Informing & Voice Frequency

Informing & Voice Frequency

Manifestors, informing is the moment when I actually bring my intention to the world. What I am about to do. I communicate my actions. my needs. my movement in the world. Through expression. Through vocal clear expression. I inform. I give information. I take the inside of me and I make it a form for others – bringing into form. But this thing, informing, without the right, correct voice frequency to me does not mean a match. Because it’s not only about being correct and saying “OK, I’m going to do this or that”. It’s about using my body and the frequency within my body as an instrument to tell my truth. To talk about my intention. To talk about my motion.
Sometimes I find myself as a Manifestor saying – “yeah, informing it is easy – just say it’’, but does informing resonate as I talk in my body? Sometimes not and then the consequences are a bit strange and I don’t know why people look at me strangely, or I might meet resistance. Or maybe people didn’t hear me and they kept on going with what they did.I ask myself why is that?
Because basically, it’s not enough to inform. For me, it is Inform + voice frequency is that makes the difference in creating impact. Talking while I feeling my body from within. Feeling my feet, feeling my belly, feeling my heart, feeling my head, feeling all the structure that is carrying me. Feeling my inner authority. Feeling my Manifestor aura as speaking. As the art of words.
I hear Manifestors telling me that they did inform, but nothing happens. And their mom keeps telling them what to do or asking questions. I hear Manifestor telling me that they did inform their boss about this and nothing changes and more examples like that…And for me, it’s not all about informing. It’s about HOW you inform.
Everybody can sing and repeat the lyrics, right? But not everybody can express their truth through the lyrics. And for me, this is what it means to inform with voice frequency. It’s to give the right information, what I’m about to do, what is my intention, what I’m heading for, with the vibration of my body. So if I am not in my body, if I don’t feel grounded within myself, my informing will be poor, just empty words to space.So both of them together, they are the real informing for me. The art of speaking, talking, communicating, and the art of transmuting, taking out the frequency within the vibration of my body. Both of them create a clear frequency of what I am and who I am now, and what I want to communicate in that moment.
And as a Manifestor, it’s very important to know how to talk. How to express my words. How to feel my body when I talk. To do this Manifestor rap, this song, this lecture, with my heart, with no fears. Because eventually, we are, Manifestors, in definition a motor connected to the throat. So when I speak correctly, I actually stream all this life force from my motor to my throat. From the defined centers, from the wisdom of the undefined centers to my throat – into expression, Manifestation, and action And in that moment I become a real artist. A real creator. Through informing. Through my voice frequency. informing is forming a creation. my voice frequency is the vibration that passes through those words. And this is so powerful and so beautiful.
I encourage you dear Manifestor whenever you talk, whenever you’re informing, check your body. And if you did inform and something went a bit awkward, go back and ask yourself “can I say it again within my body, within my frequency, a special vibration in my body and I am clear, sharp, and loving?”. Because for me, there is a big difference. If you have ever played or danced or practiced any art form, you know that there is a big difference between just doing the “thing” or completely being there as a performer. Feeling the body in every single moment, in every single word. Because the cords are cords but how do you play them? How do you dance the movement? How do you sing? How do you draw? It’s the same thing with informing. How you give the message outside within the frequency of your body, as a unique frequency, while you allow yourself to be unique, be who you really are, fearless and human, this what makes the difference. And this, only your body knows. Because of words, everybody knows words everybody can talk. But not everybody knows how those words sound within your body. With your voice frequency. Within your unique filter of love, as a Manifestor at this moment. And this is what I mean by informing and voice frequency.
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Human Design and Relationships – I can’t hide from my own mind.

Human Design & Relationships - I can’t hide from my own mind.

Human Design shows us how different we are. It shows us that we have different speeds of decision making. It shows us that we have different perspectives on how we see the world and that we have different ways that our brains take in information. Human Design shows us where we are receptive and open to different frequencies. Through the profiles, we can understand that we have different characters. Human Design is about how we are very, very different from each other.

When you are in a relationship when you engage with a specific person, a brother, mother, friend, and you rest there for a moment, you can see the difference clearly. That we are very different and we are not here to look alike, think alike, talk alike, be alike.
Relationships are very beautiful if both people are calm, relaxed and easy-going, having a nice time together. But the challenge comes when there are difficulties due to differences. That’s when we try to look for harmony.
How can two different people find harmony? I’ll keep this question open because openness is part of the game.
You know, as an emotional manifestor, my mind is thinking “I should lead, I should initiate, I should talk, I should share, blah blah blah”. But relationships need time and adjustment. They need deep listening to the way the other sees reality. Relationships also need a place to share the way each person sees reality.
A sad part of relationships is that we are not the same. Our difference needs deep acceptance. But how can I accept the other when I do not completely accept myself? How can I see that the other has their own timing, rhythms, difficulties, fear, gifts, whatever if I don’t fully accept and see my own uniqueness?

What I see in my relationships is how much they show me that I really, really, really need to accept the fact that I am here to wait to initiate. That as a hermit I need to stay home and go out whenever it feels right. My relationships show me how much criticism and judgement my mind has towards others. How much my mind wants to change them. And for me, this means that my mind still has a lot of judgement towards myself. it wants to control who I am. The mind judges the way I am.

And you know, the word “acceptance” is maybe overused by new-age expression these days but Human Design is very, very specific about what you are here to accept. Human Design is very practical. For me, it’s to wait for fucking emotional clarity. Oh my god! This is so hard to accept! That I don’t have the truth in the now. I just don’t have it. And I have an undefined sacral and so I need rest.
Acceptance is not just a beautiful word it’s very practical. It’s something to apply. And it’s damn hard. I can’t tell you, “I have it! I got it!” No way. It’s damn hard!

This question about relationships and acceptance shows me deeply where I really am in my process. Am I still judging the other? Am I still criticising the other? Do I want to change the other? If the answer is “yes”, then it means that I’m still judging myself. And it’s ok. But it’s there. There is judgement. It’s fucking painful.
I have the 10th gate, it’s the gate of self-love… or not! And I can see how my mind can hate the self. it can literally hate the self. It has attacks of self-hatred where I think, “I don’t like who I am, I don’t want to be who I am!” And then it can really love the self and other people. It’s always “this” or “that”.

So I repeat to myself over and over again: “Human Design is practical. Let the other be who they are and focus on yourself!”
And it’s damn hard. I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s damn hard. I’m not going to tell you that I’m fine with everything that happens around and to me. I’m not saying that everybody can act the way that they want and I’m happy with it. No! I see that I have tons of judgement. I see the mind that wants to control others. I see the mind who wants to shape reality to the way it thinks it should be. But this is what we call “ Awareness” to see everything that is there.
But at least we are in this together. There is no one better than the other.
I wish you love on your journey. I wish you a lot of self-love to your self hated as well. Self-love to your judgement as well. Love your despair, your pain, your joy, your appreciation. Because only the passenger is watching. Everything is just movements. Everything is just movement in space. Watch it all. Watch the frustration, watch the anger, watch the stillness.

Manifestor – Cycles of Awareness & Responsibility

Manifestor - Cycles of Awareness & Responsibility

Anger and peace are moving frequencies. They come and go. It’s chemistry. Anger is arising when I’m not respecting myself as a Manifestor, my aura, my inner authority. And let other people influence my trip through their minds. I let my mind control my life. And peace is rising when I’m respecting myself. My aura, my inner authority, what is good for my body. And when I don’t let anybody interfere with my trip. I don’t let my mind interfere with my trip.

And those are cycles. There are moments of anger, and then there are layers of peace, and then appear more subtleties of anger in my life. And I make an inquiry on them and act and change if needed. And then another layer of peace is showing up. So I see that it’s always growing and expanding, transforming, changing. In all areas of my life.
Peace is not fixed, anger is not fixed, it’s chemistry, it’s changing all the time. And when I say “cycles of awareness and responsibility” I mean the responsibility of the Manifestor aura and for my own well-being in the world. It connects to the feeling and the intention of forgiveness to say sorry, to apologize.

When something happens to me and I am angry and I throw this anger on the other or I’m angry at myself, it’s a very strong emotion, it’s a very strong frequency to feel in the body. Anger is something that is destructive. That can destroy and can impact immensely oneself and the people around. It can really create pain and suffering and it has a great impact on people. Whether it’s internally or externally.
Whenever I meet anger, I do the inquiry on it and realize what can be done? where I was not respecting me?, and I come back to my peace slowly. And I change what can be changed.

Sometimes there is nothing to do, and the only responsibility that I have to myself and others is to say “sorry, I apologize”. It’s not because I am not good enough, not because I am wrong, it’s because I have no choice and sometimes the mind is taking over, it happens to everybody. What I’ve learned and still learning is to say sorry.
Not because I have to be perfect – and I was not. Not because I need to become an example of myself. It’s because I am a human and humans make “mistakes.” What appears to be mistakes. And it’s OK to say “sorry, I apologize for putting all this anger on you”. Or maybe apologizing within my heart. About something that I did to myself or others.
There is anger, there is inquiry, there is peace, there is change. But make sure to also clean the mind that is blaming, the mind that is putting fault on other people or on yourself. Because you have no choice, we have no choice. We are human. all of us.
So the only thing that I’ve found that really wraps up all this journey is the responsibility to forgive and to communicate forgiveness to other people if, and when possible.

I learned that to say sorry for what happened is actually an advantage for a Manifestor. To be able to come and apologize. And to also receive apologies from other people.
I think this is great humility and respect to oneself to say “I’m sorry, I was wrong, the mind overtake the situation”. And it’s not taking from my power as a Manifestor. it is actually giving power to the oneself that can be so powerful, impactful, and yet to be a human. And to show the grace of what it means to be one.

In my perspective is the hearts of people will not follow fake leaders or arrogant leaders, because nobody is better than the other. We all make mistakes. And when a Manifestor with a close repelling aura that seems so scary and distant is saying “I’m sorry”, this is so beautiful. Because then everybody can see that even the “Queen or King” is a human.
And this is what I call “cycles of awareness and responsibility”. Being aware of the anger, recognizing the anger, understanding the anger, making internal inquiry on it. And then act. Sometimes it can be something practical that can be changed. But before that, before you change, forgive.
Forgive yourself, forgive the others, forgive humanity for being ignorant. And embrace the duality of life. That there’s always this and that. That we are humans and we are fragile, sensitive creatures.
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How does it feel to connect with another emotional being?

How does it feel to connect with another emotional being?

I am sharing with you my experience about the connection that can happen between emotional people. I am an Emotional Manifestor. I’ve found that in my Human Design experiment it’s been really important for me to understand what it means for me to connect with other emotional beings.
At first I thought there wasn’t such a big difference between my connections with emotional and unemotional people. But now I understand that there are times when I can communicate with another emotional being and it can be so heartwarming and calming for me. When I connect with another emotional manifestor or another emotional being, I feel like we can dive into the emotional sea and that it’s ok for us to take a lot of time talking or doing something together.
In the last couple of weeks I’ve been finding it’s so important for me to communicate with other emotional beings so I can swim in the ocean of emotions. With unemotional people I feel that it’s not possible to go so low in frequency for a long time. With an unemotional being it’s hard for me to take all the time I need and I feel at times like I’m too heavy for them. I have a sense that if I am to say something that is unpleasant to an unemotional person then it’s going to be hard for us to stay in that place for a while and explore it.
Of course I’m generalising here. I know that there are a lot of people who are unemotional who can go to this depth. But still there is something in our different chemistry.
I have few emotional close friends, I love that we can take so much time to create and talk together. It feels like whenever we meet, we can dive into a world of abstract emotions and experiences and this is something that I feel almost done feel with people who are not emotional. And this is not something that’s bad. It’s just the way things are. I come from a family where everybody is emotional. And so I’m very used to diving into things that are emotional and to talk about things that are uncomfortable.
People who come into this life with an undefined solar plexus are conditioned to avoid confrontation and truth. And so every time I say something to an unemotional being that is uncomfortable and it’s touching an emotional truth that’s buried somewhere inside of them, there is a tension in the air, unless they are highly aware and take much time to dive into their deep pain and wundes. It’s something that unemotional people can come to understand that our chemistry creates a certain kind of friction. It may be a spoken or unspoken friction.
For me as an emotional manifestor, I am this ocean. And when I come to people who are unemotional it is like they have a little bucket. They cannot contain all this emotional frequency at once. They need to take in little pieces according to their capacity at the moment, at least this how I see looking from the outside.
For me, being emotional and the connection with emotional beings for me is empowering. And it doesn’t mean that I can’t connect with people who are unemotional. I can just see the difference between us. It’s a really big difference in our chemistry. I recommend that you too notice how it feels to be with people who are defined like you. Notice how it feels to be with those people who are defined in the solar plexus and undefined in the solar plexus.
Half of the population has a defined solar plexus and half of the population has an undefined solar plexus so we can all enter into the aura of the defined solar plexus and go out and see how we feel? And then enter into the aura of the undefined solar plexus and go out and see how we feel?
I’m so glad that I have beautiful people with emotional authority in my life so I can express myself and take my time and without a need for me to ‘get over’ the emotions I feel. And of course, this isn’t about blaming anyone. It’s just about me noticing the chemistry between myself and others. Noticing what is good for me and my chemistry.
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On waiting & the mind that wants to control

On waiting & the mind that wants to control

I am just here lying down and waiting. What it means for me, waiting is kind of an unexpected mode. I think one of the most challenging things for me in the experiment is this deep waiting because once I stop then the mind comes and starts to tell all kinds of stories about how things need to be. What needs to be done and how. Maybe telling me that something is wrong. And I see my mind going here and there, trying to figure out life. What will come next. How things make sense or not. I feel this anxiety in the body that the mind creates.
Therefore I think the Human Design experiment is one of the most challenging experiments and paths to take because it is about giving up control. If I know mentaly information on my design it doesn’t mean that there is any control over it. The Manifestor is waiting to initiate. The Generator is waiting to respond. The Projector is waiting for the invitation and the Reflector is waiting for the invitation as well. So for each of the types there is waiting.

This waiting, for me, is the gap. Where I see the mind wanting to say or do something. The mind wanting to figure it out. The mind wanting to solve. The waiting is actually a moment to observe the mind wanting to be in charge. I see that once the mind is not in charge things can come up, physical sensations, pain, trauma. Maybe also beauty and insight.

This waiting is not in order to block the energy or to control, it is the opposite. What I feel is happening in that moment, is that I am dying. The image of who I think I am is dying. For so many years there was a habit of identifying with my mind, thinking it is me.
So waiting between actions, between words and for me it is the most easy place to practice is in conversation, that when someone speaks I first take it in. Before I say something, before my mind wants to say something. Only then it starts to be a body talk and not a mind talk. Most human interactions, sadly, are mind talk. one mind talks to another mind. One mind wants to figure out life and another mind wants to figure out life and they talk to each other about figuring out life mentaly.
There for Human Design is one of the most challenging practices because it is not going to give you answers at all. It is not going to give your mind anything that you want. Then what? If you aren’t going to receive something that you want then who are you? Then you meet death.I meet death. If I’m not my mind, who am I?


It is exactly this silence, no answer. I don’t need to know who I am, I AM. Can you see the paradox, the mind wants to know who I am and the body just is.

I invite you for a game – during the next conversation that you have just to wait. Do not answer right away. Even though you’re a projector and see very well the other. Even though you are a Manifestor and you feel like you need to initiate and give impact. Even though you are a generator and you think it is a response. Even if you are a reflector and you want to reflect something back to the other. WAIT. Just for the game. And see what do you discover?

When I am waiting it is not, I am waiting until I say what my mind is telling me to say. No,I am just waiting. I just don’t say it and see.
Therefore Human Design is a constant meditation and it can be hard.
I am definitely on my journey struggling sometimes, seeing the mind in action and so many times speaking from that mind. Speaking from that asshole that wants to explain and know and control and manipulate and understand and organize. It is a battle. Human Design for me is not saying : “okay I found the truth, here is the truth, here is my chart, my life is figured out now”. It is the opposite. I have zero control whatsoever. ZERO.

From which state do you study/live Human Design? Watching THE Life.

From which state do you study/live Human Design? Watching THE Life

 The magic for me with Human Design is that no matter what is happening outside, I have no control over it, but what I do sense is the center within me.
So everything can happen outside and I see it, and I live it, and I know the story of what is happening outside, but there’s this core within me, there’s the feeling of being anchored and centered no matter what.
And for me, this is the thing: life is just life, things happen, shit happens, relationships, work, money, the material plane, whatever it is, but what I care about is my inner state and how much I’m touched by what is happening outside, how much I’m moved by what is happening outside.
We know that in the Human Design system we have the conditioning that is coming from the outside and it moves us, and makes us feel, and think all kinds of things, human experiences, but I’m asking you what is the core, what is the silent place within you which isn’t moved by any condition?
And for me, this is why I’m here, this is why I’m living or teaching, or expressing Human Design, because for me it’s way beyond the knowledge, it’s really not about the knowledge. It’s about this centered place within me.
I can see how conditioning is coming from outside in and what it’s creating inside, I can see how my life force is going outside and moving things outside, but I’m asking myself and I’m asking you, where is this silence here – between the words? Where is this stable frequency within that is not moving?
I have no control whatsoever over this life and neither do you have any control over this crazy life that is happening. It’s not about being in control. It’s about letting go of control and seeing that it’s okay. It’s okay to see that movement inside and outside, inside and outside. It’s okay that there is a constant change. I think the illusion of Human Design is that we are “living our design”, that we are “doing it right”, accurate, correct. But for me it is about watching that movement of the self, of the not self, of the conditioning, of the life force, of the profile and any other aspect. It is about watching life as you read me now and I write to you.
By watching life there is stillness. It’s not a detachment, it’s not avoiding life, it’s not being away from life. It’s not that I’m watching and I don’t feel anything that’s happening. It’s the opposite: there is a certain sweet approach to life out of this stillness. To be honest, this is what matters to me.
Profiles, PHS, etc don’t matter to me, even though they are super interesting, but as long as you’re not familiar with that state of watching life, they don’t really matter. Watching your mind, watching your body, just watching, seeing it in action like you see the cars passing by or the arms of a person moving when they talk without attaching any story to it, no words, just seeing that movie.
If this state is not familiar to you, then Human Design remains just knowledge, information. It’s a mind play. But if you know that state, then Human Design has a value. It can create order in what you see, it can give names to what you observe, you can help others to organize, to see, to categorize what they see, when they see the differences.
But from which state are you studying Human Design, from which state are you living Human Design?
From the active person or from the observer? For me it’s about watching THE Life. Not about watching you or watching them, or watching her, or whatever. It’s about watching THE Thing that is happening, the entire movement. So when you read me, you read “me”, this figure of me, but you can also sense my bloodstream, my heartbeat, my lungs through the words. It’s not only me, it’s not only the story or your projections on me, it’s THE Life talking to you.
And you are the Life reading me.
When we live in that state, there is no separation, there are no types, there are no channels or gates. There is just life happening that way or another. And yeah, no big gifts, no big surprises, sorry, no teddy bears flying in the air, just life, which IS amazing and Is not amazing.
So from which state do you study Human Design, from which state do you live Human Design? I hope it can give you some inspiration.

Splenic Manifestor

Splenic Manifestor

The splenic manifestor is all about survival and intuition and trusting that pulse that speaks in all the body in the NOW – that lights up and says ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It’s about trusting the body. The actual sensation that lights up in the body. That has no logic or sense. That is not calculated. It’s about being the animal in the jungle. Smell, sense, search, look, what is healthy and what is not healthy.
The splenic manifestor is all about intuition and fear and survival. And wisdom that comes in the moment. A sign that speaks only once.
If you miss that sign, splenic manifestor, you’re probably screwed. And I allow myself to say screwed because your spleen is the only thing that will protect you. That will protect you from getting into bad relationships, bad work, places and occasions that you’re not supposed to be in.
The spleen is the immune system. It’s the spleen itself that cleans all the toxins from the body at all levels. So the splenic manifestor is here to trust this sign. Trust the cleansing. Trust the voice that said ‘this is not healthy for me and I don’t know why’, I just trust my body and the wisdom of my body. And for the splenic manifestor it can be useful to know all the undefined centers and their frequencies and how it can affect the spleen. How they can remove or make an illusion for the spleen.
Because the spleen speaks only once. After this spoken voice, this feeling, this sign in the body, the second one will come from the mind or the undefined centres that will say ‘don’t do that’ or ‘do that’. The spleen has no logic, it’s animalistic, it’s sharp, it’s fast. It’s like a cheetah in the jungle. It takes care of its survival no matter what.
So, splenic manifestor, you’re so beautiful in your sharpness. You’re so beautiful in your fastness. You’re so beautiful, trusting your instincts that you cannot understand. That you cannot receive in any logical way and it must be a bit difficult and challenging to be in a society when everything is so lineary while your body is abstract. While your body is just living, operating on one moment to moment basis. So trust, trust your spleen.
On a long scale you’re gonna see what’s the logic behind your decision. On a long scale, you’re gonna see why you’re not with this person or another, why you’re not taking this job or another. It’s about trusting intuition in the NOW.
Splenic manifestor, you’re beautiful in your sharpness, in your cold decisions, in your unpredictability, moves into space.
Splenic manifestor, allow yourself to be wild and sharp and honest. Not to be afraid of conflict. And of other frequencies in the body that will move you, wants to move you from this sharp intuition – yes, no, I don’t know.
I encourage you to go to nature and to recall the sign of the spleen. Remember the sign in your body. Your body is made to act in danger. To act for its survival. Although you might feel safe now in your house, your home, with the people around you, your body’s here to smell what is going wrong. What can get wrong. What is healthy and what is not healthy. Please cultivate trust in this unexplainable sign in your body that lights all your system at once. Your mind might want to suspend, to think about it, to analyze it. But all you have in your body is its instincts. Allow yourself to be wild and animalistic, unpredictable, sharp and cold in the moment, for your own good, for your own health.