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The uncertainty. Who am I without future plans or past experiences?

The uncertainty. Who am I without future plans or past experiences?

I have been wondering about who I am without the plan, who I am without the future and without the past, which is a frequency that inspires me the most.

I look at times when I am canceling meetings and commitments I did, because the body indicates to do so, and then the mind is saying right away: “ Yeah, but if you don’t schedule or if you don’t know when it’s going to be, or if you cancel, you will lose your job, your profession, who you are!!”.

So I allow myself to hang around for a moment with those thoughts, and I see the pattern of how the mind is defining me with future plans or past experiences. I watch how immediately the judgment of the mind comes. It is telling me about who I would be without those plans, without those activities, who I would be in that void.

For me, this is what the Human Design experience is actually doing – it’s taking off layer after layer of a dense mind and I stay naked inside this void. In the beginning, it was very scary and even now it can be at times very scary.

I remember myself when I started following my inner authority and feeling a lot of moments of uncertainty, of not knowing, and at first, it was even horrible and terrifying. However, year after year it started to feel more like home. Every day and every week, and every month and every year the unknown is becoming second nature.I guess this is the frequency we are all coming to. We are all coming to this 2027 that holds the frequency of the channel 34-20 – response in the now, knowing in now or not, melancholy, uncertainty and full energy self-empowerment, where the past doesn’t really matter and the future doesn’t really matter. only now count.

So I am talking a moment to see this process of losing control and the fun of doing so, the beauty and the no choice of it. I feel like there’s no choice. I see my mind forcing the body to do this and that just because it’s good for this and that, and the body just doesn’t move.

The mind explains why things I am supposed to be doing are “good”, and how they are supposed to benefit my future or whatever, even if my body does not feel like it.This is exactly the place where inner authority kicks in, gives me an alternative, so I will not rely on the mind. so I will not rely on what should/could/must be. I can just trust simple feeling, knowing, sensing of the body, I just have my inner authority and whatever it chooses will be the process or the experience I need to have.

There is no logic to it, no logic. Remember that we are coming from the Cross of Planning that is filled with logic, planning the details for the future, planning the skills, working and supporting the tribe. But, now we are entering a completely different cross, the cross of Sleeping Phoenix. This cross is about self-empowerment, individual development, motivated by being present in the NOW, not seeking anything out there in the collective or the tribe, and wishes to display individual passion and self-interest .

Can you see the difference between the crosses? Can you feel the atmosphere changing in the air?

The mind can attribute meaning to things, but whether they have a meaning or not doesn’t define them. And it’s not like I don’t have moments when my mind is completely showing off telling the story and finding reasons, and verbalizing and conceptualizing life. Of course, it is doing that – even this very text that you read.

But there’s always a dance between my mind being completely convinced of how things are and needs to be done based on that and or the mind that is just telling a story to have fun and then comes back being uncertain, unsure – just watching life.

In my view Human Design is not giving more mental confidence, It gives me more uncertainty but also the ability to be more comfortable being uncertain. Until the experience becomes every day like – The uncertainty? Oh, okay, I’m familiar with it. I know it.

I hope you have an inspiring day for yourself not knowing what it’s going to be. And if you know what it’s going to be, in this knowing can you also have a lot of unknown? There can be a lot of uncertainty in any given situation, the uncertainty between the words, the uncertainty between the movements of your body. Even if you have a 9-5 job, even if you’re married with children and obligations, , even if your routine is super scheduled, there are so many moments that are uncertain –

Can you enjoy them? Or do they stress you out?

In my view those are pleasurable moments,I learn to enjoy them, I learn to wake up into the void time after time and to go to sleep into it because actually this void it’s not at all empty – is full of life!


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Human Design – The concept and the absence of Maia

Human Design - The concept and the absence of Maia

A friend once asked me: “Hey, Bar, what are you doing?” And then that friend started analyzing this and that, and I replied: “I just do what I do.”
And this is a state, which is interesting to me because we live in this world of the Maia, where we analyze everything. The personality is documenting every moment in our life. But then there is the consciousness of the body. The body doesn’t need any words. It’s just here, it has no need to describe what is happening, why it’s happening, no need to have any references to the future or the past. For me, opening this document to just write to you is the simplicity of what I can be. I can just start writing and I don’t need to understand why I’m doing it or what is the topic that I’m going to share, and why I’m sharing it with you. It’s just that I am here.

It’s funny that us, humans, or our mind thinks that we need reasons in order to do or not do something. And for me, the process of following Human Design, in the beginning, started as a mental trip. I thought I would be happier, I would be more of something. I thought I needed something and knew how it worked. And it’s funny because now it has brought me to the basic level of just being me. I am just me. I am. And there’s everything in this “I am” -ness: there’s fear, there’s the mind, there’s the body and there is this and that.

But it feels like there’s nowhere to go with all of this, whereas before I felt like I needed to go somewhere or to improve, or change, or adapt. The mind wanted all of those realizations to happen, while now, especially in my process of going on the roof, nothing needs to be changed. Nothing. What I feel, what I think, what I have or don’t have doesn’t need to be changed. And within this, paradoxically, there is a constant change.
This is the illusion of the Maia: there is a fact, which is the body, the fact that I am writing, that my blood is streaming, the fact that you can feel my illusion through words, and then there is an invention, the personality that’s inventing our reality and concepts. We invent words, we invent everything that we experience. The body just is. It’s not having any concept or any terminology to what it experiences. And then we are the fiction, the illusion, the combination between the body and the personality.

Now I don’t even realize that I’m writing about this. To have this body and to have this invention, which is the personality, and to have the illusion that we are in the Maia is all a big illusion. Money, food, and thoughts are all elusive. It’s so funny that we, human beings, are taking it so seriously. I took it so seriously, too. I thought that being alive was such a serious thing, that one had to achieve something! Well, actually, it’s as serious as breathing in and breathing out. It’s so simple! It’s funny that education and things around us are making us think there’s a goal, that we need to get somewhere, that we need to have more money or children, or a better house, or this or that. We don’t need any of that! It just happens.
I must say that Human Design has served me to talk the way I talk, to feel the way I feel. Human Design has established order in my internal and external worlds. Human Design has labeled things for me so I can relate to them. But when I label the inner and the outer world, then, actually, it dissolves completely.

It can be compared to listening to music or reading poetry. You can analyze word by word, sound by sound, but in certain moments the sound is fading and you just hear the music, you don’t analyze the instruments. When you are reading poetry, in certain moments, you don’t read the words, you just feel the poem, you just see the flow of words together and they lose their sense. And I feel this is something I’m experiencing right now. I experience the Maia, but I also experience the absence of Maia. I experience the word itself, I experience the concept of the words in the Maia: “me”, “you”, “love”, “food”, “dog”. I experience the concept of what a dog is in the Maia, but at the same time, it dissolves.
Here we come to the essence of being One. So it’s seeing the process of verbalizing things and giving words to things and having things as a concept. But then one step afterward there is nothing. It’s just nothing. We as humans are constantly balancing these steps: reaching terminology, reaching construction, and then if something happens, we go beyond the concept. For me, this is a very interesting state.
As I am writing, I don’t try to understand if you understand what I’m writing or if it makes sense at all. It’s just something that is coming out of me – whatever. And I hope that we as humanity can reach a point of just living in that space, where we know that words and concepts don’t have so much meaning, that Human Design doesn’t have so much meaning. This or that doesn’t have so much meaning. It’s just for the sake of the game. We are just playing. It’s just a game. It’s just an illusion of being alive in the Maia.
I like when things are appearing and disappearing. It would be funny if more people could see the concept and be the concept, and at the same time could just say: “Hey, it’s not really happening. It doesn’t really matter if there is a concept and if we agree on the concept. It’s just for the sake of playing.”

I would love to take you to the essence, to that moment, where you don’t really care if Human Design exists or not. This is where I am right now. I don’t really care if Human Design exists or not, I don’t really care about this or that. I teach this and that, but I don’t really care if the concept itself works. It’s just a concept. I use it. So if you’re on this path in Human Design and you’re exploring your own way, I really wish for you to be able to take the boat of Human Design across that river and just leave the boat. Leave Human Design and just live it.

Maybe it’s going to happen to you. I mean, for me it just happened. I was so involved in Human Design and still am, in a way. But I took it so seriously. It was all the life there was for me. And now you can tell me it doesn’t work or it doesn’t exist and I will say: “Yes, okay. I don’t really care. I don’t really care if you believe in types or not if you care about the gates or not. I don’t. I don’t really care.” It doesn’t mean that I don’t see the concept or that I can’t speak the Human Design language. I just no longer have this attachment to knowledge. Who cares? This body will dissolve anyway.
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Creating / Working Space

Creating / Working Space

*Was taken from a creation course for Manifestors, but can fit all.
I am very careful with the word working because as Manifestors, we are not here to “work” and there are a lot of strange connotations with the word working; that it should be an effort, that we need to put extra force, and to be active all the time. So, I will take the context of working into another dimension, which is Creation. But everybody is familiar with the term “Working Space”. so let’s call it Creating/Working Space.
So basically, space where I create. Which is it? How do I feel there? Is it supporting my creative state? Is it helping me to produce? Is it inspiring for me? Is it bothering me? What triggers my senses in the place where I sit and create?
Of course, there are a lot of places where inspiration can come; on a daily walk, when I drink my coffee, when I am having a conversation with my partner. Inspiration can appear everywhere, but in the end, I have to sit and write, sit in front of a computer, or where I can record a video, so I am asking myself, what does my Creating/Working Space look like? feel like?
And how do I deal with it? What do I mean when I say, “deal with it”? I mean how much attention am I actually giving to my Working Space. Some people like to have plants in their working space, some people like a beautiful painting, some people are very sensitive to the smell of the room, or the amount of light that gets in. So, I am asking you, what is important for you in your Creating/Working Space?
Because eventually, when I create content, I create my course, I create my publicity, whatever I create, people feel consciously and unconsciously, how comfortable I am, and how much I resonate within my content.
So, if I record a video I am cold, if I write a text and I am hungry if I do not like having my working space disorganized and I create when the space is messy, everything is the frequency and everything is felt through my creation. So, although I am behind a computer and I hold your camera in a way that people do not see my legs and so on, everything is felt.
We are a sensory being, so I am asking you, what is good for your sensors? For your visual sensory? For your physical sensory? For your taste? Maybe you like to drink something before you start producing, or maybe not, brushing your teeth, who knows? How is the sensory of the smell applied in your working space? All of those little aspects are raising the awareness for you to be conscious of the state from where you create.
And sometimes we have habits which are actually pulling us away from this very fluent expression, from our Manifestor Gift, and we are not aware of them: oh, ok, I leave the dishes on my table, my chair is not so clean, and the smell in the room is more or less, but it’s ok! I am kind of used to it! So, I am putting your awareness on it and asking you: Is it really ok? How would you like to be?
If you could now design an amazing Creating/Working Space. What would be in it? Will it be completely empty with just one candle? Will it be stuffed with many quotes and inspirational music? Will it be outside in nature where you can see the view? How would you create your Creation/Working Space? Eventually, people feel it, and you feel it.
This is the concept of creating Working Space: to invest energy, attention and time, as well money, in your Creation/Working Space, because very often we want to receive. We want to receive more clients, more jobs, more money, more inspiration. But what do we do in order to receive all of it?
How much money do I invest in my working space? To buy a new table, a new vision board, new pants, maybe a new program for the computer. How much energy do I really put in the place where I create? And this is for me a very important aspect because nowadays, we have the phone, we have the computer, we have WIFI. There is a feeling that we can work from everywhere; while traveling, while being on the road, while being in the living room, in our breakfast.
But I am saying: wait a minute if I want to create something that has quality, that has depth, that shows my wisdom, that so-called forces me to dive in and take out my natural gifts in a way that is possible to see and perceive on the outside, it needs a container.
A container for me, where I can sit and say: ok, enough of outer distraction, now inner resources and creation for my business. Not everywhere, not all the time, not whenever I want, not, by the way, the opposite! I intend to enter into my Creative/Working Space, I prepare the space, I make it sacred, I make it holy for me, I make it holy for me, and welcoming for me, and inviting for me.
Because I believe that my clients, and the people that are going to pay for my products and services, deserve this kind of attention. They deserve me to be available in all of my senses in order to serve them. And I truly believe in this exchange between frequencies, which is the frequency within my creation, this is what I will receive, people will feel it, people will sense it. So, what is the container in your Creating/Working Space?
I am keeping on asking you in order for you to contemplate on the container that you really need that supports you, that empowers you, to create as yourself, and not take it for granted, because today we have phones, and we have the speed of action, we actually ignore a lot of details, we ignore the transformation that the body needs to pass through in order to really produce something for a long term.
Everything seems so instant, fast, and at the moment, but actually, if you look at companies, if you look into big projects, people who have succeeded in their life, there is a lot of investment there, in time and attention, and people think about all the little details of their offices. There is a lot of preparation in all levels when you want to create something of quality.
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How to respond to emotional crises? Rooted in the 36 gate

How to respond to emotional crises?
Rooted in the 36 gate

I would like to share with you some practical tools from my experience about the emotional crisis through gate 36. I feel it may support all kinds of emotional crises not only people who have the 36 gate.  

So what happens when a friend of mine, mother, daughter, partner comes to me with an emotional crisis?  When I say emotional crisis I mean this very condensed frequency that is expressing:” Ugh everything is falling apart, I feel pain, I feel awful pain, I don’t see the good anymore, it’s so dark in here and it’s horrible I don’t want to live with that and I am so condensed!” Or What happens when I feel this kind of frequency?

In my view, this situation is asking me just to listen and to make space in my body for that frequency. Emotional crisis It is not an easy frequency to contain, so I want not to try to fix this person, and not try to rationalize what is happening to this person. Not try to control or make sense of this pain; it is only emotional pain. 

I have this gate 36, in the red so it is part of my design, it is part of the collective abstract stream, so sometimes it needs to share the crisis with others. So when it is lighting up I let myself or another person share the crisis, to release through words the baggage.

If I see it is too much for me, if I see it’s too heavy right now to hold space, I find a kind way to say it:” I see you are in pain now, I would like to give it space when I am available / I see that I am not able to be here for you right now, I am sending you to love and support/ I feel you are having a hard time, it sounds very painful, I am sorry but I can’t be there for you right now, I let you know when I am”.

What is happening in that moment of “ break down: is just me experiencing an emotional crisis after a new experience I had. I’m always like this, I enter a new emotional experience, it can be beautiful, amazing, thoughtful, hard, challenging or whatever it is, then the experience is over and I fall. I fall off the cliff, the chemistry droops, I feel deeply emotional. Emotionally drained into this crisis. It is just a chemical reaction in the body. 

I feel that what I need is from myself and the others not to be scared from the “negativity” and condense emotion I feel. What can be helpful when I am in this situation is to actually verbalize to me what is happening from a calm perspective:” I see you are in pain, I see you are frustrated and sad, I see it feels like storm and crises to you right now.. Would you like to share what you feel? How is it? ….Thank you for sharing it with me”, basically using mirroring and reflection words. 

It is better not to try to make sense of this crisis, and to try to see the good side right now. Because It is not a logic gate or frequency. It is an abstract frequency. The crises can come also after an experience that was amazing and “good” but the emotional depth of the emotional being is to see the dark side in any beautiful side of this life as well. If I take the pain and the dark side from the emotional being then I take the depth from this life. I DO NOT want to take the depth from this life, I really don’t want that because then everything will be super flat and boring. 

So dealing with a crisis is allowing the crisis to be, letting the person share its feeling, massy as they are, echoing to the person what it feels. Not trying to change the situation and especially giving it time because it’s emotional and its collective frequency. It needs time in order to verbalize and feel over and over again, in order to look at the crisis from different perspectives,  Sampling the “Story” thorough this and that, before and after, inside and outside, you and me until the crisis comes into completion through the time when the chemistry changes again. 

I believe we are all experiencing emotional crises in that way or another, or having around us people who have them, not just emotional beings so I guess we can all benefit from contemplation on this subject, asking what will be the best way to deal with that? To make it space? To allow it to be entirely?

I wonder how we can be there for each other in moments of emotional crises? that life is always providing us.

 Luckily life is never boring and we have breaking points and in my experience, they are part of the beauty of being alive, and  I am here to live not only to experience the “positive” emotions but also the “negative” emotions, knowing that both of them create depth and showing me the range of colors of what it actually means to be alive.  

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The non-sacral beings: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. How can we live on the mundane plane without being burnt out?

The non-sacral beings: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. How can we live on the mundane plane without being burnt out?

We live in a world of generators – the bubbling energy of the sacral. Naturally, a mental question arises: “How do I make money? How do I earn my living? If I don’t have the energy to work as a generator? Or I think I have it, but then I end up burnt out and exhausted, dead and sick.”

The answer is simple: we all have life force, we are all alive and we all have a body that takes us perfectly in space and takes care of us.

We all have a gift: the gift of a Projector of guidance through its channels profile and cross, the gift of a Manifestor of Impact through its channels, profile, and cross, the gift of a Reflector of reflection through its gates, profile and cross. And we are here to be aware of that gift and to use that gift efficiently.

Our energy and life force channels are our resources for income on the material plane. We are here to know what our gift is, how our channels operate, and to follow our Strategy and Authority instead of the mind!
By doing that, we receive feedback from life. However, what’s happening is that instead of using that gift efficiently, creating a business that is based on that gift, knowing where to invest the energy, how to be efficient, and not get burnt out, we just try to be like generators, BUT – Funny enough the energy does generate itself as it is for them!
And we end up – burning out everything all we have got.

Before I met Human Design, I certainly did try to be like a generator. I tried to work many hours and thought that only if I had worked hard and all day long, I would have achieved whatever and be okay on the material plane.
What happened was basically the opposite. I realised that as a Manifestor, I am here to initiate from emotional clarity using my channels and to understand that this is why people come to me – because they are asking for that specific frequency that is the quality of my channels, profile, and cross in their life.

Each one of you – Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors – have this unique gift in a different constellation. And people come to you because of this life force.

The joke is that it’s not an effort for you to be who you are. BUT It is an effort for you to be who you are not.

It is an effort for you to act as a generator. So my little advice is for you to get to know your channels, profile, and cross, understand how they work, and also understand who you are NOT.

By understanding that you will give more energy and more focus, more emphasis on who you are through Strategy and Authority, through contemplating and pondering and living your channels, profile, and cross.

I believe it’s possible for each individual to have their individual business, or being part of a business based on their life force, using their life force in constellations and groups, and partnerships perfectly.

As Ra reminds us – although it seems strange – we are not here to take care of the material plane. We are not here to worry about money and survival. We are not in survival mode anymore. We are in a state of developing emotional awareness, and emotional awareness needs time and patience.
We are on the trip of passenger consciousness – the material plane is just an excuse to experience this body.

Through our individual channels, profile and cross, through our unique bodygraph we can create a unique business, not a copy-paste business. And it will not even feel like a business – it will feel like “I am just doing me”.

So what is your passion? What is your life force? How do you use it correctly? Of course, this can work for generators as well, but for non-sacral beings like Projectors, Reflectors, and Manifestors it’s even more important because we really have no energy to waste.
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Emotional vs. non-emotional, and the gift of patience in relationships

Emotional vs. non emotional, and the gift of patience in relationships.

I would like to share with you about relationships and the way I see them translated into Human Design. One of the big differences we have in dynamics between two people is emotional vs non-emotional (Defined in the Solar Plexus vs Not defined in the solar plexus center).
 Yesterday I had a conversation with a beautiful friend and she was talking about her and a guy she’s dating and specifically the differences that they have regarding the number of meetings. As I know this guy is emotional and she is non-emotional, I took a moment to talk to her and told her that some people need quiet time to digest, reflect to understand what they feel before they are ready to meet up again for a new emotional experience.I said, for example, I meet the same people day after day, the same person, I just take a lot of information in, and at a certain point, I cannot anymore. I need this space not to meet that person in order to digest the experience emotionally. I explained to her the need for space as an emotional being to go through chemistry.I also told her that when I meet the same person day after day I feel like I’m fluttered and overwhelmed with emotional information. The depths and the beauty of being emotional in a relationship is having all this time to digest the emotional nuances and how they affect my emotional frequency and the way I perceive and take in the other and life in general. Because as an emotional being I take and I see everything through the emotional lens, through pain and pleasure, and how I feel the details gather over time and bring depth and richness into the way I live reality. 
She was amazed. What I said sounds strange to her, she said that after 1-2 days she is already ready to meet up again, and be present, in the intensity of the relationship, she could not completely graph wh so much time is needed? 
In my view all relationships need time. If we are emotional or not. We need time to take in each other, to digest each other, to contemplate, to feel, to allow this change to be within ourselves.In my view, all relationships need this certain level of space, air, perspective, and adjustment that asks for a time in order to mature. Things are not happening in one day. Some maybe need more and some less.
In the case of emotional and non-emotional is just more evident. The emotional being is going through a motion of up and down waves constantly, and different range of density the emotional realm that relates to past and future, and the non-emotional being is not constantly processing emotions; it has a more “objective – flat way” of taking in the other, because there is no emotional frequency that colors the encounter, it is more connected to what is happening at the moment.
So do you see what is happening when they meet before the time is right?  One is in a constant emotional process, feeling the emotional weight of the relationship, and another being is just once in a while digesting and processing heavy-light emotions related to the relationship.
Do you see what it does to relationships? The non-emotional goes – “Come on, I got it! Whatever it is, we don’t need to talk or relate to it because I don’t feel it! – so it does not exist for me, I only feel it when I’m with you, when I’m not with you I’m not processing it or I’m not constantly processing it, so I really don’t understand where all this ‘drama is coming from?! – why does it need to be so heavy?”On the other hand, the emotional being goes:” There is so much to process and I feel so much and there is so much to say and I need more time and I cannot move on because I am still in this process and feel this and that… And much in between! Can we open it up?? Can we dive into it?”.
When emotional and non-emotional beings meet and there is no conscious access to this difference, no awareness of it, it can create so many misunderstandings. One person needs more time and the other can say;” Why do you need all this time? Are you rejecting me? You don’t want me in your life?”  And the emotional being can be stressed saying: “it’s not that I don’t want you, actually I just don’t know how I feel, there are so many things happening inside, so… I don’t know… And…. I feel like this and like that…”
So we have these two different dynamics in processing information, it is challenging.  
From my perspective, it is one of the main goals why Human Design is here to expose the differences and how we can benefit from each other. First, so we learn to respect each other and support each other in this way. And then potentially we can learn:  How can I, as an emotional being, benefit from the non-emotional world? What can I learn? What do I give to the non-emotional being? What can they learn from me?  
I am offering to give a moment to all relationships in our lives, regardless if you are emotional or nonemotional the relationship needs space to contain all the details and the differences.  Each other in its own processes, its own karma, its own life process.  In order to connect and meet it needs dedication and patience to go through the round and another round, cycle after cycle so we can really meet as we are. It requires a lot of patience to allow the movement of getting closer and going away without judgment. Understanding we have different chemistries in the body. 
I hope this was helpful for your process and I hope we can all cultivate patience in relationships.  Maybe also to forgive when it is not happening, seeing the options of taking a day off, an hour off, a week off, and to remembering the higher perspective as to why we give time to ourselves and the other. We give time because there is time. There is an abundance of time because there is nowhere to go and if we do things incorrectly we can suffer enormously.
We are in an abundance of time and space; there is nowhere to rush. If things aren’t being done correctly then in the end it is like shooting oneself in the leg. It is not creating progress, it is doing the opposite and taking the relationship backward. So with this perspective of time and its abundance and fluidity maybe it will be easier to wait. To be patient,  because we know it is better to meet when the time is right and will better fulfill the potential of the meeting.The higher perspective and deeper understanding of the mechanics is helping us to be patient and to cultivate this breath within relationships.
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Manifestor – My Direct Impact

Manifestor - My Direct Impact

As a Manifestor, I have this moment when I go on stage, where I “perform”, where I give my direct Impact. It can be in our 1:1 session, it can be when I teach, it can be when I lecture, it can be when I create a book, a text, audio, video, whatever….it is when I am on the stage of life and I “perform” and nobody is cutting me.

It is a one-way street; I do my show, I do my Rock, I do my Pop, I do my music out there, exactly as I do right now. I sit in my room, it is wintertime, and I talk. I talk without thinking, I do have the subject but I allow my body physically to transmit you something.
All humans have this capacity, just transmitting information in different ways, delivering, channeling, you name it. And the Manifestor and his channeling, is giving a very direct impact, and the moment I allow things to pass through me, this is my direct Impact.
It is not like posting something small, just saying one sentence to somebody, or just having a chit-chat on the side. I am talking about a massive time when I allow myself and I give myself space, to transmit, to let things pass through, my direct Impact. The moment when I speak when I let things go, I am not in conversation, I am not in a negotiation, I am not in the question-and-answer format, I am just in the answer format. It does not mean that I know exactly what I am about to say and how is about to say it, but I allow things to pass through me and see. Once Manifestor feels this song, this Rap, it is irreversible.

I enjoy recording my courses because I have the gift of sitting in my room and learning my direct Impact. I sit and I talk. I talk to you,. I talk to myself. I talk to life. I let the energy pass through me and to show me the hidden places within myself.
As we know, we have the conscious and the unconsciousness, and the unconscious goes out only when we are out of control. If you sit and plan what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, and what you are going to do, this will be your conscious part. When you allow yourself just to be and to say whatever to say :”I improvise, I go through it with out knowing how”, then you will discover many hidden places within yourself. And you can see it only when direct Impact is present.

And many Manifestors, we are afraid of this direct Impact. We afraid to take all the space for it and say yes, I am going to talk now, and nobody will stop me, I will create myself the platform and the stage to do so.You will see, by time, this is your real Gift, this is how you Impact, by not looking to the sides, or backward, just going front by saying “I am going to do this” in actions, words, in interactions, in creation, flow, to be in the flow of oneself. Yeah, and it is risky, and it feels unsafe sometimes, and maybe stupid and disorganized, but you are present in that moment. You feel the frigidity of life, and at the same time, the solidity that can exist at the moment, through your direct Impact.

So, “my direct Impact” is the essence of just seeing how your creation is taking shape in front of your eyes through your voice and through your physical actions, and especially for Manifestors, it goes through the voice. For a lot of humans, it goes through the voice, but for Manifestors, as we have undefined Sacral and we have a Motor connected to the throat, our life force is presented through the expression of action and through our voice.

You probably have heard Ra, or other people that lecture and they are in the flow of speech, they don’t think, they don’t try to make sense, they don’t search for anything. It is exactly like dancing, it is exactly like being born, you did not do anything for that. You can master it also in your direct Impact and to reveal to yourself many sides that you are not aware of.
And this direct Impact is the great mirror that you can have, you can see when you push too much, you can see when you are holding back, you can see your sense of humor, you can hear your fears because you let go. You are not busy with grammar and articulation, and trying to amuse people, you are being you, and you give your direct Impact. And this is why people pay you or come to you, for this kind of amazing energy that you carry and that you allow transmitting through you.

Manifestors can be so innocent. We do not know how powerful it is to hear the Manifestor Rap that is opening the ocean, that is splitting mountains into two, that is storing something, to be a starter, to be a pioneer, this is a hell of an energetical job because you have to break through and transmit through you, such a change, it happens through the stars that are touching you and something passes through, but your vessel, your body needs to be able to contain it.

Therefore I am asking you to be able to give your direct Impact, and not for two minutes, not only saying a sentence when a friend is asking you something, but for 10, 20 minutes, 1 hour. It is an ecstasy feeling, and people can remain shocked, not because of something you say or the content of it, it is due to your frequency; your Manifestor frequency that is building, that is starting something, that is destroying something else, this is a direct Impact.

Can you love it, to embrace it, to honor it, to practice it, to dare to go with it? to speak out your voice, your Manifestor Gift, this is your direct Impact, do you know this flow? Do you know this song? Do you know the unstoppable you? That can just go without thinking. Do you know this frequency? And if you don’t, are you willing to search for it? Are you willing to cultivate it? Are you willing to appreciate it?
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What does Self-Love mean to me through the lens of Human Design?

What does Self-Love mean to me through the lens of Human Design?

For me, Human Design is a doorway to self-love. The first step is respecting is following my strategy and inner authority. It is realizing how I make decisions in this world, how do I interact with other people, and seeing how much I can surrender to my individual pace?For me, It’s the first step towards self-love. If I know how to choose for myself and if I can trust my path without explaining, without needing an excuse, just to surrender to the way I make decisions, to the way I move in this amazing fractal of life, then that is a reflection of self-love.

The second step towards self-love in Human Design for me is seeing and respecting the other. How does the other person make decisions? Who is the other? How does the other move in space, in which rhythm? What are the qualities that belong to the other?We probably know that when I can see and respect the other, that is also a form of self-love, as the people around me are part of me and my well-being.
Then what happens is when I respect my own way of making decisions according to my strategy and inner authority and I respect the other with their choices, a healing process begins. It’s the healing process for all the moments when I couldn’t see and respect myself and couldn’t see and respect the other. I admit that my own process is quite painful. It’s painful and at the same time, it’s so full of pleasure. From my experience, pleasure and pain are on the same level. They are the same thing, just expressing in different colors. When I respect myself and I respect the other and the way they are, it’s a doorway to self-love. All those wounds from childhood and even from previous generations can start to heal.
For me, Human Design is a doorway to purify human consciousness, to heal human consciousness. Once I am conscious of what is happening and I am aligning to my body, to the way my body moves in space without the mind making decisions and manipulating, there is a potential for this very subtle, quiet place of awakening.This is why I walk this path of Human Design. This is why I have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to transmitting Human Design because I can not forget starting to feel what self-love is.

I have gate 10 – it’s the gate of self-love \ or not and the gate of behavior. When I know how to behave like myself, I know what love is. It’s about behaving: how do I behave, what do I say, what I don’t say, how and when I move, seeing how it can be an expression of self-love or not at any given momentPart of gate 10 is self-hatred. So many times I can experience hate towards the self, for the way I behaved and things that I have said. But it does not last long, because I have a strategy and inner authority, and I can come back home, to them again.When I am home I can see all my undefined centers, fears, and pains that had led me to that behavior and I can start a process of cultivating compassion and progress towards a different way of being.This kind of process that I see in myself of “hate towards the self”, I can see that in others as well – where they maybe were driven by their undefined centers, pain, and fear and behaved in a certain way. I ask myself to go through a forgiveness process in myself with that as well. As nobody is guilty, it is just the sad-beautiful nature of humanity, that is translated in each one of us.

It comes back to, How do I make decisions for myself? How do I behave? How do I respect and honor and forgive the behavior of the other? By doing that I’m cleaning, purifying, and uplifting all the future generations that did their best until now.Once we as humans seek to deeply see ourselves, our behavior, we actually are giving a gift, a cleansing a lineage through our DNA. There’s nothing more beautiful than that for me.And it doesn’t happen in a day and it doesn’t happen by just knowing it. It happens through a process of maturation: falling, rising, falling, rising, again and again, forgiving, loving, hating, loving. This movement is ever-lasting.
I am thanking you for taking this journey and dedicating your life to love, yourself by educating yourself, following your strategy and inner authority, and communicating the truth of who you are to other people.It’s not evident that you do what you do. It’s not evident that you dedicate your time and energy to your self-development because it’s so easy to fall into conditioned behaviors and say: “This is me and this is it! I don’t want or care to go deeper” It’s so easy to live on the mundane plane and wait for life to pass by. But we are way more than that.
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Am I trying to change the other instead of focusing on my own trip?

Am I trying to change the other instead of focusing on my own trip?

I want to talk about relationships and Human Design. The mind can be a trap. A trap that can make us look at the other. We look at others and try to analyze them. We can focus on the other instead of our own process.
Lately, there have been a few parents asking me about their kids and the first thing that I tell them is, “focus 100% on yourself, then you benefit our kids the best”. It’s not easy to focus on ourselves. And It’s easy to look at the other. And yes, it’s true that some of us are transpersonal. Some of us are projectors and some of us are made to see the other and the needs of the other. But it’s a subtle line between putting all the focus on the other through the knowledge of Human Design and focusing on our own process using the other as an inspiration.
I see myself falling into this trap over and over again and I just want to offer this advice as a quick reminder; First I master my own body. First I master my own masterpiece and the way I make decisions. First I see the way the mind is running my life. First I see the way I am conditioned, my pain, my suffering, my memories. Only then I am able to see the other as they truly are.
It’s a long journey. It’s possible that a lot of our relationships will transform when we come into the Human Design experience. Things will adapt and take a different form. We know we can’t fix the other. we can’t change the other and we are not here to do this. It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ we do Human Design. How good we ‘know’ Human Design and we understand the constellation of the other person. Each one of us has its own trip, its own journey.
The only thing we can do is take care of our own body, our own frequency. Any attempt to try and change the other, to explain the other how it should and can be, it’s not our job! – Life will take care of it!
Explaining Human Design to someone else can happen. We can support someone, we can guide, wE can make an impact. But I want to remind us to focus on our own trajectories. We have our own trajectory and can let life take care of the rest. The best way to really support another is to be oneself. To be who you are. To be fully loving to your own design.
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How do I see and experience the sacral world through my undefined sacral now?

How do I see and experience the sacral world through my undefined sacral now?

I would like to share with you about the sacral conditioning.In Human Design we have Manifesting Generators and Generators which both have the generator Aura. They have an open aura, an enveloping aura. They also have the sacral center defined, the bubbling life force that is actually making this planet move, the life force for creating and action.
Then we have Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors and they are all with undefined/ completely open sacral center.
In the beginning of my experience I was told I’m not a Generator and that I am here to take care of physical resting.
I remember at the beginning I had a lot of conflict being around generators, really I was afraid to be around them and afraid to be exhausted and not to know when enough is enough.The first two, three years of the deconditioning process, it was for me like running away from the generator world, because I knew I could easily feel exhaustion and tiredness and could fall into overworking and burnout. So I was very careful about the generator world.
Trying to make sure that I am sleeping alone and that I am not too much around generators. It was conscious rehab from the generator frequency.
Then what happend is that over time, I became settled into my emotional authority and into my Manifestor aura then I could just be who I am even around generators. I actually could benefit from their aura, I could benefit from the beautiful sacral energy they contain.
It is a switch that I see, my body understands time after time that I am not a generator therefore I can enjoy what they give and provide through their energy without becoming it and over ride my needs and capacity.
Before meeting Human Design I was so conditioned to be a generator, I tried to keep up the pace. I tried to act as a generator and respond as a generator. When I slowly became aligned with my form,through strategy and inner authority I could step by step learn just to enjoy the sacral life.
I could enjoy their freshness, excitement, and passiveness. They have a certain passivity which is kind of inspiring for me to see. I can enjoy their care, sexuality, and the way they treat food, physical action and move from one activity to the other.
Because I have an undefined sacral, actually I am here not only to enjoy the sacral energy but also to learn about it , as I am also here to be the tech support of the generator world, to provide solutions and efficient pathways.
I realised that if I am keeping myself away from the generator world all the time I am actually not learning what I need to learn in order to develop myself and also support them and understand them.
Now when I am coming into the generator world I love it. I feel like being washed by the generator energy is a tantra practice for me. It is to move in the amazing dance of Gaia – mother earth.
I feel I know better how to surrender to the generator world and to environments when there are a lot of generators and I am not losing myself so easily within it and I know better the quantities within interaction, it can be an experience of a full bliss.
So if you are a Manifestor, Projector or Reflector I really recommend to you to take a look at this conditioning and be wise about it.
Enjoy the investigation and see how along the way you evolve?.It is a constant transformation.
This is the real fusion that I appreciate in Human Design, once I come in touch more and more with my frequency with my body it doesn’t really matter who is the type that is in front of me.
It does not matter which gates or channels or centers are defined or undefined.
I am just living the human experience with that person, I am just receiving information and giving information.
This is for me the beauty of being alive and awake in the body, I can simply enjoy exchanging energy without repressing, withholding or judging it.
Eventually each quality in our bodygraph has this gift and potential to receive something that is beyond what we know and can even express.