my inner authority that undermined.
Sometimes I have the strong desire for a connection that will understand and listen to the vulnerability of my 2.
That I will feel a gentle caress of the soul, that I will hear comforting voices and acceptance of the pain that is taking place within me.
I wish to receive space for all the emotional-spiritual lessons I go through, for all the insights that come from the depths of pain of getting out of my deep inner center.

If I do not have a body, who do I have? Again and again I make sure I am awake to the containing vessel that I am ,I am here to give myself every answer. I am here to understand myself and the depths of my soul, I am here to cry and embrace, listen and forgive.
And this is the 6 like in the personality, which protects the body.
The body experiences, breaks down, changes, grows, shapes, shrinks and expands. And the consciousness of the personality can be like a stern judge or like a compassionate mother.

The 6 in its beauty transforms every experience into learning, spreads its wings to the skies, reminds the delicate and vulnerable body that is allowed to converge in, knowing that others will not always understand, receive, contain when I need but for that I have me, I have the deep and pure understanding of myself. Everything that happens is for my best. Everything is part of my process. Everything is part of my path.
Thanks to learning myself, I can ask and let the body answer, I can break down and let the body collect the pieces. .
Inner authority is my ability to affirm myself on all levels, and allow every space in my life to be my home. Between me and myself.

Sending love from the conch, in constant growth.