Who will be a good match for me according to Human Design?

Who will be a good match for me according to Human Design?

A question that rises a lot in Human Design is, ‘Who will be my perfect partner?’ ‘Who should I be with according to my design?’
The answer that I have to it – it’s a mind trip! simply let the body choose and watch, this why we have Strategy and Inner Authority.
Another answer that came up in me is, ‘who can respect and appreciate my frequency and be with me as I am?’ – again this is not a question for the mind, it is for the body. Of course, there are things in designs that can be similar and this can be attractive and interesting to explore, but in my experience so far, it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean anything because the design is only one aspect of the holistic being that I am. And the match between people depends on the many components of both people, design it only one realm of reality.
One of the most important things for me to ask in any relationship is who can carry and bear to be with me as I am naturally with no extra effort? being with me where I am right now in my process – not the potential that the mind thinks I can be according to my design.Every couple, every relationship will have its challenges.
Even if I have someone with the exact same design as I am, I will have challenges in the relationship because this is part of life and this is part of being in relationships and being different, having different life journies.
So what I ask my body is, “who can I be exactly who I am with? Who can I bring myself and be vulnerable, brave, and inspiring? And who do I feel empowered to be who I am with?” It’s very simple. I don’t need the person to have the exact design as I have. I don’t need the person to be the exact type that I am. I just wish to be me.
The more I behave like myself, respecting my body, respecting my mechanics, the more I am finding people that resonate with me. If I am not myself I will never know who is a fit for me or not. So the answer stays following the authentic movement of the body. Letting my life force shine all over, through the shadow and light frequency of it.
The key is for me is moving towards being me as I am right now,in any relationship, knowing that I am changing and this “me” is also in constant transformation.Therefore the people in my life may change as well.
‘Who will be my perfect partner?’
‘Who should I be with according to my design?’
It’s not a mental trip. It’s not about looking at someone’s chart and knowing if they are for me or not. It’s about being next to this person and feeling and letting the body choose time after time.
The mind does not know anything about this life, and the body is the real master here, at least for me.

The uncertainty. Who am I without future plans or past experiences?

The uncertainty.
Who am I without future plans or past experiences?

I have been wondering about who I am without the plan, who I am without the future and without the past, which is a frequency that inspires me the most.
I look at times when I am canceling meetings and commitments I did, because the body indicates to do so, and then the mind is saying right away: “ Yeah, but if you don’t schedule or if you don’t know when it’s going to be, or if you cancel, you will lose your job, your profession, who you are!!”.
So I allow myself to hang around for a moment with those thoughts, and I see the pattern of how the mind is defining me with future plans or past experiences. I watch how immediately the judgment of the mind comes. It is telling me about who I would be without those plans, without those activities, who I would be in that void.
For me, this is what the Human Design experience is doing actually – it’s taking off layer after layer of mind dense mind and I stay naked inside this void. In the beginning, it was very scary and even now it can be very scary at times. I remember myself when I started following my inner authority and feeling a lot of moments of uncertainty, of not knowing, and at first, it was even horrible and terrifying. However, year after year it started to feel more like home. Every day and every week, and every month and every year the unknown is becoming second nature.I guess this is the frequency we are all coming to. We are all coming to this 2027 that holds the frequency of the channel 34-20 – response in the now, knowing in now or not, melancholy, uncertainty and full energy self-empowerment, where the past doesn’t really matter and the future doesn’t really matter. only now count.
So I am talking a moment to see this process of losing control and the fun of doing so, the beauty and the no choice of it. I feel like there’s no choice. I see my mind forcing the body to do this and that just because it’s good for this and that, and the body just doesn’t move.The mind explains how things I am supposed to be doing are “good”, and how they are supposed to benefit my future or whatever, even if my body does not feel like it.This is exactly the place where inner authority kicks in, gives me an alternative, so I will not rely on the mind. so I will not rely on what should/could/must be. I can just trust simple feeling, knowing, sensing of the body, I just have my inner authority and whatever it chooses will be the process or the experience I need to have. There is no logic to it, no logic. Remember that we are coming from the Cross of Planning that is filled with logic, planning the details for the future, planning the skills, working and supporting the tribe. But, now we are entering a completely different cross, the cross of Sleeping Phoenix. This cross is about self-empowerment, individual development, motivated by being present in the NOW, not seeking anything out therein the collective or the tribe, and wishes to display individual passion and self-interest .
Can you see the difference between the crosses? Can you feel the atmosphere changing in the air?
The mind can attribute meaning to things, but whether they have a meaning or not doesn’t define them. And it’s not like I don’t have moments when my mind is completely showing off telling the story and finding reasons, and verbalizing and conceptualizing life. Of course, it is doing that – even this very text that you read.
But there’s always a dance between my mind being completely convinced of how things are and needs to be done based on that and or the mind that is just telling a story to have fun and then comes back being uncertain, unsure – just watching life.
In my view Human Design is not giving more mental confidence, It gives me more uncertainty but also the ability to be more comfortable being uncertain. Until the experience becomes every day like – The uncertainty? Oh, okay, I’m familiar with it. I know it.
I hope you have an inspiring day for yourself not knowing what it’s going to be. And if you know what it’s going to be, in this knwoing can you also have a lot of unknown? there can be a lot of uncertainty in any given situation, the uncertainty between the words, the uncertainty between the movements of your body. Even if you have a 9-5 job, even if you’re married with children and obligations, , even if your routine is super scheduled, there are so many moments that are uncertain –
Can you enjoy them? or they stress you out?
In my view those are pleasurable moments,I learn to enjoy them, I learn to wake up into the void time after time and to go to sleep into it because actually this void it’s not at all empty – is full of life!

Manifetor – Waiting to Initiate

Manifetor - Waiting to Initiate

The tool that I got as a manifestor is to wait to initiate. Waiting is actually in a way canceling the initiation of the mind. The push of the mind to do something or to say something and to try to control life. Of myself or others. Waiting is a state of being in silence and quiet inside and seeing what comes up naturally. Without push, without control. Not out of fear. Out of the motion of life. Out of simplicity. Some might call it love as well.
So, as manifestor I am here to wait for the right initiation to come out of me. So I can see it exposed in front of me. There is an emotional manifestor, there is an ego manifestor and there is a splenic manifestor. But all of them need to wait. Wait not in order to suppress the energy. Wait not in order to block. Wait in order to see the energy pass through correctly, simply, clean in the body.And for me, waiting to initiate in the first place is basically to shut up. Basically not to distract me by mental talking or just for the sake of doing. And it can provoke a lot of emotion and thoughts. Everything comes up to the surface as I’m waiting. All the fears are coming. But I also notice that I surrender to this waiting. To the void to the emptiness. When something comes, it’s really pure. When something comes toward me or something comes out of me, I really appreciate that. I really can enjoy the colors that are there for me.
I like to take an image of blank paper. When I am a white paper, it has nothing on it. When I write the first word, or when I make a drawing, it feels so full suddenly. But when I have a paper that is dirty and full of scratches already and I draw something or write something, I can barely see what I drew or wrote.
So for me, this waiting is actually giving more space and availability and gratitude, more amplification to the initiation. In any aspect of my life.

When the mind distracts the body all the time when I let my mind control my body when I see my mind controlling the body. Being stressed, doing things just for the sake of doing then when something comes within me or towards me, I don’t feel that I can fully live that thing because inside it is so troubling. So actually the waiting is supporting the initiation, to be clean, to handle it with patience. Waiting means me meeting the empty space meeting nothingness.

It’s not so easy. I can see the constant fight between the mind and the body. When the mind is trying to control and say do something, produce, meet, initiate, create, out of fear. And the body just experiences life. By breathing, the body might also feel pain from the mind, from past experiences.Actually, this waiting’s like rehab. Rehabbing from the mind. And it can be heartbreaking, body-breaking, it can be mind-breaking. But what I see in my process is that those are cycles and each cycle it’s easier and easier to drop into waiting. It’s easier to just not talk and do something to fix what is. But when the time comes when I do something, and when I do speak, it feels very special, like beautiful music that I hear myself playing, creating, and listening at the same time. And when waiting is not there, it feels like the music distorted, the music is just not nice to listen to. Just not nice to play it to others.

So manifestors can you wait to initiate? Can you wait to see the initiation going out of you with no effort and thought?. I invite us to embrace silence, embrace quiet hearts, embrace emptiness. It’s always amazing to see how things always appear, how things always emerge. And how beautiful it is to embrace them. With full availability. With full presence when they do come from within, with no effort. It feels like the mind is silent and the body is joyful. Waiting, just waiting, doing nothing. 

Waiting and seeing the initiation when it comes out of nowhere. Out of waiting. With no effort. No stress. No fear.just pure clean movement of the body.
Essence Relationship

What can we learn from each other through the lens of Human Design?

What can we learn from each other through the lens of Human Design?

Whenever I meet a Manifestor, I am ready for an impact. I work with a lot of manifestors and I know and see their impact on me over and over again!
Whenever I meet a Projector, I know I will be guided, maybe into places that are unexpected. In ways that are unexpected. That I didn’t even notice that I am being guided.
Whenever I meet a Reflector I will see something about myself that I may not be ready to see, but it’s there.
Whenever I meet a Generator I will be exposed to a very primary feeling of the essence of life because of the receptivity of the generator aura and the sacral energy.
Invitation for Transformation
So for me Human Design experiment it is not just about : “ok I am who I am and I do what I do and this is it! ” It is more about allowing myself to learn from the other. Allowing myself to see how the other is transforming me. And I can see it in every channel and gate and profile in my bodygraph. Because once I can feel my body, my inner authority, my unique frequency then I have nothing to protect or defend.
For example, I am a 6/2 profile, and I have a lot of people with 5th lines in my life, 3/5, 5/2, 5/1, and I learn from them about What vision really means for me. What is the power of projection? and how to match expectations? And I allow myself to learn about a frequency that I don’t know so well. That is not natural for me.
Another example, I have an undefined spleen. And I have a few friends with a defined spleen and so I learn through them, ‘how do I trust my body?’ How do I trust the wisdom of my immune system? and how to relate to all kinds of fear?
For me Human Design is a key to seeing the difference between us. And also to learn what we are experiencing and what is the frequency and the lesson that is learned right now through it.
Human Design can be taken by the mind as a pathway to separate us from each other. To say, ‘ok you are like this and I am like this and this is how it is’. For me, this is not interesting at all, because I see life as transformation, an ongoing evolution.
I find the opposite way more interesting. ‘You’re like this? Really? Wow! How is it to be like this? How is it to have that profile? How is it to have that channel? Or this gate?’ – What can I learn from it?
And sometimes, most times, the learning process is not intellectual at all. It’s a learning process mainly through the physical experience, and later on words can come to refine the message.
The Classroom of Life
When I meet another, And when I say ‘learn’, it’s not that I identify with it and try to copy it. It is just that I allow it to penetrate me, I allow it to enter into my full existence and so the body can take whatever is needed from it and what is relevant to me, and the rest is left behind. And this is for me a real teaching experience. A real lesson experience. Exactly as I go to any “regular classroom”. I allow myself to completely absorb the essence of what the person wants to transmit to me. And I leave behind what isn’t necessary.
In my perception, in a human encounter both are teachers and students at the same time. As we are here to learn and to teach at the same moment. And Human Design can show us where the classes are. Who our teachers are. The charts are exposing the details clearly.
Meeting Resistance
I have a defined ego and I know I empower and support people to expand and refine their perception about the material plane. About money, about self worth. So it’s not that I do it consciously, it’s just by being me. But if I want to add consciousness, If I want to add awareness to my process of what is the lesson that I am learning now from the other person. This is of great value because then I don’t argue with the lesson itself when it is there. I don’t argue with the content. So if I go and meet an undefined ego and this person is afraid of my defined ego then they are not able to receive what I am actually here to give.
And if I get triggered, closed to the defined spleen then I am not able to receive the wisdom that the defined spleen wants to give me.
So I am asking you, what do you receive from other people? And what do you give to other people? And are you open to this? Are you really open to receive and learn something new about yourself? And are you really open to give something of yourself?

Manifestor Mantra – In My Own Timing

Manifestor Mantra - In My Own Timing

“In My Own Timing” For me this is kind of a mantra of behaving in the world as a manifestor. It’s knowing that I am here to move in my own timing. I have my inner clock.
First of all because I am a manifestor, I am here to initiate and to move at my own pace. And second of all because I have an inner authority. And this inner authority is indicating my unique timing as well.

So in any way, it’s all about my timing. Operating in my OWN timing.
It means that life is coming to me or somebody ‘s coming to me and I am here to respect my inner timing and say : “No, Thank you I am moving in my own timing, I will come to you if and when it is right for me”.
Manifestors are conditioned to be generators and to think that they are here to respond and wait for life to come from the outside so they can respond from the inside – but this is not the case. The case for the Manifestor is that life comes from within going towards outside.
I move in my own timing. I don’t let anybody rush my own timing. Push me. Tell me what is my timing. Because respecting the nature of my aura means that I’m operating on my inner clock, just because my aura is not open. So I’m not here to meet life from the outside in. I’m here to go towards life.
It means that whatever comes to me from the outside, I will take a moment , wait with it and see if it is my own timing for it or not?
And I know, for the mind it can feel amazing because something comes from the outside and it’s like “oh, it’s so easy, it just came”. But is it really what is right for me? This came from my inner movement? – it is a question to let the body answer.
In my view It’s about changing the equation. It’s about not letting the mind say “oh this is great” it’s about saying “ I am a manifestor, I move in my own timing, it is great if my movement will go towards it, with no outer pressure”.
For me It’s not about educating my surroundings, it’s not about telling people “please inform me, please don’t push me..” no, it’s about honoring myself. It’s about owning it. it about being it. It is about the feeling of “I move in my own timing no matter what”. I am not here to fix everybody around me. It is about oneself – empowering, embodying, strengthening, loving, the inside over and over again.
For me it is about experimenting with waiting for my inner clock – waiting for one day,one hour, maybe even 5 minutes it can be. Because remember, the mind likes to think “I am answering now, I’m available”, the mind wants to be available, it wants to respond, it wants life to come to it. But the body wants to move in its own timing and it feels amazing to let it do so!
Maybe other people will not get it, because most of the population are not working like that, but what to do? Manifestors to me feel a bit like aliens 🙂

If people can not wait for me, actually It’s a great indication for me to look who is there for me in my life and who is not. People who cannot wait for me, people who push me, they’re not for me because they’re not naturally respecting me as I am.
“In my own timing” it’s a mantra. Something to repeat, to embody, to embrace. In my own timing – not now. In my own timing, I close my eyes, come back to my body and feel – “In My Own Timing.”

I know it is challenging because the eyes are seeing possibilities outside, it seems like everything is happening outside and all the answers are outside, but they’re not. For Manifestors, they are inside. Deep inside.
So I encourage you to stand on your own timing, to own your own timing, to protect your own timing. Yes, sometimes it needs protection. Because people don’t understand. They have their own way of being. But no blame no fault, you’re not living in the body of another being, you’re in your own body. And your body, your inner mechanics, your aura mechanics are operating on internal, isolated, independent clocks – which is your own timing.

To be loved as I am? The painful ignorance of parents- through the lens of Human Design.

To be loved as I am?
The painful ignorance of parents- through the lens of Human Design.

Before I met Human Design, love was something that I really could not understand. Love is something that changes and varies. Yesterday, after having a very emotional session with a friend, I went through my past, feeling into my relationship with my parents. There was an understanding that I was loved because they are my parents and they love me, obviously a lot. But out of ignorance they didn’t know how to love me the way that I am meant to be loved. They loved me in the form they knew, according to who they are. But they didn’t necessarily love me in the way that I am built from within to be loved.
What do I mean?
There was a moment when I was a kid and I went to dance class. I was trained as a dancer. And I went 3 to 4 times a week as a child. I loved it. I was very good at dancing as well. But one day I said to my father, “I don’t want to go. I don’t feel like going.” And he told me, “You need to go. We don’t always do what we like to do, or what we feel like doing”. And so I went. And I still remember this experience as a child.
As an emotional being I am here to do what feels right in the body. And when my father came into my life and told me, “you should not always do what you feel like”….this is not the love that my body needs. The love that my body needs are the words; “Yes. So what do you feel like today? What are your emotions telling you then?” And “it’s ok that you don’t feel like going. You don’t have to go to the dance class. It doesn’t mean anything about your success about who you are and how you are going to handle this life.”
So you see this initial conditioning coming from parents. Parents love their kids in their own way, through their own eyes, in the way they see love. But they do not necessarily love us the way our design is built. And this is what creates conditioning and the deepest pain and sorrow- at least for me. Because it’s the pain of ignorance.
And meeting Human Design gives us the opportunity to love differently. To love people as they are. As they are meant to live their life. So if you have a person defined in their sacral, and it is their authority, and the sacral says ‘uh huh’, it’s uh uh! And they don’t even have to say why they have had this reaction. If an emotional being needs more time, it needs more time. And this is the way that it feels love in the body. And so it’s respect and it’s love and its honoring. This is love in a different dimension.
And as we don’t always know each other’s design we don’t necessarily know how to love each other. Love in the way that will feel like love to him or her. So from this little story with my father came up a lot of feelings of disappointment and anger and sadness. So I did a little guided imagination journey where I went to tell him, “you see this little manifestor, emotional manifestor, 6/2, she wants to stay home, she needs to stay home. And if she doesn’t feel like going, she doesn’t need to.” And just by saying it I feel like I can breathe better …because I realise that that specific moment has gone with me for a long time .
Now it is time to heal, to say goodbye and Thank you to what is no longer serving me.
And you know, the beauty of knowing Human Design and starting to respect the body is that a healing process starts. A physical, mental, emotional healing process.
So our parents are not guilty. Nobody is guilty. There is nobody to blame. But it’s ok to see that there was ignorance there. And to choose differently for our children, for our partners and relationships. For our friends.
And for me this is the beauty of Human Design. That it’s made for kids. It’s really made for kids. So that they can come into the world without adults destroying them. Telling them all kinds of things that do not belong to who they really are.
So dear adults, Human Design is great for us, but in my view it’s actually made for children. For the upcoming generations. If you’re correct and you raise your children correctly, or you support your environment to raise children correctly, this has a huge impact. To let the kid rise as a beautiful flower. Colorful , innocent, natural. In its own timing. And to try not to destroy it as much as possible.
Because nature knows, the human body knows how to do and where to go. It’s only our minds that think otherwise. So I am sending a lot of love to our inner children inside. That our parents don’t know who we really are and what is our authority. And maybe they love us in the way that they can but not fully in the way that we need. I am just sending a lot of love and grace knowing that you are not alone. It’s not too late. Never too late to heal.

My Manifestor Gift

My Manifestor Gift

As I see it, each Manifestor has a gift to give in this world. We are almost 9 % on this planet, and it is not for nothing. As Manifestor we have something to give which is valuable and has a meaning. In my perspective, we are here to bring Impact as Manifestor through our unique Design, and this is what I call the Manifestor Gift.

This Gift is your unique perspective on things. It’s your unique depth on things. It’s the unique details. It’s a unique emotion. It’s the unique intuition. It is the unique support. Your unique way of delivering life to others, giving solutions, labelling your perception, labelling how you live this life; and this is impactful. And I believe that each Manifestor has this, containing this beautiful Gift within.
And it takes time to prepare this Gift, to wrap it well and beautifully. This Gift is going wherever you go. It can change, it can variate, but it has the essence of what it means “Your Gift”. I always like to make things human, to make things emotional, to make things personal. So, although I teach dance, I teach Human Design, I make choreography, or I make a flyer, for me it contains the frequency of individuality, of emotion, something that is personal, something that is ordinary, yet divine. And I am still young, and I am still discovering what this Gift is. But I know the essence of it, the feeling of it, and I know very well when I am copying, I know very well when I am trying to go in the path of others.
I know how valuable and beautiful it is to be in my path, to be in your path as a Manifestor. And how much Impact a correct Manifestor can bring through his or her unique expression, through the Gift of the Manifestor.
So, what do I mean when I say the Manifestor Gift in your creation?
First is your Aura. You may see that people come to you because you have an impactful Aura; they feel it, they know it, that this person, You, has something special. Your frequency is something that you do not find everywhere. The majority of the population are Generators, and you do not find so many Manifestors. People know it, people see it, people sense it, even if it unconsciously.
So, first understand that part of your Manifestor Gift is being a Manifestor. Is being quiet for a long time and then bam! It is in your blood, it is in your vessel, it is in your Aura. This is something that you do not need to create, you do not need to invent, it is you, you are a Manifestor.
Second thing is your Authority. Emotional Manifestors bring the Impact of emotions, they bring the Impact of depth, they bring the Impact of emotional truth. They bring their Impact through the perspective of time. And people come for it. People come for the depth of their being, for their calmness while being slow. For their ability to touch things that are hard to touch, that are emotional, that are painful, they come for the Emotional Manifestors because they are here to channel Desire, Support, and Passion.
If you are an Ego Manifestor, people come to you because of your commitment, because of your ability to support and to empower them. People come to you because they trust this Ego. Ego is about support, it is about commitment, it is about willpower, they want your willpower. They want the ability for you to be there for them, every moment, every time, according to their agreement. This is aslo why they come.
Splenic Authority. Splenic Manifestors, people come to you because of your sharpness, people come to you because of your healthy Intuition, people come to you because you know in the moment how to give this correct Impact; sharp, instant, intuitive.
So, you already see that you are gifted. You are gifted through Aura and you are gifted through your Authority. This is a lot already. And then you are gifted through your channels, through the definitions in your body graph and your life force. People come to you because of this specific life force, because of the quality of those channels. When those channels are clean and correct, they are so beautiful, and you can hear it in your voice.
Profile, people come to you as well because of the quality of your Profile. So, people come to you, because they like the character that you are in their movie. It is a frequency that they seek to put inside of their life. When you play out correctly as who you are, this is just playing out so clearly, so beautifully.

Your Cross. People come to you as well because of the quality of your Cross. If you have the Cross of Explanation, they will like your explanation, or not. They want it, or not. So, your Cross is also part of your Gift, it is also part of your quality, it is also part of your Manifestor Gift that translates into Impact.
Undefined Centers. When you are in your body, when you translate your Aura, when you translate your Authority, when you translate your Channels, when you translate your Profile, when you translate your Cross, and you are correct, you are going to bring wisdom through your Undefined Centers to people, because you take the wisdom to life from the Undefined Centers, and you translate them through the Defined Channels, through the Profile, through the Authority, through the Cross. This is why we have Openness in the Chart. One side is taking, one side is giving. When you are correct, you take in what is correct for you, from people, from studies, from daily life, and you translate it correctly outside.

So, we always come back to Inner Authority and Strategy, Strategy and Inner Authority. So, you can be correct and see that in your Design, all the seeds of this Gift are found

Why do relationships need time? The Human Design knowledge & embodiment

Why do relationships need time? The Human Design knowledge & embodiment

One of my biggest struggles before the Human Design experiment was with relationships. How do I relate to people? How do I feel myself around people?
If it’s an intimate relationship between a man and a man, a woman and a man, in a family constellation, in a work dynamic, I just didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t know how to relate to people or how to understand them. And it made me very frustrated and angry because I felt one thing when I was on my own and then when I came outside I felt the distortion and the difference. And it made me very insecure around people. So normally I felt something when I was on my own and when I went outside into social interaction and then I came back overwhelmed and just with the feeling that I need air, that I cannot breathe, that it’s too much that I got confused.

I couldn’t really enjoy human interaction. But when I met Human Design and I started to understand what are the frequencies that I receive in human interaction and what are the frequencies that I deliver in human interaction and I started to notice them and to be aware of what is happening and the energy exchange between me and other people. The difference between me and other people. Something very powerful started to happen. I started to enjoy Human Kind. And I started to enjoy life with other people. To get inspired, to be empowered by other people, to witness who they are through my own perspective. And this for me was a delightful moment. Before thatI could not understand how people are in contact with each other and how they feel good with one another . I really could not understand this.
After 5 years in the Human Design experiment it has become such a precious thing to meet another human being and just to feel whatever I receive. And whatever I give. But at the same time I become more and more attentive to the people that I decide to be among or to spend time with because I become very sensitive to the frequencies that I receive and to the frequencies that I give.

So the first step was having relief because I know what is happening. And the second step was actually choosing the people in my life and being conscious of this movement of going in and out of human interaction.
All this process is taking time. Even though you may be emotional or not emotional, a projector or a manifestor, a reflector or generator. Relationships need time. Because when we are in an encounter with another being. The more sensitive you are the more you will be receptive to what you are taking in. To the human food you are taking in. And this food will sometimes not be easy to digest. If you are around a manifestor you will get their impact. If you are around projectors you will get their guidance. If you are around reflectors you will get their reflection. If you are around generators you will get their life force
So it’s not only taking time to notice the frequencies. It’s about taking time to see and acknowledge and to embody the lessons that are stored for you in the frequency.
It takes time to embody the lessons of the frequencies.When you know Human Design you can actually know what are the lessons that you are learning right now.

An example. I have the 22 gate- it’s the gate of the listener in the individual channel 22-12. And I know that when I am around people with the 12th gate I learn how to speak. I learn how to speak my emotions. And the lesson that I learn is that so many times in my life I did not know how to express myself. I did not know how to use the right words to explain how do I feel.
This is only a little example of my experience but you can see it in each part of your bodygraph. Starting from type and authority, to centres to channels, to profile and cross. You can actually be the witness of the lesson that is offered by life especially to you – right now.
As I see it, studies are not something that I just go to the class and get everything in one day is a continuous process, so as relationships, they need time. They need time for you and the other to get its lesson and evolve as individuals.

So this is why in my perspective it is so valuable to learn Human Design. And understand consciously what is happening between humans. So we can judge less and learn more. So we can open up to the lessons that are happening between humans. So we can forgive more and know our boundaries more.The more you know the difference between you and the other, the more time there is to breathe in this difference. The more you can love yourself around the other. And the more you can love the other as they are.

It doesn’t take time to only look at the chart of your partner or your children or your family and say ‘now I know, now i know.’ It takes time to embody the knowing. To embody the knowing. And if you don’t have the patience for that. It just stays as mind candy. Just knowing Human Design. But if you have the patience to keep on studying and to keep on embodying the knowledge. It becomes something else. It becomes wisdom. And wisdom is something that can be gained only through time. Not through speed.

I wish us to enjoy our relationships.To take the time to develop our relationships, be compassionate about all the lessons and things that we need to learn that are being learnt right now. And to know that we are here to evolve through the interaction with the other.
I always say that if we were not here to evolve and transform through the interaction with the other we would just have 5 people on earth and each person on a different island. But there are a lot of us. It means that there is a meaning to the quantity and amount of people on earth. It’s just a matter of how we look at it, how we use it.

Am I comfortable in the uncertainty? Are you?

Am I comfortable in the uncertainty? Are you?

 I am going to share a little bit about the uncertainty: we have no clue about where we are going, let’s be honest about it. None of us knows. Especially me. Yeah, we just can not predict the future and this can either create anxiety or excitement. The answer of Human Design to this dilemma is simple: Strategy & Authority. 

When you listen to Ra’s recordings and courses, he speaks a lot about the knowledge. It’s fascinating. But if you listen carefully, you’ll see that he’s always repeating that what really matters is Strategy & Authority. Simple as that. We want it to be more complex, the mind wants it to be more complex, but it is as simple as that. Am I invited or not? Do I respond or not? Do I initiate or not? Simple, it’s too simple. And it’s moment by moment. It’s not only for big decisions or small decisions. It’s literally moment by moment. And as we go towards 2027, the 20-34 channel will be activated as a general frequency on the planet, it will be even stronger – the uncertainty of this integration channel.

 And again, am I excited or am I in fear and anxiety because I don’t know? And, luckily, we are going to feel it as humanity, it’s not only the people with individual definition who will feel it. It’s everybody. It doesn’t matter what  your cross is, doesn’t matter if you’re emotional or not – it will be moment by moment, knowing or not knowing. So let’s spend a moment being comfortable not knowing. 

You know, this moment when you open the fridge and you want to eat something, but you don’t know what you want to eat so you just spend a moment in front of the fridge not knowing what you’re about to eat, or this moment when you step out of the train in an unfamiliar city and you don’t know where to go. Do you know that moment? The moment when you enter a new building that you have never visited and you don’t know where to go. This is it. The moment, when you are being asked something and you don’t know the answer. This is it.

Can we be comfortable, can I be comfortable there not knowing how I’m going to make money, who will be my partner, where are my real friends, where do I live and for how long? Can we be comfortable in the uncertainty for a moment and literally sit there?

Imagine you have a big warm pool of uncertainty and you’re just sitting, swimming in this pool. Maybe a jacuzzi! And we are all in this. Humanity is like this. It’s going to be here for 400 years. So why not start practicing now and getting used to the new vibe? I don’t know, I don’t know and when I know, I just know. How can I get comfortable in this new state? And how do you know what? When I am not comfortable in that state I can feel my head. I can feel aches all over my body, I don’t feel any passion, I feel super serious like everything is so important. And when I do feel comfortable in uncertainty, I just play, I feel like a child, I feel stupid, I feel that my body moves in a very delicate, smooth, fluent way.

So what is the difference for you when you’re comfortable not knowing and when you’re uncomfortable not knowing? How long can you spend in this uncertainty feeling comfortable?

We are all in this. All humanity is swimming in this uncertainty. 


Manifestor’s Integrity

Manifestor's Integrity: Intention-Words-Action

As you maybe know, I am an Emotional Manifestor, 6/2 Profile, and one of the keynotes for this Profile is Integrity. Now I can really feel what it means, and I can see that the word Integrity means a lot to me. It dictates the way I behave, the way I do things, and the way I handle my life in a way, or better saying, seeing how my life is flowing in a way that is right for me.
And when I say Integrity, what do I actually mean? I mean that Intention, Words and Action are one thing. This is a very interesting state to explore, and I must say that it is not very easy or evident to get to a place where you are complete with your Intentions, your Words, and your Actions.
How can these three become one thing? You intend one thing, and then you speak it, and then you do it. Sometimes our intentions are not so clear, and the ball keeps on rolling, and then we do not know exactly how to express ourselves, and then the actions are more or less. So, everything goes more and less, and when we produce and when we execute, eventually we get a rebound; and life reflects back that our intentions were not clear.
Sometimes our intention is very clear and pure, but it is hard for us to express it exactly in words, so then we need to practice expression; how to express what we really intend in our heart, in our body, in our emotional body, and in our higher Self. If we do not know how to express our Intention, then misunderstanding might appear. People do not understand what we mean, and our words are not very clear to us and to others.
Actions. Sometimes we have a clear Intention. We know how to explain it very well to others and to ourselves, and when it comes to the part of Action, we forget the Intention, or we do not know how to exactly manifest the Intention into Action.
Integrity means that I have a clear Intention, a pure Intention and I know what it is. I can express and explain it to you a hundred times in different ways. And I am acting according to what I say and according to what I intended. And this gives people and yourself a very big space of confidence.
Why do we feel a lack of trust in life, in ourselves, in people, in our business, in our creation? Why don’t we trust things to happen?
Because when Mind is ruling the game, everything can move you from this Intention. The words are confusing you. The actions are blurry, are apologizing, are over-pushing. But once your Intentions, Words and Actions are one thing, you can wait forever, because you know what you are intending.
When you know what your Intention is, you are not afraid if people do not understand you. You become very sensitive to the way you express yourself, because you want to be in tune with what you feel according to the way you perceive yourself. You want to be connected to the Intention, so you trust, you trust yourself. You are not moved by other people’s words, by the expressions of others.
The same thing with Action. When you know you will act according to what you intended, according to what you said, according to the frequency of your body, you are just trusting, that in the right moment, that in the right place, things will appear, and you will act. You trust your body, you trust what you said, you trust what you intended, and other people as well, other people can trust you when you see this purity within you. Wow, this person means one thing, it is also saying it, and is also acting according to it.
So, what is the Intention of your creation? What is the higher Intention of your business? Can you apply it in Words and in Actions?
When I am teaching Human Design, when I am experimenting with Human Design and the frequency of my body and what it means to me, and if I am talking about this, but I am acting differently and I am letting Mind push me away from my own waiting, which for me as an Emotional Manifestor is very important. Then, who am I? Am I cultivating patience, emotional clarity or am I just talking about it? Am I teaching and transmitting content for Manifestors on Initiation, or am I Responding to life and waiting for life to come to me on a ping-pong operation? Am I just talking about Initiating or am I really waiting to Initiate?
And I know that this is also part of my life journey as a 6/2 Profile. To become one with the world Integrity, to live with Integrity. And I would like to transmit it to you. I would like to give it a possibility to explore it. And it is not necessarily easy at the beginning. There are so many voices within yourself, so many frequencies, there is so much noise. Is hard to touch the understanding of your Intentions.
Sometimes it is really hard to truly articulate what you really want to say, in a way that is not arming nobody, yet it is your truth. And sometimes it is not easy to act according to your Intentions and Words; to be a living example to what you actually are saying. But it is not impossible either. It is something to be attentive to. It is something to understand. It is something to take care of. Because those three aspects; Intention, Words, and Action, those are actually three aspects that you can take a look at and see where things are not clear enough for you. So, it is basically a tool. If I talked and people did not understand me, I can check if my Words are in line with my Intention. If I did something and the Action was blurry and the Impact was dirty, I can check if it was one with my Intention or one with my Words.
You can play with this around. Intention with Action. Action with Words. Words with Intention. You can play with it until it makes sense in your body, or not. But this is one of the values that I see as important so you can become the creator of your business, so people can trust you. So, you can trust yourself more than anything, and you do not let the outside influence destroy or move you from your own track, from your own Integrity. Because you are not here to be like everybody else. You are here to be you. You are here to translate Intention, Words, and Action through you, your unique body and expression. Nobody can do it but you, nobody can do it but you! Only you know what your intention is. Which are the words that can express it? And what are the actions which could represent it.
This is what I call Manifestor Integrity, because we can be scary creatures to others. We are in this closed and repelling Aura, nobody gets us, we can be unexpected, fast, it seems like we only care about our own journey, but if you want people to work with us, to collaborate, to reach us, we should also be radiating such Integrity, that we are not just cruel leaders, that we are not just evil queens and kings. Actually, we are human like everybody else, and our force is here for the benefits for all. Our Initiation capacity is actually a service capacity. We will act or not act, according to what we intend and speak.
We are an explosive force, Manifestors! The only way to channel this beautiful impactful life force of Manifestor is through Integrity. So, people know that this person might seem unpredictable and dangerous and a bit hooooo, but I can trust this person. Maybe not 100%, but mostly I can trust.
And the most important thing is that you can trust yourself, you can stand behind your Words and behind your Actions. You can go to sleep peacefully with what you did and what you said. This is such a beautiful important feeling to have. This is also part of your peace; to be complete with oneself.